Some Simple Easy Diet Changes to Lose Weight the Smart Way

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Looking to lose weight? Well, if you have tried fad diets or calorie restrictive diets, then chances are you have seen a mixed bag of results. Some have worked well. Others not so well. Some have worked until you stopped. But before you run off and start to chase the fad diet, did you know that simply by making a few easy changes to your diet that you could easily lose weight?

In this article, I plan on discussing how suttle changes in your diet could result in huge differences, calorically speaking.

Remove Sugar from your diet and I can guarantee you will lose weight….

Okay, so this is not so easy. So, instead of removing all sugar from your diet, you could opt to remove some of the sugar from your diet. But before you go and swear off king dongs and cupcakes, the better way to go would be to eliminate sodas. If you are a soda drinker and you swear off soda, you will drop weight. According to statistics, we get approximately 1/3 of our sugar intake from sodas.

In fact, one 12 ounce can of coke accounts for 45 grams of sugar….to give you a visual, imagine taking a bottle of water and then dumping in 8 teaspoons of sugar.

If you drink on average one coke a day, then you are basically consuming 1,400 calories a week, 5,600 calories a month OR 72,800 calories a year….in layman’s terms, that is 20.8 pounds a year just by drinking one coke a day.

Now, I bet you are wondering where the other 2/3rd’s of sugar is in your diet. Well, it isn’t where you would expect. It isn’t the visible places but the invisible places that screw up a perfectly good diet….

Condiments such as mayo and ketchup.

Marinara sauces and pasta….


And the problem is that sugar is pervasive in our society and marketers have made so many names to hide the fact that we are ingesting sugar, that it is no wonder that we are a fat society.

If you can eliminate sugar from your diet, as hard as that may sound, you will see the weight literally fall off your body. You will also see your body chemistry start to change (sugar is known as the anti-nutrient because there is literally nothing good about it…it actually suppresses the immune system while it makes us fatter.) This is why some dieticians suggest or recommend effective lose weight supplements. These products will help you get your desired weight. But it is very crucial to consult first with your doctor before taking any products to ensure that your health conditions are well enough for such products. For more information, you can check leptoconnect reviews.

Now that you see the significance of cutting out sodas, what would happen if you were to increase your intake of water? Professional body builders will drink a gallon of water and sometimes more a day right before a competition. Ever wonder why they do that?

When you drink water, you are purging toxins from your body that is literally “dead weight” on your body.

Plus, drinking plenty of water will actually fill you up and make you eat less…..

Just by making this one simple dietary change, you will be not only feel like a million bucks but you will also be working the weight off quicker.

Most of us snack on the most unhealthy things we can think of….whether it is potato chips, cookies, things to dip ranch dressing in or ice cream, all of these things are loaded with gut-busting calories.

And to make matters worse, marketers have gotten really smart and convinced us to believe that things that are just as unhealthy are healthy. Things like snack bars, fruit bars, energy drinks, yogurt…these are all loaded with calories and though we think that we are doing ourself a favor, in reality, we are just adding to our weight woes.

The better solution of course, is to replace the unhealthy snacks with fortified health foods. A yoplait yogurt gets replaced by organic plain unsweetened yogurt topped with blueberries. A handful of almonds and an apple is a great pick me up in the middle of the day. Cottage Cheese with peaches (not the canned kind) is absolutely awesome and good for the body….if you are looking for something to munch on, carrots or raw brocolli with some herb infused oil and vinegar should satiate the munchies.

These are just a few of the choices you could choose.

These are all simple changes you can make to your diet that will yield far better results than what most “fad” diets claim. A diet is a lifestyle and the best thing you can do for yourself is to get yourself in the habit of eating right

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