Why Reading Online Dating Advice Is Not Always A Good Idea

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It may be weird to you that I’m writing an article with such a title yet you are already reading it online. I’m not here to say there are no good dating advice online because there are lots of online sources from which you can learn a lot of useful tips and techniques about dating, but I’m here to tell you not all of them are correct and you need to check who the author is and most importantly use your own judgment to see if what this author is saying is correct or not. So if you’re interested to learn some of the reasons why reading online dating advice is not always a good idea unless you are reading from some credible resource such as theislandnow otherwise you should avoid reading tips about dating online. 

  • There are a lot of paid writers in the online world that write articles for a fee. For example, India is one of the countries which has the most people working in this area. So let me ask you something, do you think an article written by an Indian about dating advice can apply to all other people in other countries with different cultures? Of course not, everyone has their own history and background in life which caused them to think something is right and something is wrong. So what you need to do when reading online dating advice on a website is to consider if all of its articles are written by the same author or not. Does what you’re reading sound legit or it’s just being rushed by an author who wanted to get paid as quickly as possible? All of this needs to be taken into consideration for you to be able to make an informed decision towards accepting what you read as true or not.
  • Some people call themselves experts on dating, but we should take into consideration that what kind of qualities do they have to call themselves? Have they been dating for a long time? If yes, then they must not be very good at it since if they could make each date a successful one, they wouldn’t need to go on multiple ones after it. It is a simple as that, you need to use your own judgment and sometimes even your heart to feel if someone who calls themselves an expert on dating is actually an expert or they are just after other people’s money. I don’t want to say anyone who calls themselves an expert on dating is a liar and you shouldn’t trust them, of course, there are very good dating experts out there, but please take each person into consideration before trusting them.

  • Some so-called dating experts tell you that no matter how you look, how thin or fat you are, how tall or short you are, how much money you make, etc, they can still make women fall madly in love with you and want you so much. First of all, how is it possible for them to do that? Are they magicians that can deny one of the most important parts of dating which are how a man looks and turn you into an irresistible guy? Also, they are basically insulting you during naming those qualities for you, they don’t have the right to call you fat or ugly. Also when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, so don’t trust these people because they are only after your money.
  • Do not read blogs that are all about the negative experiences of the blogger. These kinds of blogs are usually written by middle-aged women who for some reason hadn’t been very successful in their dating life when they were young. These blogs have nothing to say except being better and giving out negative energy and point of view to the world. All they usually talk about is their unsuccessful relationships and how much of a jerk men can be to women, but they don’t just pause for a moment and talk about maybe they were the problem themselves. So since by reading these blogs, you don’t learn anything useful and you just get negative images about dating in general, it is advised not to read them at all.
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