Top Gifts for Mr. Gadget for Under $300

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For anyone who has a Mr. or Ms. Gadget on their list as I do, these new gadgets will blow them away as you gift them these gadgets through corporate gift baskets.

Bandai is going to release the NetTansor Robot in Japan for the 2006 holiday season. Chances are if you have any contacts in Japan, you can get one shipped over to the US before Christmas.

If not, it will be available by the Chinese New Year for the US. The totally cool feature of this robot is that it runs off of Wi-Fi and has three sensors to prevent it from bumping into things.

The NetTansor Robot has a video camera that displays the images the robot visualizes and you can see wirelessly on your PC. They NetTansor Robot will sell for about $421 and $250.

For the kid in all of us, Lego is offering a Lego Ice Cube Tray. It is yellow in color and makes 10 Lego bricks. It is perfect for any party or just for fun. Mr. Gadget will love making ice Lego objects. The possibilities are infinite. It costs around $10.

There is some talk that Apple may be releasing an iPod with a touch screen in December just in time for the holiday season 2006. The talk is that it that this version is in the 6th generation. It will probably be the 6 G. that is due out soon. The current version is 5.5 G. This new version will have a screen that takes up the entire face of the device. This will contribute to a higher resolution capability. It should be totally awesome. The price is not currently available.

Hammacher Schlemmer is a store of holiday wonderment that has again risen to the occasion. This year the store is offering a Wall Mounted Aquarium. It sells for $299. The picture like aquarium measure 26″ H by 26″L. It is a six and a half-gallon capacity. This capacity will host around 12 freshwater fish. A steel mounting bracket for safe hanging is included.

Included is a filtration system, lighting, heating, and air pump with a shatterproof PCB encasement designed for optimal viewing. The system is complete and ready to go out of the box.

All the recipient has to do is purchase the fish of their choice at the local pet store. It is a live art piece taking up 400 inches of space on the wall.

Another great feature is the side panel has a monitoring system to check on the oxygen levels, and heat for the fish environment. The nifty feature on this one is the monitoring system is unobtrusively placed in the side panel and has no wires or other visual impairments. The entire aquarium only sticks out from the wall a mere four and a half-inch. I have seen other models, but this one is a work of art.

Stocking stuffers for Mr. or Ms. Gadget is a snap for the holidays. Cool new items from Gorilla Tape. This product is said to outperform standard duct tape. It is guaranteed to do a great job. It is guaranteed to bind stucco, brick, wood, and more.

These are some great producers of Gorilla Glue. The company claims it is, The Toughest on the Planet. The Gorilla Tape and Glue are available at most Home Depot. In Helena, Montana the products are available at Rock Hand Hardware on North Montana Avenue. The other stores that carry the Gorilla brand are Power Townsend, Murdoch’s Ranch and Home.

For the gadget person who has every gadget on earth, why not get a Native American Eagle Claw Dance Stick from the Made in Montana Store. The Old West Gallery Gifts located in Darby, Montana has a great selection of Native American ceremonial objects used by and made by Native Americans in Montana.

These authentic Native American art objects can be viewed at the store in Darby. The address is 202 South Main Street, Darby, Montana and you may call them at (406) 821-4076.

You may order this and other objects d’art online, the cost is $250.

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