Weight Loss Resolutions and 5 Ways to Keep Them

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Weight Loss Resolutions and 5 Ways to Keep Them – Everyone knows the joke about New Year’s resolutions: we always vow to eat better, exercise, be nicer to people, spend less money, etc etc etc. But, as soon as February 1 roles around we have either forgotten our goals or we hide from them because we have failed so miserably. Well this year, no more! This year we are going to resolve to loose weight and we are going to stick with it! But….how? That’s what I’m here for; to give you a few tips to stay motivated and committed to loosing weight.

Tip 1: Write your weight loss goal down and put it in a prominent spot

Having your goal in writing makes you hold yourself more accountable to it. It eliminates the bargaining you do with yourself when trying to weasel out of your expectations. If you sit down and really figure out a realistic goal and then write it down, you then have a binding contract with yourself.

Tip 2: Dissect how to arrive at your desired weight.

Expecting yourself to magically loose 20 pounds by April 1st isn’t logical. You need to brainstorm ideas on things that can work for you individually. Is exercising each day too time consuming? Then decide on 3 times a week for a little longer. Do you have that one favorite dessert you’d have a hard time giving up? Limit yourself to a small portion once a week. This way it will not only make the burden less heavy but these are more doable changes that you can incorporate into your life even after the weight is gone.

Tip 3: Ask for help

I’m a pretty independent person, but when it comes to sticking to my weight loss goals I need all the help I can get! If I am holding myself accountable to someone else it is easier to do the things I need to do. This can be anyone, a family member, a friend, or even a professional. Anyone who you can update your progress to and who can offer a little shove when you’d rather sit and watch TV. If you want to spend the money you can hire a dietitian to help you really hash out your diet or even participate in Weight Watchers where they offer meetings to keep you focused on loosing the weight.

Tip 4: Be forgiving of yourself.

We all slip up it is normal! Maybe it was too rainy to go walking or you just had to have that cookie at lunch, it is ok! Just realize the mistake and figure out a way to prevent it in the future. If you berate yourself, you’ll only feel like a failure and be more likely to give into temptation more often. But if you forgive yourself and move on you will stay confident and therefore more committed to loosing this weight because you know you can do it and I know you can do it!

Tip 5: Offer yourself a reward

Sometimes imagining yourself 20 pounds skinnier isn’t enough of a rewarded when tempted with a chocolate chip cookie, so offer yourself something else. Maybe you need to let yourself have a small candy bar every Sunday for a job well done during the week, or maybe a new bathing suite or new clothes after the final goal is completed. Give yourself something else to work for and that will not only give you motivation to stick with your resolution but also make it more likely you’ll make and keep next year’s resolutions as well.

With these 5 tips I know that both you and I can make our weight loss goal for 2009. Then we’ll tackle that pesky budget spending problem in 2010 shall we? Look after the resurge reviews, the results and advantages of products will be enormous. The goals of the person should be accomplished through the person to get the desired results. The problems should be less to satisfy the requirements of the person. A survey can be taken at online site to know about the products.

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