What Disappeared on My First Solo Flight?

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Learning how to fly is probably one of the biggest challenges known to man. Although recent technology of jet packs and improved bird imitation wings have come of age, I am speaking of learning how to soar in a small airplane. You have to learn the science of lift, thrust, weather and do lots of brain wrenching study of this. In addition a knack of operating machinery and a good sense of insight is required.


Learning to fly a plane is extremely difficult as it involves a tremendous amount of focus and discipline and it’s very unforgiving if you go out of it that once happened in this charter flight dubai to Mumbai training schedule. 

2 Different Instructors

Both ground school and flight training are needed to obtain a private pilot license. After doing my ground school I had two very different instructors. One was a guy named Fred that had a passion for flying and we had fun together as I learned the basics. He was offered a job with an airline so I changed to a girl that was all business.

Although she was cute, my new instructor barked out orders like a marine sergeant. Thoughts of whether learning was better having fun or performing excellence went through my head with each lesson. After achieving all the flight maneuvers required and showing I was competent to take off and land without crashing I was certified for solo flight.

Something Was Missing

When a woman is constantly tough a man does not think of her feminine side and features. I was so looking forward to being by myself flying the airplane on my first solo. It was kind of like going somewhere with out your parents as a teenager for the first time. My instructor watched me do my pre- flight checks and sat in the cockpit to make sure it was done right.

A huge smile came across my face as she left the plane and I taxied to the runway. My take off was perfection as I climbed away like a pro. Suddenly my sense of smell told me something did not seem right. For the first time I sensed my instructor’s feminine side. She had always worn perfume and it was now missing. The disappearance of perfume reminded me that I was totally on my own. Fear entered my brain but I kept flying well.

Learn To Fly or Die

Much like most real life experiences I mixed some fun like being a kid with the serious responsibility of being an adult. The missing smells reminded me that I could fly and land on my own and even sing like an idiot if I wished. There was also reality that no one could grab the controls if I messed up. My solo flight turned out to be a success.

Sometimes in life we have to learn to go on when something seems to be missing. Our challenge may be to figure out what has disappeared. Perhaps a little prayer and faith is needed to come up with a solution. It’s easier if you try that in a quiet place and not behind a noisy propeller at 3000 feet. You might live to see, hear, and smell a better day.

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