The Complete Procedure To Install Anydesk Software

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Are you facing any kind of problem with the functioning of the computer? To find out what is the problem that your computer is facing currently you will require special software that will help you in finding the defect in the computer and then you can just get it repaired.

Are you planning to use the best software for your personal computer? If yes, then anydesk will be the best option for you, as this is the software that is made up using the latest technology if it is evident in your mind that you wish to use anydesk as the software for your computer then getting the guidance as how to download and install it in your computer will help you in doing so. Now we will discuss in detail about some of the steps to get the software easily installed on your android:

Go to the official website

Once it is clear that you wish to get the anydesk software for the proper functioning of the computer, you have to visit its official site so that you can get the complete detail regarding the software and do the further proceeding.

Click on the download button

Once the user visits the official site of the anydesk, either the website will automatically detect that the user is using the window, or you just have to click first on the window icon. 

After it is clear to the website that you are using a window, then you can just click on the download button.

Download anydesk software

When the user clicks on the download button, then a popup will appear on the screen that will ask you to save the file; just click on the “save file” option so that the software can start to download.

Open to file 

In case if you have given any specification regarding the place where you wish to get the file downloaded, then it will be downloaded at that place; otherwise, by default, the file gets downloaded in the “downloads” folder.

At the time the user will click on the file with the name “anydesk.exe,” then you will notice that the program runs automatically. Though the software can run even without being installed but it is advisable to get it installed for proper functioning. Once you get the software installed, then it will automatically appear on the start menu.


Now close the file that you have opened, and if the computer asks you to install the software, then click the green yes button.

Accept and install

Once you click on the yes button, the installation will start. Just make sure that after the installation gets complete, you can see the file on the start menu,

After you are done with the steps as mentioned above, then you just have to open the anydesk and supply us with the address that appears on the left side of the screen. Once you provide the address, you will get the request to access your compulsory; you are required to accept the request to complete the procedure.

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