Tips To Defeat The Ender Dragon In Minecraft

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The Ender Dragon is one of the two final bosses in the Minecraft world, and the other is Wither. Depending on which type of game level you’re playing, you will need to be properly prepared to face this beast. It lives in the End and is usually considered the final boss to defeat in Minecraft. 

Defeating the Ender Dragon allows the players access to the End’s portals. It is the most highly-anticipated great battle in Minecraft, and preparing to defeat the dragon should be on your top list once you’ve achieved a modicum of how Minecraft works. 

While defeating the game is somewhat the culmination of the Minecraft game story, the credits roll once the player enters the portals. This is why Sigma’s client is in high demand these days. 

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But while you’re at it, we’ll walk you through some pointers that will aid you in defeating the Ender Dragon. 

  • Choose your weapons wisely. 

While Minecraft does not have a shortage of weapons to choose from, the most recommended one when facing the Ender Dragon is an axe. Although a sword would seem like the best choice, an axe inflicts maximum damage on the dragon when she lands. Try to hit her on the head when you attack; that is her weak spot.  

Pro-tip: attack and defeat her as quickly as possible. 

  • Keep an eye out for the Ender men. 

Ender men are usually pretty harmless mobs, but they can get provoked if you look them in the eye- from 64 blocks away. The best way to fend these mobs off is by having a pumpkin in your inventory. Carved pumpkins can protect you by allowing you to look at the Ender men without provoking them. 

  • Have a bow and arrow ready

Although while fighting a flying dragon, a bow and arrow seem like an obvious choice of weapon, it is not for the Ender Dragon. Instead, use the bow and arrow to destroy the End crystals on top of her obsidian pedestal. These crystals contain the power to heal the dragon, and fighting her can become easier when you destroy the End crystals in tandem too.

  • A bed can work too

Beds are another quick method to kill the dragon. In the Minecraft world, beds only work in the overworld and become explosive if used in the End. Using the bed while the dragon is perched on her platform can cause massive damage and make it easier to fight the dragon. 

There are lots of vital tactics that players use to destroy the Ender dragon. So prepare well, stay calm, and the Minecraft world is yours to win!

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