Pokemon Go- Summer Galaxy Option at Play

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Remember the days of childhood when you used to play video games of the best order ranging from super Mario, Dangerous Dave the Hunter, Swat Kats, Contra, Ninja Roberts, etc. to name a few.

Those were the days when there were no mobile phones, laptops or Xbox 360 and even PlayStations weren’t as prevalent and only found in the rich’s house and that is probably the best period of life that makes everyone teary eyed with nostalgia.

This is a feeling that every 80s and 90s generation kid would get as the vibes are so strong that they never cease to bring a lump to their throat and tear to their eye, something that the new millennial generation can never have the privilege of experiencing.

New Age Phenomenon

The aforementioned times don’t mean that the new gen kids on the block don’t have anything to boast of as most of them have reached adolescence and they have their own Pokemon Go to boast of that they used to enjoy with pleasure and still continue to do so.

Pokemon was launched in 1997 and has quite a history to it but it couldn’t sustain itself at that time due to the massive presence of the games mentioned above that continued to rule the roost for another decade and a half or so.

Everyone is going to have their own favorite Pokemons and the list is too long to be covered up in one article but the most important ones are Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Wigglypuff, Vulpix, Psyduck and many others.

Then came the TV series on cartoon network in the early 2000s where Ash Ketchum, alongwith his friends Brock and Misty Williams is out on a quest to find the Pokemons to keep them safe from the villains of the story Jessie, James and their cat Meow.

Pokemon is the Japanese term for Pocket Monsters launched by the eponymous media franchise in the hopes that it would become popular like its video games counterpart and sure it did which is why it becomes important to mention about some important codes to crack in order to attain success in the game.

Go Fest

If you’re a Pokemon fan then you must know about the Pokemon Go Fest that takes place every year and all the fans start looking forward to the Battle Tasks in the hopes of getting the best Pokemons in the game which is how you move forward with the levels ahead where the challenges keep growing with each milestone being achieved.

However, you can have it easy with the Summer of Galaxy Clothing Code and finish the game earlier for which you need to create your own pokemongoaccshop as it is the official USA account found on Samsung’s official website.

Next, you enter your e-mail address and ZIP code following which Samsung will send you a welcome mail on your account and you have to verify it.

Once this is done, you will see the Summer of Galaxy page with the ‘View Details’ option on the right hand side for Pokemon Go.

Just click on it for the Pokemon rewards after which the redeem code will be sent to your inbox and you click on the Redeem now link, which is the final step to complete the levels with ease.

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