What are the top 5 seed banks in terms of high-quality product?

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There are hundreds of seed banks, all with their catalogues and variations of strains. If you are a novice grower, choosing a seed bank with a solid genetic history can be a bit of a daunting task. How to choose from that entire wide offer? As you gain more confidence in your abilities as a grower, you will most likely start trying new strains for yourself. To help you make up your mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top FIVE most popular cannabis seed banks. Each seed bank offers different products to produce them independently, creating new genetics and improving existing ones.

ILGM – (I love growing marijuana)

ILGM, this seed bank, has quickly built a reputation for its beautiful cannabis creations. In its ever-expanding catalogue of seeds, you’ll find everything from the most innovative hybrids. It is the seed bank that features the most desirable contemporary marijuana strains. If you are one of those who insist on growing the most innovative and best quality marijuana, ILGM seeds will keep your crop loaded with the most superior genetics. It has invaded the market with its affordable prices, powerful genes, and 100% customer support.

Sweet seeds

Sweet Seeds is taking crops from around the world to another league with their unique genetics. Its spectacular purple collection is already a cult object among purple marijuana growers. Its vigorous new generation hybrids, such as Green Poison Auto, have placed Sweet Seeds among the top-level auto-flowering specialists. If you’ve never tried them, it’s worth doing. But its range of delicious photoperiod strains will impress even the most discerning connoisseurs. It has spectacular customer support through blogs, forums, and articles.

Humboldt Seeds

Humboldt Seeds, to talk about this seed bank is to talk about Humboldt County, one of the marijuana Mecca’s in the world. From here, much of the recreational and medical marijuana consumed in the United States is collected. The origins of this seed bank date back to the 1960s. Humboldt Seeds is the bank you should choose if you are looking for marijuana seeds with an American genetic tradition. The philosophy of this seed bank has always been to maintain and transmit the values. 

Seeds Man

Another of the banks to which we owe special attention is Seeds Man, a UK based company. It is a seed bank with more than 18 years of experience in the sector and one of the best Cannabis seed catalogues on the scene. This seed bank has always been known for reinventing itself and offering the highest quality Cannabis strains. The strains quickly made the company known on the international scene. Besides providing a range of payment options, Seeds Man provides you with more than 3000 types of seeds.

Fast buds

We present Fast Buds, one of the favourites of those looking for the highest quality auto-flowering seeds. This seed bank specialises in obtaining highly stable, potent marijuana strains with a short flowering time. Fast Buds offers the best varieties of auto-flowering Cannabis. The Fast Buds catalogue does not stay only on auto-flowering strains. It also has a spectacular catalogue of photo-dependent Cannabis seeds of the highest quality. In short, the Fast Buds catalogue convinces with its potent American varieties with an exquisite aroma. 

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