The Bowling Alley of the Future

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Can you hear the bowling balls crash into the pins? Imagine the slippery lanes of your local bowling alley? Forget about it. When you walk inside 300 Anaheim you have entered the main attraction. They call it, “Bowling With A Twist.” We found out first hand that it is the future of bowling alleys and the complete bowling experience. A place you will want to share with that special someone.

Step into the crazy, cool darkness of the 300 Anaheim bowling lanes. This place is lit up by forty-one giant screens screaming with the newest music videos. Yes, there are forty one bowling lanes each with their own screen. On Saturday you can catch a college football game or the NFL on Sundays, while you bowl.

Before getting into a bowling game, you need to know the biggest difference in the Asymmetrical Vs the Symmetrical core so that you can have a general idea of what to expect when the actual game comes into play without losing focus on the target.

All bowlers are welcomed by very friendly hosts (looks like everyone is about college age). After you get your shoes and shiny bowling ball you are sent to a bowling lane where you are consequently greeted by your Lane Captain-or personal server, if you will.

Ask your Lane Captain anything and he or she will do everything in their power to make you happy (trust me when I say we put them to the test)-another bowling ball, different shoes, socks, bumpers, a drink perhaps, or some dinner. No stale nachos and hot dogs with flat soda served here. This is fine dining that you can enjoy while bowling or seated at the dinner tables right behind your lane.

Perusing through their menu, also known as 300 Cuisine we had a choice of; Southwest Beef Skewers (Marinated and served to perfection with cilantro-chipotle cream.), Thai Shrimp Skewers, Steak Burgers with fries, 300 Hearth-Stone Pizza, Vietnamese Shrimp or Veggie Summer Rolls or Thai Chicken Wings (this was just a partial lis. You can find the complete menu at their website). Smoothies, ice teas, sodas or Shirley Temples are available to quench your thirst. Your Lane Captain puts the order into the computer and her runner (the one who brings out the order) delivers to your lane, hot off the grill

This bowling alley also has professional-sized billiard tables with bar-stool tables and chairs next to them. It’s nice for a little break from all that bowling action. There’s a lounge with plush seating and another giant screen, just in case you can’t see the forty one screens at the end of each lane. A full-service bar comes with the modern lounge which is at the front of the bowling alley-ID required and taxi service available.

We were told by one of the servers that if you plan a large party for your business, the 300 has a closed-off private bowling alley for you. Just call ahead of time to reserve. All contact information is on their website. Their servers also told us that the mayor of Anaheim likes to take his staff there on occasion. Depending on how large your party is, you can “buy out” the whole 300 bowling alley for the day or night-it’s like a company picnic. On 300’s Facebook page you can read comments from satisfied clients such as JP Morgan Chase. The lanes will be closed to the public if your company reserves the bowling alley for the day.

The Free Dictionary by Farlex (Encyclopedia2) states that bowling is the most popular indoor participatory sport in the US with thousands of bowling leagues (300 Anaheim actually claims there are approximately 64 million bowlers).

According to statistics on their website at, The 300 Anaheim bowling alley has 47,000 square feet to play in. Prices are very affordable and late night bowling from Sunday to Thursday is only $3.50-after 9:00pm. No unsupervised minors after 10:00pm, however, even though we saw security guards walking around inside and outside this prestigious building.

The Garden Walk is right above the bowling alley with shops and restaurants and that IMAX Theater. My kids and I were lucky enough to see Transformers II there. It was well worth the price, even the long wait in line was fun. There was a live band playing in the courtyard and we were able to take in the firework show from Disneyland. And if you want to go to Disneyland . . . well Mickey is literally across the street.

In any case, I talked to one of 300’s employee who giggled when she told me, “If you start seeing videos from the 80’s on those giant screens (especially the song Closing Time by Semisonic) at the end of your bowling lane, it’s time to say goodnight!”

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