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Are you a fan of fishing practices? If yes, then you must be passionate about having a boat or maybe having one of your own. To enhance the boating experience, it is better to consider for better motor such as trolling motor. When you are considering to buy the trolling motor, then make sure you consider for boat weight essentially.  

We are here starting from the basics of the trolling motors and understanding regarding mounts. If you find yourself passionate about boats and fishing, then continue the article’s details mentioned below.

Different types of the mount in trolling motors!!

There are mainly three different types of mounts in trolling motors that is bow, transom and engine mount. When talking about the different types of mounts, then make sure you are considering both advantages as well as disadvantages.  So let us deep into each one of them for a better understanding of them. So let us deep into each one of them for a better understanding of them.

Transom mounts:

you would be familiar that for smaller boat transom mounts are considered optimal as compared to others. The installation of this one is easier than bow mount motors. Bow mounts require a plate to be drilled on the bow of the boat, whereas transom mounts are easily attached to the boat’s stern with a simpler clamp. If you are a beginner, then transom mounts are much easier to operate from the back of the boat; also, it doesn’t clutter up with a deck with foot pedals or cords that is common to happen in bow mount. The easier installation and pocket-friendly budget make it appropriate for beginners.

Bow mounts:

if you are familiar with boats for a long time, then you would know that bow mounts are one of the most popular types of trolling motors for expert fishermen with medium to large mediums.  If you are looking for better control on your boat, then consider for bow mounts that have this particular advantage. Bow mount pulls the boat through the water as opposed to pushing it, so in adverse situations, it can be proven to be really helpful. Those focusing on the maneuverability must pick this one as it is a premium choice. However, these bow mounts are expensive as compared with the transom mount. The precise boat control, attractive feature, and further options to operate makes it optimal surely. 

Engine mount motors:

the motor name implies as the cavitation plate of an outboard motor. These engine mount motors are convenient for the higher requirement of thrust as the boat is steered through the outboard motor. The trolling motor is mounted directly to it. With the help of a wired remote, you can keep a check on thrust settings and motor direction easily surely.  For a multi-purpose boat engine, mount seems the optimal option surely, especially when there is no room for the traditional motor. A motor would be submerged when the submerged engine goes off. It is a convenient and space-saving mounting location that adds to listing why one should go for this particular mount. 

The summary

In summary, we could easily understand that different mount of trolling motors are convenient but also have setbacks. Additionally, the size of the boat and weight plays a significant role in deciding which one is more convenient mount for the boat. Only one can make a choice for understanding what kind of features they expect from their ideal mount and learning how it is better to choose. For a complete beginner, transom mount would be convenient and others for medium to large boats. to know more about the mounts visit https://trollingmotorsguide.com/bow-mount-vs-transom-mount.

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