Tips To Easily Progress and Winn in AFK Arena

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AFK Arena has been gaining lots of popularities across the gaming community because of its great graphics, gameplay and the concept and features of the game. If you are one of the thousands of players who want to get started in playing AFK Arena, you are in the right place. This article will give you some tips that can help you to easily progress and win in the game.

Automate Progression

One of the best and effective ways that would allow you to speed up your victories and successes in the game to automate your progression. One of the so many best things about AFK Arena is that it revolves around automation. But the problem is, this auto-play feature of the game is only limited because every time that a player clears a stage, he always has to perform lots of clicks to advance to the next stage. But there are some ways that other players use to automate the game and this is through the help of Blue stack Macros. With this tool, you can record yourself clicking to advance to the next level and beat stages and afterwards, you can use this to easily automate your progress in the game. 

Save the Best Skills

Another way that can help you speed up your progress in the game is to save your best skills. As advice by expert players, it is not a smart move to blow the healing spells of your heroes when you still have a full HP. It is also advisable to prevent your hero from failing in deploying shields as you anticipate for a strong attack from the enemy. To avoid these scenarios, you can disable the auto-battle feature of your heroes and take everything into your own hands so you can have full control of your heroes. 

Strategic Position

In AFK Arena, strategic positioning is critical. One of the reasons why lots of players get stuck on a particular level is that they fail to strategically position their heroes. Some players think that the problem is that their heroes are weak. But the truth is, it has always something to do with the positioning. It is important that you move your units around ton see which formation will best suit for a particular challenge that you are facing in the game. You can check this one out for more information.

Upgrade Your Heroes

Another mistake that players commit in the game is that when they feel like the heroes that they have are weak, they tend to replace them immediately. But replacing is not always the solution. Most of the time, you just have to upgrade your heroes. Always remember that every unit in AFK Arena has a purpose. There are some units that are weaker in the beginning of the game as you progress, these heroes get stronger and stronger. Thus, make sure to know your units well and identify what upgrades are still needed.


Lastly, for you to upgrade your units in the game, you should enhance their gears. This will certainly strengthen your unites. When your units or heroes are quipped, they can increase their character’s stats and they can also improve their performance in every battle. So apart from knowing the right positioning and formation of the unit, it is also crucial to equip them with the right gear. After all, AFK Arena is a battle game and one of the primary factors that could affect and determine your success and progress is the status of all of your units in the game. 

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