The Best Weight Loss Foods

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Obesity and overweight are the most leading negative vices that affect a large number of people worldwide regardless of their age, sex, or race. Due to these vices, many people have opted to undertake different ways to trim that extra pound of fat. Some engage in exercises, dieting, and in extreme situations, some people have chosen to undergo surgery.

The key to gaining a perfect body, free of excess fats is basically on the types of food the concerned individual eats. A healthy lifestyle primarily depends on what you put on your table be it lunchtime, breakfast, or supper. Research from Back to 30 shows that eating the best and balanced diet is the key to maintaining a well-kept body.

The following are the best types of “superfoods” that will surely give you a model-like physique.

  • a) Eggs

Once thought to be the main cause of heart diseases and high blood pressure, eggs have been found to play a much more positive role in weight loss. They are low in nutrients which makes them the best types of food especially if you are on a calorie-restricted diet. Eggs are also high in proteins which are the main bodybuilding blocks. Proteins help in building muscles rather than increasing fats.

  • b) Black Beans

Black beans are rich in proteins and do not contain any form of fats be it saturated or unsaturated. The proteins in turn help in building muscles and increasing body mass for that athletic physique many people wish for.

  • c) Leafy Greens

Greens such as spinach, kales, and collards are all rich in fiber. Scientific studies have shown that eating greens increase your volumes of meals per day without necessarily increasing the number of calories in your body. Leafy greens are also poor in carbohydrates and calories. These greens also act as antioxidants which help in flushing out any toxic compounds in your body.

  • d) Avocados

Avocados are one of the few fruits which are fatty but their fats are simply beneficial. Avocados are made up of monounsaturated fats which help in triggering your body to fight hunger by simply making you feel full. It also contains proteins and fibers which help in toning up your body muscles.

  • e) Salmon

Salmon is one of the most recommended seafood by millions of health practitioners and dietitians worldwide. Extracts of salmon are found in medicines therefore implicating their importance. This fish is basically loaded up with healthy fats (Omega-3), proteins, nutrients, and nutrients such as iodine. Omega 3 fatty acids have been found to control metabolic disorders and reduce obesity. Iodine on the other hand helps in maintaining a healthy thyroid gland as well as keeping the body’s metabolism functioning properly.

  • f) Boiled Potatoes

Boiled potatoes are rich in potassium a type of nutrient that helps in maintaining a proper blood pressure level especially for obese people who have a problem maintaining their blood pressure levels. They also contain a wide range of nutrients which make you feel naturally full which in turn makes you eat less food.

  • g) Blueberries

These fruits have been known for their anti-aging effects. However, recent scientific studies have shown that they contain a high level of fiber which cuts down fats and build muscles.

  • h) Brown Rice

Brown rice is rich in fiber and low on calories as compared to white rice. It also contains a high level of resistant starch which highly boosts body metabolism while burning fats.

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