Pro Survival Tips For Ark

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Ark Survival is certainly one of the survival games that you can play online. If you are interested in playing this game, you are in the right place. This article will give you some tips on how you can survive in the game and have more fun playing it.

Since Ark is a survival game, one of the very first things that you need to consider is to arm yourself. This is very crucial in the game because the environment in the game is quite dangerous. Surely, your character in the game will be overheated during the day, night or in inclement weather. One of the best ways to protect your character is to harvest fibers and craft some clothes. Surely, this will allow you to help your character to cope with the cold nights. You can also check [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]ark survival evolved cheap for some tips.

Also, it is advisable to stay on the beach that you started on. As you may notice, at the beginning of the game, you will find your character waking up on a beach. So at the first stage of the game, it is important that you remain in that place for some reasons. One of those is that in that place, you will be able to get some resources that you can use for crafting. So by staying near the water, you will certainly have limitless supplies already. The second reason is that such area there will be lesser predators so you can stay safe and you can establish yourself so you’ll have more chances to survive and win the game.

Furthermore, in playing Ark, water is very crucial so your character can survive. Keep in mind that there are dangerous creatures that may be surrounding your area. So it is smart to stay in the place where your character work up. As long as your character is not yet established, it is not advisable to leave the first place. However, you should not let your character to stay in the water for a very long time because there are lots of dangerous creatures such as piranhas, giant crocodiles and others.

You should also build a simple shelter for your character. As mentioned earlier, there are some dangerous creatures and predators in the game so to protect your character, it is important that you build a shelter. Certainly, when you have a barrier between the wind and your character, he will stay warm and he will have a shade of roof where he can stay safe.

Protecting your settlement is also very crucial in the game. Keep in mind that night time is a very dangerous time in the game. Night is the time where most of the predators will appear. So make sure to protect your character from the animals.

Overall, when playing Ark survival, strategies are very crucial so you can turn the game into your favor. Make sure to follow the mentioned tips so you can be successful in the game.

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