Weight Loss Surgery And the Emotional Eater

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My ex husband always had a weight problem, and over 30 years ago he had his stomach stapled. At first he lost weight. However, it only took a year or so and he gained all his weight back, because he never changed his eating habits and eventually broke the staples when he stretched his stomach out again. I actually don’t believe in weight loss surgery. Today he is diabetic and will have his pancreas removed next month. He is an emotional eater.

The best and healthiest way to lose weight is to eat only until you are satisfied and not overly full. You might need to count calories at first, just to get an idea as to how much you can eat. Eat only low fat meats along with raw vegetables, fruits and whole grains and very little dairy products. However, I never count the calories in negative calorie foods because you system burns more calories digesting these foods then what is provided in these foods.

Some of these negative calories foods are: Lettuce, celery, spinach, raw carrots and tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, radishes, kale, and string beans.

Here are some tips on to how to get off the emotional eating roller coaster.

  1. If someone in your family tempts you with their junk food, have a serious conversation with them about how you need to lose weight to get healthy and in some cases in order to save your life. Then when they indulge in their junk food, if you cannot leave the room, have your own healthy snacks ready such as raw vegetables in fat free sour cream.
  1. Take walks or work out at the gym, whichever makes you feel better physically and emotionally.
  1. When you are faced with a problem or disappointment, instead of running to food, pray and then get yourself busy doing something that makes you happy. Once you get out of the habit of eating when a problem comes up, you will eventually stop turning to food. This takes a conscious awareness of your thoughts and actions!
  1. Write down all the things you have to be thankful for, and instead of dwelling on your problems and frustrations, dwell on your blessings.
  1. Write down specific problem solving strategies for the problem you are faced with at the time and afterward do not obsess over your problems.
  1. If you are a people-pleaser or enabler, seek professional help to learn to love yourself enough to take care of your health and stop second guessing yourself.
  1. Try to get adequate sleep, because when we don’t sleep, our resistance is lowered.

  8. Try to take weight loss supplement to support your diet and system. This will help you to easily maintain your weight and figure as well. It is also healthy because it is made from all natural ingredients. For more information, you can check leptoconnect reviews online.

One of the biggest problems with emotional eaters is that we do not have adequate self-worth to feel worthy of taking care of ourselves. We often forget about ourselves when we get too engrossed with others peoples problems and then turn to food for comfort. Also, remember that this is a permanent eating routine not a fad diet. Just like an alcoholic, the foodaholic may never be able to indulge in junk food again. Actually once you get used to healthy eating, junk food will no longer appeal to you. Think of food as fuel and nutrition for your body — not entertainment.

Also, remember that once you start eating healthier, your stomach will naturally shrink like mine did and you will find that it takes less food to make you feel satisfied.

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