What is Pokémon?

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Pokémon is the short form for pocket monsters, and this is a Japanese franchise by the Pokémon company, which Nintendo established. And the franchise was made by Satoshi Tajiri in the year 1995, which picturized animated creatures that were was Pokémon. In this animated cartoon, humans were called Pokémon trainers who were supposed to catch and train other Pokémon to fight with another Pokémon for sports. In the Pokémon universe, all the media works have been set. And the slogan for them is gotta catch ‘me all’. At present, there are 898 total species of Pokémon.

A brief history

Franchise starts with root to a game magazine published back in the 1980s, which was Game freak published by Satoshi Tajiri, who was a writer, and Ken Sugimori, who was an illustrator. After some time, they learned that this scene isn’t hot more and decided to develop games by themselves. These published games contained the games developed by Nintendo on the NES and Yoshi-The game boy and also the games like Magical taruruto-Kun on the mega drive for SEGA. In those times as developer game freak’s titles were published by the likes Sony. When Tajiri and co had an idea for Nintendo of Pokémon, that time publishers didn’t understand it much, though Tajiri was given a chance due to experience and mentorship under Shigeru Miyamoto for the creation on pocket monsters: red and green and the games mixed trading and collecting monsters, and thus further began with a franchise, and this went to one of the largest gaming franchises after the Mario (also owned by Nintendo) in the world ever. The date 26th February 1996 is remarkable because of the debut of the Pokémon franchise in a game boy in Japan. Pokémon Red and green were the very basic and initial Japanese games with role-playing.

How to play?

The game starts with a single Pokémon, and the main goal is to catch them all, which means to conquer each Pokémon, and at last, you should have 151 Pokémon. For this, you are supposed to collect and trade with another Pokémon. Green Pokémon and red Pokémon are two different versions of Pokémon, and some Pokémon are exclusive only to particular versions. Players initially will see the game boy link up, link cable to, well and trade Pokémon and also engaged in battles. Turn-based battles in Pokémon are another one of the important aspects of gaming. The final fantasy proved that the system could uphold games more than action genre games like role-playing too. And then further in green and red, you travel with Pokémon to gyms and battle with gym leaders to win the badges, and it is a process that is more challenging when you go forward.

At last, you are supposed to fight with the best trainers in Pokémon inland and defeat a mega-corporation. And this mentality of acquiring goes on increasing gradually, and one gets habitual. At the same pace, Pokémon went on getting new versions and adding new Pokémon in the game, and currently, the game has 721 total Pokémon.

Pokémon quiz

Presently in the gaming world, Pokémon fever is the hottest and on the top, with more and more players playing it and more and more people joining and learning about this game every day.

 After launching games, animes, and many series Pokémon came up with a quiz in which different questions regarding the Pokémon game and about which Pokémon you are is asked. This is an interesting thing to play and answer the questions regarding your game. The players find it interesting and prefer solving them. A question is given with four options from which one option is correct, and you have to guess the answer according to your memory and playing. Different questions types include you have to guess the Pokémon by looking at its shadow or some properties of Pokémon are mentioned, or different situations of the game are given, and you have to choose the solutions for them.. Here you can solve questions and get Pokémon quizzes on Solution Tales.


Pokémon is presently at the tip of the gaming world. If you are already a Pokémon fan, it is well and good if you know it then goes and starts learning and knowing about it; I am sure you won’t get disappointed and are there also the ones who don’t even know a bit about Pokémon? Oh, dear, in which world are you living? Just go and research.

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