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The use of carefully selected spices is not only a culinary justification but is an interesting and simple way to tom to enrich your diet and boost testosterone with important health components. It should be borne in mind that certain spices contain substances contributing to the metabolic condition of the body and can help work on the silhouette. Below is a list of additives that have just such properties.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper or otherwise – is the spice chili with exceptional weight loss that results from the high concentration of capsaicin. The substance has thermogenic properties, which means that under its influence reaches increased energy expenditure, which is related to the process of heat production that is – thermogenesis. Adding cayenne pepper to dishes speeds up the metabolism and has a positive effect on the economy of glucose-insulin increased carbohydrate utilization by the tissues. Capsaicin is often part of slimming supplements. The action of this substance blocks the protein products, to be exact – casein, so it should not be taken with dairy products.


The rhizome of ginger is a spice with extremely valuable properties. About its advantages, healthy can be to write books. You should know that the preliminary results of the research indicate that some components of ginger called gingerols may accelerate the metabolism. Exacerbating the genesis of the postprandial term process. One experiment proved effective dose dwugramowa portion ginger. In addition, substances contained in ginger also have a positive impact on the functioning of lipid which also is important not only for health but also for metabolic work on the figure. This flavoring may be added to both food and beverages, such as different types of tea.


Another study confirmed the spice of cinnamon is slimming properties. Its unique qualities result from the inhibitory effect of the components contained therein at the rate of gastric emptying, on the other hand are connected with the influence on insulin sensitivity – a very important parameter associated with intrinsic and metabolic health often impaired in people with excess body weight. Adding cinnamon to food and heightens the feeling of postprandial satiety, positive effect on glycaemia improving nutrient use by muscle tissue. All this makes this spice is very suitable both for people who want to get rid of obesity and overweight as well as for all trainees in order to increase muscle mass.


The health-promoting qualities of basil speaks and writes a little, which is a pity, because this spice conceals extraordinary potential. Its potentially beneficial effects on the functioning of the energy sector is associated mainly with the impact of ingredients contained in it on the economy of glucose-insulin. The bioactive compounds present in the spice improve insulin sensitivity and help to regulate blood glucose. It is meanwhile know that fluctuations in blood glucose levels may be a factor increasing the appetite. Basil perfectly fits with healthy dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.


Turmeric called Indian saffron is a source of substances with unique qualities of healthy-called curcumin. The results of the studies to date suggest that the compound has inter alia anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiplatelet, Bile, lipid-lowering, and many others. In addition, the literature suggests that curcumin has a positive effect on the functioning of the energy economy. Under its influence can claim to reduce the so-called. leptynooporności, a situation seen in obese people when cells do not respond properly to signals sent by the hormone appetite suppressant and metabolism podkręcający, that is – leptin. Curcumin also has a positive effect on the economy of the insulin-glucose.

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