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Yes, America celebrates its Independence Day as they günstige böller kaufen, but in Paris, France, partially because France has the famous “Tricolore” (or “tri-color” in French, which means three colors) flag of red, white and blue, which resembles the same colors as the United States’ flag (which also has the colors red, white, and blue), the same noisy contraptions there occur on Bastille Day, on July 14.

Bastille Day is the famous French holiday that celebrates the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris on July 14, 1789, when angry Parisians hated being under the old French Republic and are glamourized highly in such stories as “A Tale of Two Cities”, the famous novel by Charles Dickens, which caused enemies of the old Republic (e.g., Marie Antoinette) to be beheaded on the guillotine at the place known as the Place de la Bastille, which is now an open square in Paris in the 11th district (or “arrondissement”, as they say in French).

Amazingly, even though Bastille Day is the national holiday for the French mainland, not every part of France sets off fireworks on Bastille Day or several days before it. Montpellier, which is in the south of France, for instance, doesn’t usually shoot off firecrackers several days before Bastille Day. There may be some public firework displays in most French cities and towns far away from Paris on Bastille Day night, but outside Paris, Bastille Day celebrations are slightly laid back. But not in Paris itself.

The actual fireworks in Paris start on Bastille Day Eve, July 13. This is akin to New Year’s Eve in the United States, where revelers had been involved in the dangerous practice of using celebratory gunfire and fireworks a few hours before midnight and also after the stroke of midnight itself.

Some people are fascinated by fireworks that make noise, which most of them do….except the fusees and the sparklers. But regrettably, people can get scared by them or even injured by them.

A typical Chinese firecracker racks up about 140 decibels upon detonation. An M-80 blowing up racks about 170 decibels upon detonation.

The fireworks will usually start after sundown on July 13.

So avoid the following on Bastille Day Eve: entrances to any of the metro (or “subway”) stations and probably every part of the metro station itself, and almost all of the open streets that are not crowded by people. Also, avoid the Place de la Bastille (or “square of the Bastille”–or “Bastille square”) at all costs. This is where most of the firecrackers by Parisian celebrants of the holiday will be lit and detonated. Because of the acoustics of the metro stations, a firecracker exploding there will echo across the walls of the metros and will probably add 10-15 more decibels to the original explosion. Now that is scary!

The type of firecrackers they use is, regrettably, the ones that are usually illegal in some states of the United States. They are mainly Chinese firecrackers, colored red, and with no labeling at all. Bottle rockets and Roman candles are also popular too, as well as some of the M-series firecrackers as well (e.g., M-80s, M-60s, etc.). Some firecrackers are grouped together with string in groups of 50, 100, or 500, for the ultimate bang. Those firecracker groupings are usually set off around Chinese New Year in China.

Also avoid the poorer Parisian suburbs, especially Montreuil, not only on Bastille Day Eve but also on Bastille Day itself too. There seems to be an illegal fireworks trade in those suburbs due to excessive capitalism and the strong gap between the haves and the have-nots. Illegal fireworks to such people living in the suburbs are cheap because they are usually sold on the black market…..often with dangerous amounts of flash powder and other explosive elements.

And even if you are not afraid of the noise of the firecrackers, best to stay around the gay balls and gay dances around the firehouses in Paris that start around 12:01 a.m. of Bastille Day. Why? The revelers will focus more on the dancing and the music and slightly less on the desire to set off firecrackers…..even if

firecrackers are shot off outside the perimeter of the balls.

And if you have pets, particularly dogs that are not used to those loud noises, keep them at home for the whole holiday. A detonation will startle such dogs so much that they run wildly to the site of the explosion, which can lead to them being hit by cars or something similarly worse….which can sometimes have very injurious or even fatal results.

Amazingly, in central Paris, most celebrants would have used up all of the firecrackers, and things are rather quiet on Bastille Day morning because most of them will go along the Elysian Fields—the famous boulevard in Paris—for the famous Bastille Day parade. The noise would calm around 7:00 a.m. to about

9:00 a.m.

But be careful after the parade, which would end at about noon. More fireworks will be shot off by consumers (so that means more firecrackers) around the late afternoon leading up to the grand finale…..the grand finale which would be the official Bastille Day public fireworks displays around the 22nd hour (which would be equivalent to 10:00 p.m.) of July 14 usually near the Trocadero or near the Eiffel Tower or the Invalides, or all three places, or a combination of the three.

Whatever you do in Paris on Bastille Day, be prepared for a day of noise……..

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Recently my oldest bought a new house. She and her husband sold their old home for a nice profit and were trying to decide what the best use of the money was as they were trying to decide if they should pay down their new mortgage or add money to their retirement accounts as well as their son’s college fund. When they asked my advice I responded with a single question: “What is the interest rate on your new mortgage?” When they told me that it was a 3.4% fixed rate I told them to fund the retirement accounts and the college fund. It was simple math. The interest rate earned on those accounts was greater than the amount spent on the interest of the mortgage. This is why it is very important to carefully choose your local mortgage broker. There are several factors that you need to consider and you need to do comparisons among your options so you can come up with the right company that will help you with your goals.

The bottom line on a financial question is generally going to have something to do with interest rates. As a general rule if the amount spent on interest is less than the amount to be earned, you go with the amount to be earned.

If their mortgage interest rate was, for example, 12% and the potential to earn from saving the money was 6% I would have said to pay the money to the principal of the mortgage and fund the accounts over time instead of a lump sum.

The easiest way to remember this most basic financial rule is that you want to PAY as little interest as possible and COLLECT as much as possible.

If there had been credit card debt involved my answer might have been slightly different. I would have asked about their overall debt load (amount of available credit compared to the amount of overall credit) and the interest rate on the cards. I almost always suggest paying off credit cards over saving the money because of the way the interest rate is calculated, the rate of interest itself and the overall effect to your credit score. In the event you are unaware, most credit card companies charge interest after 30 days which means that even if you pay the card in full every month you still pay interest. Further, most credit card companies have a set day that they inform the credit reporting agencies about your debt load.

What that means in practical terms is if they report to the reporting agencies on the 15th of the month then your balance on that day is what the credit reporting agencies see. They don’t see that you pay it off in full every month. This is not good for your credit score.

When in doubt either talk to a financial advisor or remember to pay off high interest rates as fast as possible. After that you are in a much better position to save for college and retirement.

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What would you say if you were told that certain ailments that people are grappling from everyday have a cure? Naturally, you would either be shocked beyond measure or simply laugh it off as you have lost all hopes as things are spiraling out of control when it comes to health matters.

Another important point is that the current generation deem themselves too modern and would not believe that the world is too old that has gone through technological advances in the past because it was way too advanced in ancient times.

It is difficult to place your trust on modern day medicines as they are as unoriginal as they can get with artificial substances making way for original properties that are without any fakery but simply for the purpose of ridding your body of all kinds of diseases and ailments.


One such remedy is CBD Oil that has proven to be a medical breakthrough despite not falling into the category of medicine at all and this is one of the reasons why people find difficulty in trusting such things as they have become so used to medicines, syrups and capsules prescribed by doctors.

It is because they place implicit trust on their doctors and are under the misconception that they are gods that have been sent to earth for curing people of ailments, which is not entirely the case, especially in current times as the medical profession has been misused for financial benefits.

CBD oil is taken from cannabis and hemp extracts that are grown in hilly areas with tropical climate where the weather is quite pleasant and the atmosphere is free of pollutants.

Although many people are familiar with cannabis, hemp isn’t something that they have come across or even heard of because they it has not earned the infamy and notoriety of its erstwhile counterpart as being accused of ruining many lives.

Leaving futile arguments aside, there is no doubt that drug addiction is a menace to the society but it does have some important medicinal properties that are used to make CBD oil as it is taken from both cannabis and hemp so people terming it as CBD Fable need to do their homework thoroughly before passing comments.

Environmental Benefits

To clear certain doubts, let us take a look at some important environmental advantages that can be availed through hemp plants so that it would give an idea on what to look for when it comes to a remedy.

Hemp has very low THC content compared to Cannabinoid which makes a bit more reliable to the latter and is easy to grow as it has more carbon dioxide content that makes it perfect in tackling global warming.

Hemp plants are biodegradable in nature and the products made from them are used for recycling various things that can be put to use again and industrial hemp has its own tap root that can penetrate deep into the soil and absorb the nutrients essential for plant growth.

It is also useful in making the air pure and clean that is suitable for breathing which is a much needed solution as it is replete with pollutants in current times that makes the healthiest of people fall prey to disease and ailment.

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Can you hear the bowling balls crash into the pins? Imagine the slippery lanes of your local bowling alley? Forget about it. When you walk inside 300 Anaheim you have entered the main attraction. They call it, “Bowling With A Twist.” We found out first hand that it is the future of bowling alleys and the complete bowling experience. A place you will want to share with that special someone.

Step into the crazy, cool darkness of the 300 Anaheim bowling lanes. This place is lit up by forty-one giant screens screaming with the newest music videos. Yes, there are forty one bowling lanes each with their own screen. On Saturday you can catch a college football game or the NFL on Sundays, while you bowl.

Before getting into a bowling game, you need to know the biggest difference in the Asymmetrical Vs the Symmetrical core so that you can have a general idea of what to expect when the actual game comes into play without losing focus on the target.

All bowlers are welcomed by very friendly hosts (looks like everyone is about college age). After you get your shoes and shiny bowling ball you are sent to a bowling lane where you are consequently greeted by your Lane Captain-or personal server, if you will.

Ask your Lane Captain anything and he or she will do everything in their power to make you happy (trust me when I say we put them to the test)-another bowling ball, different shoes, socks, bumpers, a drink perhaps, or some dinner. No stale nachos and hot dogs with flat soda served here. This is fine dining that you can enjoy while bowling or seated at the dinner tables right behind your lane.

Perusing through their menu, also known as 300 Cuisine we had a choice of; Southwest Beef Skewers (Marinated and served to perfection with cilantro-chipotle cream.), Thai Shrimp Skewers, Steak Burgers with fries, 300 Hearth-Stone Pizza, Vietnamese Shrimp or Veggie Summer Rolls or Thai Chicken Wings (this was just a partial lis. You can find the complete menu at their website). Smoothies, ice teas, sodas or Shirley Temples are available to quench your thirst. Your Lane Captain puts the order into the computer and her runner (the one who brings out the order) delivers to your lane, hot off the grill

This bowling alley also has professional-sized billiard tables with bar-stool tables and chairs next to them. It’s nice for a little break from all that bowling action. There’s a lounge with plush seating and another giant screen, just in case you can’t see the forty one screens at the end of each lane. A full-service bar comes with the modern lounge which is at the front of the bowling alley-ID required and taxi service available.

We were told by one of the servers that if you plan a large party for your business, the 300 has a closed-off private bowling alley for you. Just call ahead of time to reserve. All contact information is on their website. Their servers also told us that the mayor of Anaheim likes to take his staff there on occasion. Depending on how large your party is, you can “buy out” the whole 300 bowling alley for the day or night-it’s like a company picnic. On 300’s Facebook page you can read comments from satisfied clients such as JP Morgan Chase. The lanes will be closed to the public if your company reserves the bowling alley for the day.

The Free Dictionary by Farlex (Encyclopedia2) states that bowling is the most popular indoor participatory sport in the US with thousands of bowling leagues (300 Anaheim actually claims there are approximately 64 million bowlers).

According to statistics on their website at http://3hundred13.reachlocal.net/anaheim.html, The 300 Anaheim bowling alley has 47,000 square feet to play in. Prices are very affordable and late night bowling from Sunday to Thursday is only $3.50-after 9:00pm. No unsupervised minors after 10:00pm, however, even though we saw security guards walking around inside and outside this prestigious building.

The Garden Walk is right above the bowling alley with shops and restaurants and that IMAX Theater. My kids and I were lucky enough to see Transformers II there. It was well worth the price, even the long wait in line was fun. There was a live band playing in the courtyard and we were able to take in the firework show from Disneyland. And if you want to go to Disneyland . . . well Mickey is literally across the street.

In any case, I talked to one of 300’s employee who giggled when she told me, “If you start seeing videos from the 80’s on those giant screens (especially the song Closing Time by Semisonic) at the end of your bowling lane, it’s time to say goodnight!”

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Completing the office hours and doing lots of hard work can make you feel tired at the end of the day. It is important to have some source of enjoyment and fun. Nowadays, the best way to remove your boredom and stress is by playing games. There are thousands of free-to-play games that can be played on PC as well as mobile devices. You will get an amazing selection of cost-free titles that you can’t resist. By playing the games, you not only remove your boredom but also get to learn many skills. You can also get knowledge of Deck reviews online. 

Here, we will know about the best free-to-play games which you must try:

  • Warframe

Warframe is the most impressive action games which can be played on both PC and consoled. This game was launched in 2013 and has gained so much popularity as the player-base keeps on growing in recent years. It is quite easy to download and is free-to-play and is considered as the best example of the technical capabilities of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are a remarkable number of customization options that allow you to modify exo-armor and weapons. 

  • World of Tanks

World of Tanks offers intense warfare that features armored destroyers across the nation. There are multiplayer matches in these games, which are absolutely massive. The teams constantly struggle to get the tactical positions by firing long-range shots, protect their allies, and flank enemies. Players get a chance to use the “self-propelled gun” as it allows taking out a great number of enemies. You can easily download it and play matches without even spending money.

  • PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is a free-to-play game that lets you enjoy some strategic battle royale actions. This base can be played on both PC and mobile and contains touch controls to let you aim down the weapon’s sight, drive across the enormous map, loot buildings and more. This game has excellent graphics, and the new update includes new missions, dessert maps, and some engaging activities. You need to whack people with a frying pan or kill them with your guns and win to get the chicken dinner.

  • Fortnite: Battle Royale

One of the most Epic Games is the Fortnite: Battle Royale, where you need to take all the players down and be the last one surviving. You get a lot of options to survive as you can create structures, walls, and objects that can help you to fight. In addition to producing your own battleground, the fortifications can significantly alter the players’ last standing at rules. 

  • Apex Legends

Apex Legends is of battle royale genre and is all about the teamwork. You can craft a team of 23 people fighting along with them to be the last team standing in the game. It has eight characters that have their own unique abilities that range from defensive moves to portal distorting all-out field gun strikes.

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Buying perfume for Mother’s Day isn’t always easy, but if you sniff around a little bit you will be able to find a fragrance that is perfect for your mom. Give it some thought and you will probably recognize whether your mother usually wears floral fragrances, woodsy scents, fresh cool perfumes, or spicy scents. You should also be able to tell whether she likes full, heavy scents or light, barely there perfumes.

Equipped with this information you will be able to pick out a perfume for Mother’s Day that your mom will love and actually wear.

A light floral perfume: Vera Wang

For an alluring floral fragrance try Vera Wang perfume. Vera Wang will wrap your Mother in a garden of clean beautiful bouquet of rose, calla lily, gardenia, and iris among a touch of subtle musks. Vera Wang perfume is not an overpowering floral scent, but a garden fresh fragrance. Vera Wang perfume retails for between $50 and $100. Best prices for this perfume are found online, so order now to have the fragrance in time for Mother’s Day.

Sarah Jessica Parker Fragrances – Perfume choices to match your mother’s style

Sarah Jessica Parker is among the latest celebrities to release a namesake fragrance. The Lovely Trio Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker offers three delicious new scents from which to choose for Mother’s Day, and don’t forget that these new perfumes are based on her wildly popular Lovely original. Now there is a Sarah Jessica Lovely perfume for any style or mood. My favorite is Dawn, for its fresh, clean fragrance. Endless is a happy, fruity-floral scent. Twilight is designed as an evening perfume, hence the name, with musky, sensual overtones. Sarah Jessica Parker’s perfumes are an excellent choice form Mother’s Day not only because of their variety, but also the cost. They are only $38 for an ounce of perfume.

A Mother’s Day perennial favorite: Escada Sentiment

Escada Sentiment has been a feminine favorite ever since its introduction in 2000. Soft and alluring Escada Sentiment is the quintessential women’s perfume. The fragrance is at once a mix of floral and luscious vanilla. Escada Sentiment retails for $50, but can be purchased from Amazon.com for $26.28.

The pure fragrance of woman: Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds

If your mother prefers a strong floral and sandalwood fragrance, Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds perfume is the Mother’s Day choice for you. There is nothing subtle about Elizabeth Taylor and nothing subtle about her perfume. It is a strong, but pleasing sandalwood fragrance including neroli, lily, and tuberose among other scents. It is a rich and glamorous perfume. White Diamonds can be found at your local department store retailing between $40 and $60.

The prices are quite cheap compared to what you get in the market because white diamonds were too expensive to purchase once upon a time where alongwith Eclatant, it has emrged as one of the best brands of modern times.

The key to choosing the right perfume for Mother’s Day is finding the fragrance that works for mom. That’s not necessarily what smells best to you. Remember that everyone is unique and each fragrance smells unique on every individual.

In the long run, your Mother’s Day perfume choice will be easier if you sniff and snoop around a bit to find out what style fragrance your mother usually wears and one of these beautiful perfumes that is along the same lines in terms of strength and scent (musky, floral, fresh).

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Renee Wyatt of American Guns is like every other mom in America who’s trying to feed her busy family the best meals possible. With such a busy lifestyle, I wondered how she handles cooking. Recently, I had a chance to ask her a few questions about cooking for her family, while handling the hectic lifestyle of a reality TV star.

Having a family that likes to hunt, what are some of your favorite dishes to prepare with game meat?

Uh oh. I am going to have to plead the 5th on this question. I am sorry!!! I just don’t care for game meat. Rich and Kurt do…I think you should ask them before I get myself in trouble! How about I tell you a secret in exchange for this non-answer? I pretty much never eat fast food, but the Wyatt family favorites that we NEVER pass up when traveling (including me) no matter what, are: White Castle, Friendly’s, In n’ Out Burger and Dunkin’ Doughnuts. None of those in Colorado – crazy, right?

What’s your family’s favorite meal?

Big ‘ol turkey dinner (think: Thanksgiving). That’s the one favorite for everybody. We made it a tradition when Kurt got his own home to have a huge family dinner once a week. I’d cook all day, the rest of the family would all leave work early and gather at our house for a full-out Thanksgiving with the works (or something the equivalent) every Thursday night. but, unfortunately, now with our American Guns schedule we can’t do it regularly any more. That’s one thing we all really miss, and something we look forward to doing again.

Any recipes you’d like to share?

Ok, this is great, quick and so yummy! Sautee chopped onions, add ground beef and brown in a large skillet. Add a packet of taco seasoning and a large can of stewed tomatoes. Add black beans and garbanzo beans (or whatever beans you like), and some water to a “chowder” consistency. Sprinkle in a packet or two of powdered ranch dressing mix and simmer for a couple of hours. Serve with sour cream, some shredded cheese and tortilla chips on the side. This is the BEST to keep a big batch in the fridge, but it doesn’t last very long!

With such a busy family, are there any tricks you use in the kitchen so that your family can eat more homemade meals, rather than fast food?

I do what a a lot of busy moms do. I make 3 or 4 lasagnes, a couple of homemade smothered burrito trays and, say, a dish or two of stuffed shells and freeze them. That way when our week gets crazy I can always pull out a healthy home cooked meal that I had ready to go, and nobody is the wiser.

What cooking advice would you offer busy moms?

Make pasta sauce from scratch and freeze in muffin pans or ice cube trays over night. Then transfer to zip lock bags for storage. That way when you are ready to make some quick italian food you can grab just whatever amount you need. You can also check more tips here.

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If you have begun seeing an acupuncturist, you are not alone, many people are joining you in getting acupuncture treatments to help with different health issues. Another thing that you will discover, or if you haven’t, this article will help, is that you want to change your diet so as to get the most benefit from your acupuncture treatments. If you choose to begin eating a healthy diet, you will discover that doing so is helping your acupuncture treatments to be more effective. You may also discover other health problems begin cleaning up seemingly on their own.

The best way to view acupuncture is as a way that you can have a completely new life that is healthier. You will discover that when you change your diet to a more healthy one, you will feel better and this in turn may help you to live longer and be happier.

Before beginning any new diet program, you should consider speaking to your doctor about the effects that such a change of diet will have on your body. You can also ask your acupuncturist to help you with your new diet. Both will be able to suggest foods that will be of the most benefit to you. It is important to be sure and check with your doctor before incorporating any major changes into your diet so you can be sure that you are including all the foods your body needs to operate at optimum levels. If you become tired, get weak, or even ill, you need to contact your doctor about what you can do to feel better. There may be foods you need to eliminate or add to your diet that can make you feel better. You can also talk to your acupuncturist as well. The role of prebiotics products will be vital for excellent nourishment for the body. A contact can be established to the experts and professional to get the effective results with the products. If necessary, there can be changes in the regular diet of the person. The prices can be considered at the official websites to spend at the product. 

Sometimes acupuncturists will prescribe herbs in addition to diet changes. He or she may make a tea for you, or have you swallow a pill that is an herbal supplement before starting your acupuncture session. It is important to tell your acupuncturist all of your allergies and what medications you are taking because some herbs can react badly with prescription and even over the counter meds, particularly if the medication is a derivative of the herb your acupuncturist wants you to take. In this case you could suffer from an accidental overdose. Herbal medication can be very helpful for some conditions, but it is important to be smart about taking it.

Using a combination of diet, herbs, and acupuncture can help you to digest your food better. It can help your body in using the food you eat in the best way possible so that you get the most good nutrition from it. One technique you can try is to chew your food slowly and thoroughly before swallowing it. If you do this instead of eating large bites as fast as you can, you will not only get better nutrition from it, but you will get full more quickly and this may help you to lose weight if this is a goal for you.

With regards to diet and what you eat, you will want to talk to your acupuncturist to find out what changes you can make in order for you to get the best benefit from your acupuncture appointments. Whether or not your acupuncturist has some changes to make to your diet, you can still also talk to your doctor as well to get ideas. Eating a healthier diet will help make your acupuncture appointments more effective, in addition to making healthier and happier.

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Okay, I admit it; when Duke’s Shavlik Randolph and Arizona’s Chris Rodgers enter the NBA Draft early, something is amiss. However, does the NBA need an age limit just because these college students suffer from delusion and make poor life choices? College students make poor decisions every day; why should student-athletes be exempt? Or saved?

In an article last month on the worldwide leader, Dookie V. wrote:

Hoops at the highest level are hurting with so many young, unprepared kids coming into the league. And college basketball is being hurt by talented players’ not coming to campus. You can check it out by following this link here.

Excuse me? Dookie V. hyper-ventilated on national television, sweating profusely as he attempted to break the world record for superlatives, after the “greatest 48 hours in college basketball history,” which occurred roughly two months ago? Did his antics cut the oxygen flow to his brain, causing short-term memory loss? After the greatest tournament in recent memory, why do the pundits insist a change is needed? The 2005 NCAA Tournament was freaking unbelievable, yet these pundits think a change is necessary?

And, what’s wrong with the NBA, except the occasional Piston/Pacer slugfest? For the first time in years, there is not a prohibitive favorite to win the championship. Scoring has increased, more teams are playing an up-tempo style, the talented players are just entering their prime (Kobe, TMac, Duncan, KG, King James, etc.) and more coaches are allowing players to make plays, instead of coaching like Rick Carlisle and dictating every possession of the game; even Jeff Van Gundy spurned a timeout at the end of Game 2 and allowed TMac to drive and hit the game-winner. The Suns are flying, the Sonics are shooting, the Rockets are scoring, the Heat is dominating even without Shaq and the Pistons are ready to repeat. Honestly, when was the League better? Not in my thirty years on earth.

Sure, the Lakers/Celtics rivalry was great and saved the league, and Jordan’s dominance was brilliant, but the 2005 play-offs feature retribution (Jerome James vs. the Kings), and MJ cameo (TMac vs. the Mavericks; Dwayne Wade vs. the Wiz), a rivalry (Tyson Chandler vs. Brendan Haywood; Pistons vs. Pacers), a breakout performance (Andres Nocioni), and sensational first-round match-ups; has the Western Conference ever seen four first-round series so intriguing and evenly matched?

How would putting professionals-in waiting into the college ranks add to the excitement of the 2005 NCAA Tournament, which featured West Virginia’s run, the Vermont and Bucknell upsets, the Elite Eight comebacks, the Tar Heel coronation, Salim Stoudamire’s jumper, TJ Sorrentine’s three-pointer, Rashad McCants’ block, Marvin Williams’ put-back and the flawless overtime period in the West Virginia vs? Wake Forest barnburner?

I have yet to hear a persuasive argument in favor of it. As evidenced above, the level of play and excitement could not be any higher in the NCAA Tournament or NBA playoffs. However, these three reasons are often mentioned as reasons the NBA needs an age limit:

  1. The young players are ruining the game. Yup, LeBron James is a bad thing for the league. The play-offs have been dominated by nothing but young players (aside from Steve Nash and Ray Allen). Young players like Dwayne Wade and Amare Stoudamire, have stolen the headlines. Beyond Bron-Bron and the other precocious play-off performers, ESPN Insider John Hollinger looked at this year’s rookie class, and the u-20’s are basically even with the over-20’s in player efficiency ratings, meaning those the age limit would prohibit did no better or no worse on a whole than did those who would be allowed into the league.
  2. Young players are taking roster spots from veterans. A stupid argument. If Ndubi Ebi wasn’t sitting on the end of the TWolves’ bench growing mold, he’d be replaced by another player on a rookie contract. His spot would not be filled by a veteran; it would be filled by a different rookie, likely someone earning a living in Europe now after being selected in the second round of the 2003 NBA Draft, somebody like former BYU and Atlanta Hawk Travis Hansen (picked 37) or Jerome Beasley (33), formerly of the Heat. An age limit would help these four-year players earn guaranteed rookie contracts; it would not provide more roster spots for veterans.
  3. Young players lack fundamentals. In the rookie class, u-20’s and over-20’s are roughly even in shooting efficiency. Un-drafted free agent Matt Bonner is #1, followed by Andre Igoudala, Al Jefferson and Dwight Howard. International players Beno Udrih and Nenad Kristic are #5 and 7 respectively, sandwiched around Jameer Nelson.

The problem is not the age of player’s entering the league; the problem is NBA GM’s ineffectively evaluating talent (2nd Round pick Chris Duhon is Example A from this draft, while un-drafted Marquis Daniels is Example A from the 2003 Draft), NBA teams drafting unknown European teenagers who don’t play in the top divisions in Europe and teenagers getting poor advice from those close to them.

European players regularly pull-out of the NBA Draft if they do not have a First Round guarantee; why shouldn’t American teenagers approach the draft in the same manner? Of course, European teenagers have the use of an agent, and the pull the agent can exert, while American players cannot use an agent if they desire the option to return to college.

Maybe the answer is not an age limit, but an opportunity for American teenagers to more accurately judge their draft position before making the decision. Possibly, the answer is a more developed minor league system for the NBA.

The answer, however, is not an age limit that prohibits qualified players from entering the league, while aiming to protect GM’s and scouts from their own poor judgment. College should not be viewed as a minor league system for the NBA, and increasing the number of players paying lip service to a college education is not positive.

College is not for everyone. Not everyone pursues a college education. Why force a talented basketball player with little interest in college classes, to attend college for two years before entering the NBA? Or, as Hollinger proposes, why force teenagers to pursue professional careers in Europe for two seasons before entering the League?

This is a knee-jerk reaction to popular perceptions that are not grounded in rational thought or legitimate reasons. Age is only a number; let the talented players play. If someone makes a poor life decision, life happens. Allow him to learn from his mistake like thousands of other college-aged people.


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Offering to bring a friend or family member’s dog into your home to care for it while the owners are on vacation or away for business is a very thoughtful and kind gesture. While many dogs do just fine in a boarding facility or having someone come into their home to walk and feed them, staying in a home with a company instead of spending many hours alone or in a pen is often the best solution. While granting this favor, you may be concerned about your own dog’s comfort and peace in this time of upheaval. This article will offer ways you can maintain your own dog’s happiness and reduce their stress while dog sitting.


How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Keep A Close Watch. Dogs are very territorial and feel the need to establish dominance over each other. Though your dog and the dog you are pet sitting may have always gotten along in a neutral location, taking that dog into your home and showing affection for it may cause your dog to become anxious and react accordingly. Likewise, the dog you are caring for may be confused and think this is their new home. This may cause the visiting dog to feel the need to establish it’s placed in the hierarchy. This can lead to aggression between the dogs and possibly result in injury. By being vigilant and not leaving the dogs alone together until they become comfortable, you can reduce the chances that the dogs will have an altercation.

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Stick To Your Dog’s Regular Schedule. By keeping your dog’s feeding and walking schedule in place, you will go a long way towards keeping your dog comfortable and secure during this time. Your dog needs the security of their regular schedule as well as the assurance that they are your top priority even while another dog is visiting. The last thing you want your dog to feel is that they are being replaced and shunted to the side.

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Maintain Your Dog’s Normal Privileges. Although you may feel that you should give the visiting dog all the perks of the home to make them feel most comfortable, it is far more important to ensure your own dog’s happiness and security by allowing them the privileges they normally enjoy. You don’t need to allow the dog you are a pet sitting to snooze on the couch if you provide a cozy and comfortable bed for them on the floor. If your own dog normally enjoys this privilege, do not take it away in favor of the other dog. This will be confusing and hurtful to your dog and likely lead to aggression between your dog and the one you are pet sitting. Here, Bark Collar for Small Dogs can help you as you try to move around with them. 

How to Keep Your Own Dog Happy when Dog Sitting Someone Else’s: Give Extra Attention. Some extra cuddles and petting to remind your dog that they are still number one in your heart will make the pet sitting experience go much smoother and keep your dog happy and secure for the duration.

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