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How can you go about getting your ex girlfriend back, after a break up, when she doesn’t want to communicate with you in any way, shape or form? Seems like it might be an uphill battle, doesn’t it? How can you maybe set things straight, and get her back, if she won’t even talk to you?

Many guys look at this unfortunate predicament as a real lost cause, a no-win scenario! How can you get your girlfriend back when you’re confronted with this situation? Well, here are some ideas, a few “do’s and don’ts” that may help you win your girl back into your arms.

# Will jealousy make her take me back?

There’s all kinds of advice that’s supposed to show you how to get your ex girlfriend back. And, this one, creating jealousy, by making her think you’re going out with other girls, would have to be the worst method ever suggested!

The major problem with this “get-your-ex-back-tactic” is that it can easily backfire on you, and, more often than not, it will. If your ex girlfriend finds out, or even thinks you’ve started dating again, she’ll probably say to herself that you’re not interested in having a relationship anymore. That’s certainly not what you want! The generation of jealously for the ex-girlfriend will increase the chances of getting back together. The information available at the official site will deliver the effective results to the boy. For further information about the methods, a boy can click site to gather genuine and correct information. The selection of the right method should be made to have potential benefits of the visit. If necessary, then expert assistance can be taken. 

A much better idea would be to let your ex girlfriend know you’re still available. Subtly, let any mutual friends, especially her closest girlfriends, know that you’re still single and not dating. But, don’t make it look like you’re ‘lost’ without her. You’re still going out with the guys and having fun, aren’t you?

If your ex girlfriend is missing you, and she sees that you’re still the same guy she fell in love with, and not playing “silly” mind games, there’s a greater chance that the two of you can get back together again.

# Perhaps a “Love-Letter” could be the answer.

Maybe she still won’t see you, well, forget about all the modern stuff! You know, the phone calls, emails, IM’s and SMS’s, etc. Actually, sit down and put pen to paper and write your ex girlfriend a real, old-fashioned love-letter. It may be a quaint, old-world method for how to get your ex back, but it works. It’s a tried and true strategy for getting a lover’s attention, especially a woman’s!

There are very few women who can refuse opening a handwritten letter, and that means you’ll, at least, get the opportunity to let her know your feelings. Now, while it’s obviously best to put everything in your own words, more than likely, you’re not a Shakespeare, or a Keats! If you don’t know what to say, or how to say it, there’s always the internet! Look up ‘love quotes’, ‘love poems’ and, maybe ‘ways to say I love you’, to get some ideas and mould the words into what you want to say to your ex girlfriend.

Another idea would be to find a female friend who’d be willing to help you out. A woman knows what a woman wants to hear!

Also, it’s important to remember, the look of your loveletter is nearly as important as the words themselves. Use fancy stationery, matching paper and envelope and, perhaps seal it with red sealing wax. Have it hand-delivered. It’s important, so treat it that way!

# Keep the first meeting with your ex girlfriend casual – A “no pressure” zone!

Should you get a chance to talk to her again, by all means, keep the conversation light. Don’t start putting your ex girlfriend under any pressure to get back together with you. Also, don’t apologize for everything you ever did wrong in the relationship as it will make you look desperate and weak. And, arguing over what led to the breakup will just serve to stir up bad memories. Doing any of this will only make a reconciliation with her virtually impossible.

Instead, let her see that you want try again to make your relationship work. That you understand there were problems, but you’re prepared to deal with them and try to find solutions. By being honest with your ex girlfriend, and telling her how you really feel, at least you have the satifaction of knowing that you given getting back with her your best shot. Then, if she’s not willing to give you a second chance, perhaps your union was not meant to be.

Make no mistake, getting your ex girlfriend back is difficult, but it can be done. It takes hard work and perseverance. As mentioned above, making use of mutual friends to let her know you’re available, sending her a loveletter to maybe reignite the passion you once had together, and above all, being honest about your feelings may just do the trick. These strategies may work, but you’ll never know unless you put them into action. Beyond that, be careful where you get advice on how to get your girlfriend back because some of it can really backfire on you. Use your common sense!

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I was motivated by the fact that I have recently joined a local business networking group to write this post. The group is a ladies only group although this is not the reason why I joined it in the first place. I have no problem networking with men at all, they can talk about business and so can I! Since this is why I was looking for a group, I figured it didn’t matter if it was mixed or not.

However, most groups in my area of North London have a policy of only taking one profession in each group which is perfectly understandable, I think. The men in my geographical area and field of work had taken all the spaces in the mixed gender groups so I decided to try the ladies’ one… What I found out totally surprised me.

Let me walk you through my journey:

I have firstly joined the group as a visitor. I arrived a little early but was straight away greeted by a couple of members who were super nice and made me feel very welcome. We then went into a private restaurant area where we chatted with each other for a while and then sat down to start. A lovely lady started it all off by introducing the brand and what it was about as well as explaining what usually happens. Then we all had a 1 minute turn to present our businesses which took a while as there were near 30 businesses there. We had time to have lunch whilst this was taking place. There was a solicitor, a make up artist, a florist, a doula, a dentist, a photographer and so many others… We then had a short educational session by one of the members on Financial Freedom which was great, followed by another chance for each member to shortly speak about their 1-to-1 experiences. I was told that outside these meetings, members meet casually for a chat to get to know each other better as well as more about what they do. I was in a hurry to get home that day because not only had I been feeling unwell, I was also grieving the death of a friend which I had only learned about the night before so I left without scheduling any 1-to-1s.

Even though I felt I wasn’t fully present at this meeting because of my personal circumstances, I left with the feeling I should join and I have to say that it totally made sense in terms of business but it was something else that was drawing me in (not sure what at this point) so I made a decision and became a member.

I had my first 1-to-1 with the lady photographer from Samantha Black Photography and it was very enjoyable. We spoke about our businesses but also shared experiences as mothers and the challenges we face as such. It was a very positive meeting and I’m very excited that we scheduled not only a photo session but also a social media coaching session. Watch this space as it will be revamped. Does Buying Instagram Followers Work? Yes, the purchasing of the followers is effective for the sale of the brand. At the platform, real followers are converted into the loyal customers. It will boost the status and increase the revenue of the website with right promotion technique. 

The group also meets more casually for coffee once a month and this week I got to go for the first time. I have to say I am hooked! I do enjoy the structured networking meetings but the coffee meetings are right up my street. The energy was amazing and this is when I realised what was drawing me in to join: women! Simple as that… I realised that if there were men in there the energy would have been totally different and I bet that men will say the same thing about ‘men only’ groups but I had never thought of it or gone through it. I don’t want to be perceived as sexist or a feminist because I’m not, I don’t even agree with International Women’s Day (I would if there was an International Men’s Day) but I did feel a very positive, relaxed, warm aura or vibe if you wish, all around us. I left very happy and excited just because I got to talk with so many ladies just like me. We’re all in the same boat, running a business we love whilst being mothers, wives, daughters, friends, cousins, etc….

I left with great business prospects too and a load of 1-to-1s scheduled and I’m going to run a Q&A session for the Pilates Instructor Network on Friday the 20th of March from 3-4pm. To find out more please visit the event page on Facebook. This all happened at the coffee meeting which was buzzing with positive energy.

I am so looking forward to the next meeting but I would say that what makes me want to come back is the professionalism mixed with the welcoming and the warmth that I get from my Athena group, business I think will just be a bonus.

I would love to hear about similar stories. Please feel free to share them with me below, in the comments section.

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If you own a small business, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with everything. Do you ever have trouble maintaining your bookkeeping? It can be a real challenge when you are an owner of a small company. You’re likely busy running the daily operations of the business and at the end of the day, the last thing you want to be doing is dealing with the accounting. While you can use accounting software, it can still be challenging at the end of a long day. However, it may be a matter of deciding whether to deal with the added work of an affordable software program or outsourcing, which could be a bit more pricey. No matter what systems you ultimately decide on, it is best to get your accounting in order as soon as possible when running a business.

When considering accounting systems, you should first establish a budget. There is no sense in looking into bookkeeping options that are beyond your budget. In the interest of saving time, you should always determine your budget first and then look at your options based on what you can afford. Remember, expenses can fluctuate if you have to upgrade software or if outsourcing fees rise over time. Leave a little wiggle room in your budget for these types of changes which are beyond your control for the most part. Obviously, you could always look for a more affordable plan if the one you originally chose increased in price beyond your budget over time. If you try outsourced accountant Singapore, you will observe that the fees are very affordable. But if you also check the quality of services they provide, there is no doubt that they are both effective and efficient.

After you’ve established a budget, you’ll want to look at a variety of accounting systems online. There are plenty of dependable software options that are designed with small businesses in mind. Do some research online about any program you are considering. Read reviews on popular review sites and look at the websites of online sellers to read customer reviews. You’ll be able to make a more informed decision if you do some work ahead of time. Research is free, with the exception of the time it takes, but it is worth every second. It can save you time, energy, money and headaches in the long term. Think about it, if you purchase poorly designed accounting software, you’re going to have lots of problems down the line. You may even have to hire an accountant to correct the problems created by a bad program. Therefore, it always pays to do some due diligence on anything you purchase.

If your time is spread so thin that you absolutely can’t or don’t want to deal with accounting yourself, you can always look at outsourcing it to an accounting firm or some other company that handles bookkeeping for small businesses. Again, you’ll need to do your homework before selecting which company to hire. Search online to read reviews from industry publications as well as customer reviews. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief in the long run if you do your research. Plus, you can always compare prices while you’re researching your options so you can find the best company for the price.

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There are many things that one would be doing in current times because 2020 has brought very little to look forward to until now what with the corona virus pandemic taking over the entire world with thousands of casualties that continue to come up with each passing day.

Now we are nearing the end of the year in a few months but still Covid-19 is showing no signs of slowing down whatsoever but despite the nationwide lockdown being difficult to manage, people have found new ways to pass time sitting within the four walls of their house.

For example, people that constantly complain about not being able to enjoy life due to grueling work schedule can do so now albeit in different circumstances as they can watch all their favorite movies all thanks to over the top or OTT platforms galore that soon look forward to putting movie theatres out of business.

New Age Quotient

Some people are going to look at it differently but the above facts are indeed true that the pandemic has hit theatre owners where it would hurt them the most due to the lockdown as a result of which OTT platforms are thriving and how, a feat that has prompted movie makers all over the world to release their platforms here itself.

OTT platforms can be called the new age outlaws in the true sense as you don’t have to stand in line for hours to get movie tickets and that too at an exorbitant price and this quotient is going to become a booming phase for these platforms in the years to come.

Today, you can watch your favorite flicks while sitting at home where you just have to subscribe into Netflix, Amazon Prime and their ilk for a month at an affordable price and follow through on this practice.

Really, the past few months have seen a huge growth in the number of subscribers that are using OTT to the fullest advantage that has made Netflix a household name all over the world.

What’s more, you can watch movies not only from your home country but from all over the world which is how film industries that were confined to their countries or specific regions now have a far wider audience than ever, which is good in a way as people can enjoy flicks from across the globe.


123Movies is one of the best websites where you can watch films but take care to always follow the strict guidelines of getting a decent subscription for atleast 3 months to enjoy a discount offer in the coming times.

Regular subscribers can avail excellent offers where they can pay less if they are consistent in renewing their subscription on a regular basis that is going to be noticed by the platforms.

Just take care to never illegally download movies from Netflix and Amazon as the consequences can be severe and fortunately, people are following this advice obediently as they want nothing more than to pass time while sitting at home.

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Located at the southern end of the North Island of New Zealand, Wellington is the country’s capital city and is at a focal point of so much of the produce and trade that happens in the country. This has helped to make Wellington one of the best places to enjoy a wide variety of different cuisine, and the presence of the National Parliament Building and the power and wealth that comes with that has also drawn some of the country’s best chefs to work in restaurants in the city.

As one of the most popular restaurants in the city, Logan-Brown is a multi award winning restaurant that takes the best of ingredients from across New Zealand and cooks them into sensational dishes. Innovation is the name of the game in this restaurant, and from unusual ingredients through to bold presentation, the dishes that the diner is presented with are coupled with a wine from the extensive cellar that has over two hundred wine varieties to choose from. While the excellent presentation and the ambiance are excellent, it is the food that is the real star, and for those looking for a real treat, the nine course taster menu is a real treat, with the Venison Loin being a particularly tasty course.

Directly across the road from the New Zealand Parliament building is this interesting gastro pub which is as fascinating for the surroundings and the clientele as it is for the food. The bar is home to a weekly television show, and it is common for visitors to the city to be rubbing shoulders with politicians, lobbyists and other members of the political class while enjoying their meal. The political theme is also seen in the menu with the dishes all named after some of New Zealand’s most famous political figures, and is good honest gastro pub fare which is complemented by the excellent range of beers on tap here.

Located on the bustling Cuba Street, Aunty Mena’s Vegetarian Restaurant is well worth a visit whether you are a vegetarian or not, as many of the dishes are among the tastiest available in the city. The restaurant has a distinctly Asian theme to the dishes, and while many use tofu as a replacement for meat in dishes like curry, there are also some superb dishes such as the dumpling curry laksa soup that are worth trying. For vegetarians visiting Wellington, this is likely to become a favorite haunt as the food here is very reasonably priced and bursting with fresh flavors.  Different services are available at 대구마사지 to benefits the people. The hiring of the best services is there for the peace of mind. The information can be gathered about different spas and massage center for the selection of the best one within the charges provided. 

This restaurant enjoys a superb location on Wellington’s waterfront, and has been serving excellent food for visitors and residents alike for over twenty years. Chef Paul Hoather uses local ingredients including some that are grown on the roof terrace on top of the restaurant to make wonderful creative dishes that delight the taste buds, especially the seafood including locally sourced Oysters and Snapper. For those who enjoy meat dishes, the Angus beef fillet is one of the best available, and is cooked to perfection and served with mustard caviar and braised tongue.

Just a stone’s throw away from the sea which provides so many of the ingredients in this restaurant, the Ortega Fish Shack is dedicated to the excellent fresh seafood that can be found in the Cook Strait and in the waters around New Zealand. The fish are prepared in a variety of different methods depending on what is in season and the influences are drawn from around the world. From the Japanese influenced Kingfish sashimi to the Poached Salmon served with couscous salad influenced by Moroccan cuisine, every dish on the menu is one to savour.

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Renting a car to Travel the Northern part is something that one must see. It may seem like a systematic work where you fix your itinerary for that day to be able to make use of you time wisely as you travel. It helps you get a whole you perspective in traveling and enjoying it all the more. Ireland is known for it’s rich culture and history so driving through the roads to get to the map of history was including it with major tourist sites and other place that were not usually crawling with tourist making the trip even all the more meaningful and special. There’s places like Ulster where you can go to Cos. Antrim, Derry, Donegal and Tyron. It is always worth seeing Giant’s Causeway: you could also see hexagonal basaltic columns of varying heights, near each other and extending out to the sea. On the road you can enjoy the local fauna and flora of scenic views on the way, and when you reach the hexagon basaltic, you can spend time there just unwinding all day while enjoying the view. Lammas fair in Ballycastle has a good giftshop/bookstore with numerous information on destinations of Northern Ireland.

This will get you the best tips ever. The visitor’s centre at this place is open from 10am to 7pm in July and August and shorter hours at the rest of the year. One of the natural high that you can experience is sitting at the edge of a sea cliff and this can be done in a place in Dun Castle found just a short distance west of Giant’s Causeway. The place had been abandoned since 1600s when part of the cliff fell into the sea, taking the kitchen part of the castle and some of it’s servants while they were making dinner for that night. You can also watch a brief history of that castle and Giant’s Causeway in months of April to September and opens at 10-7 Monday to Saturdays and 2-7 in Sundays. In Belfast at the Presbyterian History Society there’s a Presbyterian Church House, on the corner of Great Victoria Street/College Square East. It opens from 10 to 12:30 in most days. A place of great historic records when one wants to research on detailed Irish history. On the ground floor of Church House you can find an indoor shopping arcade called “Spires”. There’s also a small Café there and Family Books, the Presbyterian Church publishing arm in Ireland has a there and should not be mistaken with a store called Familia which is located near the church.

However “Familia” has its own good collection of books and published genealogies. Another place to go would be Inishowen Peninsula where you can spend most of the day exploring of Co Donegal which is just north of Derry. After visiting Fahan Church, you can drive to a 100 mile route on your way to the peninsula. Upon reaching the destination, you can walk around Buncrana, one of the town’s markets and there’s a beautiful place out if its flaw in the breath taking Gap of Mamore and walking along Tullagh and enjoy the sandy beach with blue clear waters, then drive on your way to Malin Head, a part which found at the northern most point of Ireland. There’s a place where lies an Ancient stone fort that stands on a hill 240 above sea level, with an over looking view of the country side surrounding it and this can be found in Grianan na Aileach. It’s view is amazing and it worth the long drive. I guidebook would be handy once you visit this place. 

Some tips regarding MONEY and SAFETY: 

It would be best to use cards like Cirrus or Plus in comparison to AMEX Express which is used and accepted more in Northern Ireland. About safety, when you see RUC soldiers and armored personnel carriers, it is quite unnerving but once you see the other locals not paying much attention to it, you know you can sit back and just keep on relaxing.

The last paragraph mentioned above is the one that needs to be adhered to the message as we have reached the conclusion of this article because Northern Ireland is arguably the most popular destination of the United Kingdom where you need to safeguard your personal belongings in a similar manner as you would during a Denver International Airport to Breckenridge trip because there have been some notorious incidents when travelers have been pick pocketed as there is a gang operating in certain places.

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Now that you’ve read Jake’s review, here’s my take Skullgirls. For a downloadable game it has got a lot of content for the bread and butter aspects of the game. Compared to full retail games like Super Street Fighter IV AE and the two Blazblue titles, modes and options are generally lacking. The tutorial (see below) has a fair amount of lessons from the basics of combat to more advanced items such as free cancelling. Unfortunately, the tutorials make the game seem easier than it actually is.

The supplement to this is the training mode where you can practice 1 on 1 or 3 on 3 or anywhere in between (see below).

The story mode, for those who are interested in those with fighters, is mildly interesting and does interconnect to some extent. As of this writing you can access six of the eight characters stories. The other modes being arcade, online and vs (either local or online).

Each character plays different and the mechanics are quite in-depth. It is truly a game that’s made by fighters for fighters. Those who are new or casual to fighters will most likely be turned off by the difficulty of the game proper, as well as the lack of a movelist for each character, although that can be found on the Skullgirls site. It’s interesting how they figured out the 1 character vs 2 or 3 aspect of the game; it’s very balanced. With single character choices having either high health or damage resistance as well as inflicting quite a bit of damage per hit, where a double or triple team combination will be weaker but balanced and able to switch up; a very strong mind game component when mixed with how different each character plays.

The online scene is quite barebones, much like VF5 online and Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Whether you play a ranked match or unranked match it’s one on one, for better or worse. The better being that there is nary so much as a skip, no lag. It is as fluid as responsive as if playing vs next to another person in the same room.

For 1200 Microsoft points (360) or $15 (Ps3) Skullgirls has quite a bit, particularly for the hard-core fighting fan. The things which are missing like a spectator mode, the inclusion of the characters movesets, and so on I can overlook simply on the basis that for such as relatively small price you get what matters most, the fighting engine which is superb if incredibly tough. As time goes, on I’ve no doubt that the powers that be who created this game will add to it. Already, there are rumors that 2 additional characters are in the works for the roster- Umbrella who is Parasouls sister and Mrs Victoria (see first pic above). It does not have the extras and “fluff” that you see in a fair number of games of this genre of late, it is a fighters fighting game pure and simple.

As time goes on I do think that those extras will make their way to this game. Experts are suggesting the players to select the best SSD for playing of the games. They are suggesting to check my site to know about the benefits of SSD playing of online games. The fighting games are played with comfort and convenience to have potential benefits. 

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something written within the last week about how you can utilize social media marketing strategies to attract and win new customers and build loyalty in existing customers. Unfortunately, the research indicates this is just not true. Social media has an important role to play in small business marketing, but success requires social media and more.

The Gallup organization recently released findings from a study of over 17,000 users of social media. The study looked at “everything from the latest mobile social media apps to old-school word-0f-mouth” marketing. [http://businessjournal.gallup.com/content/148694/Social-Media-Three-Big-Myths.aspx#2]

The most significant finding of the study is that social media initiatives do not drive customer acquisition or customer loyalty. In fact, the social media initiatives of businesses have precious little effect on purchase decisions by customers. The most significant influence on customers is not social media. Rather, it is still family members (particularly one’s spouse), friends, experts, extended family and critics or reviewers. How to buy tiktok likes? In order to purchase likes, there is following of some tips and tricks to get the success. The preparation of the right approach is there to have the success with the purchase. The real and genuine one is preferred to convert the likes into followers of the channel. The assistance can be taken from the friends and followers to get the desired results. 

Indeed, the lowest level of influence recorded by the Gallup study on purchasing decisions were corporate Twitter posts and company Facebook pages. Notably, just this week another study reported that more than half of all people using the Internet prefer the company website to all social media when researching products or services.

The messaging of companies or brands on social media will not win new customers or clients. Success still depends on other marketing efforts. However, social media plays an important role in bringing new customers to your door because of what your customers will say about your business and your products or services to their friends and family members in social media.

This does not mean you should ignore social media. What it means is:

  • You need a good, interactive website that sells your products and services by answering customer questions and providing the information that allows them to decide to buy from you.
  • You need to draw people to your website by creating and marketing content that builds knowledge and trust.
  • You need to create a strong social media presence and listen attentively to what people are (and are not) saying about your company.
  • You need to create excellent products and services that meet customer needs and deliver outstanding customer experiences with your company.
  • Then, encourage your customers to share with their friends and family members on social media.

How Customers Work for You on Social Media Sites

When your products or services meet the needs of your customers in ways that improve their lives, they become ambassadors of the benefits of doing business with you. When you can enhance need satisfaction with a positive interaction with your company, you build commitment, confidence, and loyalty. If the need you meet in the customer’s life is important to the customer, that customer will become a passionate champion for your business.

The benefit of having your satisfied customers and your passionate champions telling people about your business in social media is the inherent nature of social media to spread the word farther and faster. Traditional word-of-mouth endorsements happen when one person tells one other person (or perhaps two or three). When the endorsements happen on social media, they spread with the click of a button and they are shared again and again to a constantly enlarging set of connected people.

What you say about your company and your products or services on social media is not likely to win new customers. Yet you must create the social media presence that allows conversations to occur. Use social media and more to reach and win new customers. Provide products and/or services that meet important needs in their lives and deliver exceptional customer experiences of doing business with your company.

By creating satisfied customers, and encouraging them to engage others about their experience with your company, you will unleash the passionate brand champions whose recommendations will bring you new customers via social media interactions.

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If you have been hearing a lot about this game called Minecraft lately and you want to know more about it, get ready for a class of Minecraft 101 and to discover the MC world for any kind of software device! Learn everything about Minecraft skins, mods, wiki, servers, answers to your questions like Can I sell my premium Minecraft account? and more!

Minecraft has been everyone these days: on the news, on the street talk, all over the internet, and even on national TV shows! It seems like no one can escape this game, so what is Minecraft?

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, Minecraft was developed by the Swedish indie video game developer Mojang, and it is all about an open world where there are no missions, no goals but your own. Users have complete freedom to do whatever pleases them, although there are achievements and scores, you don’t need to follow that particular model to have fun.

The core of the game is to break and add blocks, with the entire world create in a 3D grid, where different types of cubes represent different materials that can be used in order to create whatever you want to: From chairs to amazing medieval castles.

One of the best things about the world of Minecraft is that it allows players to build whatever they can dream of. These awesome creations can either be done by one sole player, or more Minecrafters through the collaborative Minecraft servers.

Here are some really cool creations, and you can find even more in our Hot News section so that you can recreate them on your own computer or software device!

Anyone can either play this game on creative or survival and hardcore mode, in which you will have to survive the hordes of fatal creepers chasing after players (creepers are like these creepy monsters that come out of nowhere to finish you), or go into other types of modes we’ll explain next.

Creative mode: In this mode, you can keep playing with no fear of dying. In addition to having the ability to build, it is also possible to fly, and all of the blocks are a one-hit destroy.

Survival mode: Beware of what goes bump in the night! In this mode, zombies, spiders, and creepers can kill you! Additionally, you are limited to walk around (no flying allowed!), and it will require more hits to break blocks.

Hardcore: This is the ultimate challenge! While for the most part, it is like survival mode, you don’t have the option of dying! When the monsters come out, do all your best to stay alive because; you are limited to one life! So watch your back when playing in this mode!

To learn more about these modes, check our video tutorial!

In Minecraft, players can also choose however they wish to look like! By changing Minecraft skins, Minecrafters can change their style in no time, and there are some really creative skins you can find in this game. Check out our Download Skins section where you will find plenty of skins to safely download.

So, now that you’ve got through World Minecraft’s Minecraft 101 class, you might want to take a look by yourself to this awesome world of blocks, right?

You can free download the Minecraft Free Demo version or you can get ahead and Download PC – Mac – Linux Minecraft. This awesome game is also available for the following software devices:

To play some really cool Minecraft Flash and other free online Minecraft versions, go to our Play Now section or you can Download Minecraft Skins and look unique!

Also, feel free to take a look at our Minecraft Wiki and Q&A’s for more info on the game!

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What I will cover in this guide the main specs you should look out for in a computer monitor, I know it’s not fair to only review LED monitors, but it’s the preferred backlight technology by most companies, and it’s fully on it’s way into the market. Viewsonic announced last year that they are putting led backlight every product line.

As an active gamer and former professional COD & CS player I know the most important specs of a gaming monitor. You will most likely have to sacrifice some other specs, but there are also led monitors for all-round use.

Fast response time is very important when you are looking for a good gaming monitor, usually the fastest response time is in the TN monitors (Twisted Nematic) and they can get as low as 2ms, but you must be comfortable with low brightness, narrow viewing angles and inaccurate color reproduction.

This is also known as the pixel-response rate, and is how fast the screen can change the color of a pixel. In early LCD monitors this was a big problem when gaming, the oddity is referred to as ghosting or streaking. It’s not likely you will see this in a movie, but in gaming it’s a different story.

Input Lag is another feature that is vital for gamers, at least when you are playing games where you are sending vital information to your computer screen, if you are reliant on split second decision in your gameplay, this is the feature to look out for. Notice that vendors rarely quote these figures in their marketing and you might have to do some more research. Looking at consumer reviews might be a trick.

The core of Input lag it’s how fast the monitor responds to information you send to it. Therefore when you input a command you should be reliant on the monitor to respond fast as possible, important when gaming.

High Brightness is a measurement of how much light a monitor can produce. For gaming and movies it’s essential for a monitor to be able to produce high brightness to reflect the environment and set the score for different scenes and effects.

Old Computer, New Screen? Here is what to do

Are you buying a high end led computer monitor without upgrading your graphic card you will most likely not reap the benefits and full potential of your new screen. Most modern graphic cards support DVI output, and that’s what most monitors use for best performance.

If you have all that in place the most important thing to do is to update you graphics driver, this should be enough to utilize many of the monitor’s features.

These three features are the most important when you are gaming, reduce ghosting is absolutely IMO the most important feature, but reflecting good colors and high brightness come in second. I for the most part use my monitor for gaming and movies, while movies require some different aspects of the monitor, like black level, viewing angel and colors I am more of a hybrid kind of guy.

I advise you to take notice of these features if you want a pro gaming led monitor and make sure you do your due diligence when you have your credit card in hand.

One last notice, there are probably many great monitors with other backlight sources, but since we are great fans of led backlights, we take that as are main standing point.


 So, if you are looking forward to buy best vertical monitor for coding do not forget to check the latest features and the technology that is trending recently. Better the technology better is the experience. However, not all features are available in all the model. There are different variants cause of different features. 

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