What To Pick: Standard Airpod Or The Stylish Airpod Pro

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One of the best technologies these days is wireless technology. People use to get all irritated by the tangled wires and cords. Now, almost every other gadget is Bluetooth compatible and thus does not require any cord. This gives more moveability and also reduces the risk of tangled and damaged wires. One such profound discovery is; wireless headphones. The leading wireless tech in headphones is seen in; AirPods. Now, these small ear earphones without wires, which can be charged in their AirPods cases. This now the passé story, as AirPods pro too, has been launched by the company recently. The question is whether to go for AirPods pro or stick with cyber monday airpods only.

Difference in features

The first thing that one should consider while deciding whether to go for AirPods or airpods pro by paying the extra buck is studying the features. There are some changes in the pro version from the standard one. Also, many things remain the same.  

Let’s see, what are those feature-based changes in a pro from the standard version?

  • Structural changes
  • The stem of AirPods:

The stem pro version AirPods are smaller and will not reach below the ear. Instead, they will somewhat cover the ear base. 

  • Ear tips can be customized:

Now, one of the major things about the AirPods is that the ear tips are plastic and cannot be customized or changed. But the pro version ear tips are customizable based on the right fit. One can choose from various foam tips to get a comfortable fitting.

  • Pressure valve:

While wearing an earphone for too long, a slight pressure build-up can occur inside the ears. There is a pressure valve in the pro version that reduces the pressure to get a long-wearing time. 

  • Water resistance:

The pro version AirPods are water-resistant means they can be worn at the gym and can resist small splashes of water easily. It comes with a water resistance of IPX4. 

  • Functional changes
  • Noise cancellation:

The pro version has active noise cancellation in it. Also, noise cancellation can be customized to increase the transparency level or decrease the same.

  • Adaptive equalizer:

The pro version has a microphone installed in the pods to optimize the volume and the sound quality on the go.

Price change

One of the biggest issues that many are complaining about cyber monday airpods is the price. The price of the pro version is optimally more than the standard version. Now the feature-wise, the pro stands out as it has a few things to offer. But it may not be the best bet for those who want to save some money when it comes to price range.

The standard is priced at $159, and if the wireless charging case is purchased, then the price rises to $199. But, the pro version costs a whopping $249. This usually will be the decision-making point for many.

Though, the sound quality and the soundstage are almost similar in both standard and pro versions. The added features like noise cancellation, waterproofing, customizable ear tips are some features that will attract many enthusiasts. However, if one is looking for an airpod good in music quality, AirPods standard version will do. If one is looking for an AirPods with some fancy added features, then the pro version should be the one to go for.  

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