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You know fine and well you are right in a slight controversy which occurs early in the year, but others are all set to prove you wrong. If they won’t listen, then why not sit back and let them find out the hard way?

There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that you are the one who knows what you are talking about. Especially if you are mixing with someone who has always been stubborn and aggressive in their manner.

Generally, you must not be overly sensitive when dealing with others in February and March. Try not to take other peoples’ comments too much to heart for they may only be trying to help. It may be a case of “a clash of personalities” but if you don’t want to get into heated debates, cool it! In all matters, don’t yield to pressure.

Sagittarius and Friendship April to July 2010

If there is some form of illness going around, either in your working environment or neighbourhood, you feel sure that you too are going to come down with this as April begins. Whether it is a stomach upset, sore throat or the flu, every day you feel you see signs of the symptoms and you are expecting to be feeling really awful by the end of the week. Surprisingly, the month could pass by without you coming down very badly with anything. It’s incredible what your imagination can do.

Even so what’s really good about this time of the year is the support, helpfulness and co-operation you will be getting from family, friends and loved-ones. If you’re single, there is every chance a romance could begin with someone you meet while sharing a favourite sport or past-time. For the married life, there can be kundali matching strategy adaptation. The perks and flaws should be in the notice of the Sagittarius. The sharing of the feelings and emotions should be great to meet with the requirements. The love life should be excellent to get the desired results. 

In July, your attempts to wrap up a joint project you’ve been working on for some time may be spoiled by your partner’s lack of enthusiasm. It is important that you don’t allow anyone to stand in your way. For you it IS time to move on to other things and if this means leaving others to tie-up the loose-ends then so be it.

Sagittarius Relationship Trends, August to October 2010

Be sensible when it comes to who you mix with and more especially, your romantic aspirations between August and October. You could, for instance, be mixing with people who seem to have more money than sense or who have no idea at all about what everything actually costs. If they want to go around in ignorance, let them. But you be sure to keep an eye on your wallet.

You might be tempted to get involved with someone who is married or who has ties that will mean you aren’t likely to see each other very often. Will this really give you any satisfaction? It might be a good idea to think about looking for some new friends.

Sagittarius Love and Relationships End of 2010

Friends are in an extravagant mood again in November; don’t let them lead you. You should have more sense than to spend money which has been put aside for everyday bills. Be sure you aren’t caught up in the careless mood that surrounds you. Keep a careful eye on your own expenditures and know when to draw a line.

As the month wears on, your social life accelerates and health improves through a more relaxed pace and a more positive frame of mind.

Also, the time is ripe to give serious thought to a close relationship. If you’re single, a wedding could be on the cards during the last quarter of the year. For the otherwise attached, you may feel like expressing your individuality in a dramatic way. Plans to fulfil your personal desires are met with delight as 2010 ends, when nothing stands in the way of your main aims.

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