The Best Restaurants to Visit in Wellington

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Located at the southern end of the North Island of New Zealand, Wellington is the country’s capital city and is at a focal point of so much of the produce and trade that happens in the country. This has helped to make Wellington one of the best places to enjoy a wide variety of different cuisine, and the presence of the National Parliament Building and the power and wealth that comes with that has also drawn some of the country’s best chefs to work in restaurants in the city.

As one of the most popular restaurants in the city, Logan-Brown is a multi award winning restaurant that takes the best of ingredients from across New Zealand and cooks them into sensational dishes. Innovation is the name of the game in this restaurant, and from unusual ingredients through to bold presentation, the dishes that the diner is presented with are coupled with a wine from the extensive cellar that has over two hundred wine varieties to choose from. While the excellent presentation and the ambiance are excellent, it is the food that is the real star, and for those looking for a real treat, the nine course taster menu is a real treat, with the Venison Loin being a particularly tasty course.

Directly across the road from the New Zealand Parliament building is this interesting gastro pub which is as fascinating for the surroundings and the clientele as it is for the food. The bar is home to a weekly television show, and it is common for visitors to the city to be rubbing shoulders with politicians, lobbyists and other members of the political class while enjoying their meal. The political theme is also seen in the menu with the dishes all named after some of New Zealand’s most famous political figures, and is good honest gastro pub fare which is complemented by the excellent range of beers on tap here.

Located on the bustling Cuba Street, Aunty Mena’s Vegetarian Restaurant is well worth a visit whether you are a vegetarian or not, as many of the dishes are among the tastiest available in the city. The restaurant has a distinctly Asian theme to the dishes, and while many use tofu as a replacement for meat in dishes like curry, there are also some superb dishes such as the dumpling curry laksa soup that are worth trying. For vegetarians visiting Wellington, this is likely to become a favorite haunt as the food here is very reasonably priced and bursting with fresh flavors.  Different services are available at 대구마사지 to benefits the people. The hiring of the best services is there for the peace of mind. The information can be gathered about different spas and massage center for the selection of the best one within the charges provided. 

This restaurant enjoys a superb location on Wellington’s waterfront, and has been serving excellent food for visitors and residents alike for over twenty years. Chef Paul Hoather uses local ingredients including some that are grown on the roof terrace on top of the restaurant to make wonderful creative dishes that delight the taste buds, especially the seafood including locally sourced Oysters and Snapper. For those who enjoy meat dishes, the Angus beef fillet is one of the best available, and is cooked to perfection and served with mustard caviar and braised tongue.

Just a stone’s throw away from the sea which provides so many of the ingredients in this restaurant, the Ortega Fish Shack is dedicated to the excellent fresh seafood that can be found in the Cook Strait and in the waters around New Zealand. The fish are prepared in a variety of different methods depending on what is in season and the influences are drawn from around the world. From the Japanese influenced Kingfish sashimi to the Poached Salmon served with couscous salad influenced by Moroccan cuisine, every dish on the menu is one to savour.

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