Saving Money On Your New Apartment

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Finally moving out on your own? Shopping for a place to live can be just as important as getting the right shoes. You will be living in it every day – or at least most of the time – for the duration of a lease or rental agreement. Sometimes the fine print can put you in a bind, especially when you don’t know what to look for.

Move In Specials

Many complexes offer move in specials. These are special rates aimed at making the move more affordable. Sometimes they will provide a reduced security deposit or a free month of rent. Although these can be enticing, it is important to shop around for the best overall rate. Even a move in special can be more costly than the average requirements. For example, many apartment managers require security deposits along with a down payment on rent and possibly even an upfront fee to check your credit. Others may not require as much. It is important to find out what each place requires before signing any documents. With the purchase of the flat at Penrose, the information about the Penrose price should be suitable. A comparison can be done to get the correct information about the apartments available at the location. There will be fulfilling of the demands and need within a budget.

Utilities Included

Before deciding on a rental agreement that includes utilities, determine how much water, electric and gas you will actually be using. If you are moving in with roommates, it might be best to find an apartment with utilities included because it will help you split the cost evenly according to the price of rent. However, if you are living on your own or with only one or two others, you may be better off paying your own utilities. Many rentals jack up the price of rent to cover utilities expenses far over the amount you are likely to use. An easy way to make the decision is to ask your parents for help calculating how much utilities you were using in their home. (Chances are they can tell you without much effort). Its likely the cost of paying your own is a fraction of the cost of a rental with them included.

Size Matters – But Not That Much

Sometimes rentals seem more enticing when they are priced according to size. It is important to ask a lot of questions. Many places charge according to the number of bedrooms, even if the actual size of the unit is not substantially larger. On the other hand, the price difference between the number of bedrooms is usually pretty standard. If you opt to pay a bit more for a place with a spare room, you might be able to save a lot more in the long run if you gain a roommier later.

Parking/Mail Box/Rate Increases (AKA Hidden Fees)

Some rentals might charge for a parking stall or permit, a mail box or even an apartment key. This can be a costly and unexpected last minute expense that gets a lot of renters in a bind. When visiting with the leasing office, ask if there are any other required expenses other than rent. This could save you the hassle of getting involved with many charges that can otherwise be avoided.

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