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Remember the days of childhood when you used to play video games of the best order ranging from super Mario, Dangerous Dave the Hunter, Swat Kats, Contra, Ninja Roberts, etc. to name a few.

Those were the days when there were no mobile phones, laptops or Xbox 360 and even PlayStations weren’t as prevalent and only found in the rich’s house and that is probably the best period of life that makes everyone teary eyed with nostalgia.

This is a feeling that every 80s and 90s generation kid would get as the vibes are so strong that they never cease to bring a lump to their throat and tear to their eye, something that the new millennial generation can never have the privilege of experiencing.

New Age Phenomenon

The aforementioned times don’t mean that the new gen kids on the block don’t have anything to boast of as most of them have reached adolescence and they have their own Pokemon Go to boast of that they used to enjoy with pleasure and still continue to do so.

Pokemon was launched in 1997 and has quite a history to it but it couldn’t sustain itself at that time due to the massive presence of the games mentioned above that continued to rule the roost for another decade and a half or so.

Everyone is going to have their own favorite Pokemons and the list is too long to be covered up in one article but the most important ones are Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Wigglypuff, Vulpix, Psyduck and many others.

Then came the TV series on cartoon network in the early 2000s where Ash Ketchum, alongwith his friends Brock and Misty Williams is out on a quest to find the Pokemons to keep them safe from the villains of the story Jessie, James and their cat Meow.

Pokemon is the Japanese term for Pocket Monsters launched by the eponymous media franchise in the hopes that it would become popular like its video games counterpart and sure it did which is why it becomes important to mention about some important codes to crack in order to attain success in the game.

Go Fest

If you’re a Pokemon fan then you must know about the Pokemon Go Fest that takes place every year and all the fans start looking forward to the Battle Tasks in the hopes of getting the best Pokemons in the game which is how you move forward with the levels ahead where the challenges keep growing with each milestone being achieved.

However, you can have it easy with the Summer of Galaxy Clothing Code and finish the game earlier for which you need to create your own pokemongoaccshop as it is the official USA account found on Samsung’s official website.

Next, you enter your e-mail address and ZIP code following which Samsung will send you a welcome mail on your account and you have to verify it.

Once this is done, you will see the Summer of Galaxy page with the ‘View Details’ option on the right hand side for Pokemon Go.

Just click on it for the Pokemon rewards after which the redeem code will be sent to your inbox and you click on the Redeem now link, which is the final step to complete the levels with ease.

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Ptc sites are actually called Paid to click sites. Because in Ptc sites you earn money when you click on ads provided by the site. So you are getting paid for clicking. This is the reason why this kind of sites are called Paid to click sites. Most Ptc sites are free to join. However, in my knowledge there is no Ptc site that would ask you to pay before you join and start earning through them.

To earn money only for clicking on ads for a certain amount of time is definitely the easiest way to earn online and when it comes for free., there is nothing else to say. Usually those who are just a beginner and want to earn online would like to use Ptc sites. Now the matter of fact is that most of the ptc sites are scam. If you join those sites, you would only waste your time, but will not earn anything. So i started writing this article to give you some basic informations that you should check before you join any Ptc sites to earn money.

First of all, i would suggest you to read reviews about the Ptc sites you want to join. This is what i learned from my experience that you should always read some reviews. If you search Google, you would find lots of reviews about lots of Ptc sites. When i first started with Ptc sites to earn money online, i used to join all the sites, i would find. So obviously the result was bad. In most of the Ptc sites, i did not get paid. Aside from choosing the right Ptc sites, it is also important to arm yourself with some helpful strategies on how to make more money online. Douglas Williams Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review will help you achieve it.

Now let me tell you what you can to find out some best Ptc sites. Search Google with the keywords “Best Ptc Sites”. You will get some result. Now point out what are the sites, you want to join. Suppose, it is Neobux. Now go to Google Image search and type “Neobux Payment Proof”. You will surely get good number of results. Now only believe on the proof which is a screenshot. Remember that you should get at least five to six proofs. Don’t join any Ptc site depending on only one proof. Now read some review about the sites and make your decision. Make sure that Ptc sites you want to join have the facility of forum. If there is a forum, you can use it to meet other members of the same site and get their opinion on the site. So choose some best Ptc sites in this way and earn lots amount of money. Hope the article has helped you a little.

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I have heard many insist that living in dorms is cheaper than renting an apartment during college. I’ve also heard some insist it’s the other way around. So I crunched some numbers and… renting an apartment can be cheaper, just as I’ve always expected as I went through leedon green brochure.

Let’s start with what it costs to live on campus, using my alma mater as an example. Rooms come in three price points at the University of Northern Colorado. We’ll use the middle price point as our example, for simplicity’s sake. Rooms in this case cost $3,604 a year (per person). A school year is nine months long, but there’s a month-long winter break during which you’re not allowed access to your room, so that month doesn’t count. $3,604 divided by 8 months is $450.50 a month.

So, for $450.50 per month AND per person, your “rent”, utilities, landline phone, high-speed internet, and basic cable are paid for. Now you need to eat. Most people eat (or at least should) 3 meals a day. The standard meal plan, which covers 3 meals a day on weekdays, and brunch and dinner on weekends, costs $3572 a year (per person). Divide that by the 8 months established earlier, and you’re spending $446.50 a month on food. Add the sums together and you’re spending $897.00 per month, per person.

Now let’s switch to the real world, but we’ll assume you have a roommate since you’ll also likely have one in a dorm. A decent 2 bedroom apartment can be found in this area for $550-600 a month. We’ll use the average, $575, for this exercise. With one roommate, you’d be spending $287/month/person on rent.

Most apartments near here include water, gas, and trash. You’ll pay extra for other utilities. (Let’s assume the same amenities as in the dorms). Basic cable runs about $55 a month, or $27.50 per person. High-speed internet will be about $32 if you get a deal with Qwest or $16 per person. A landline phone will run about $40/month, $20/person. Electricity, if you’re environmentally conscious, could be as low as $35 a month, or $17.50 a person. If you add in renters insurance, which is strongly recommended, you’ll pay about $10/month, depending on coverage, or $5/person.

So far you’re at $373 a person with apartment living. Now you need food. One can easily get by on $50 of groceries per week, if not less. Figure in the average 4 weeks a month, and you’re spending $200/month on food. This could be a bit less if you are able to share grocery bills with your roommate. Add all apartment living expenses ($373+$200) and your total monthly living cost is $573.

Let’s recap: the “rent”, including all utilities and a food bill, for the dorms, is $897 per month, per person. The same rent and utilities, as well as food, will likely cost you $573 per month, per person. That’s a savings of $324 per month. In both cases, you have the same utilities and amenities, and a roommate. Even if you counted the extra ninth month, in which you’re not allowed in your dorm, as part of the cost, you’d be paying $797.33 per month/person in the dorms. It’s still cheaper to have an apartment with one roommate!

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Crockpot Cooking

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For as long as I can remember in my adult life I have owned a crockpot and the Best Omelette Pans for several reasons. I’ve always worked and my commutes usually average anywhere from an hour to 2 1/2 hours one way. With that kind of commute, it doesn’t leave a lot of time for meals and meal preparation. Since soup and sandwiches get old after a while I use my crockpot on an average of twice a week.

There are a lot of recipes that require a long cooking time so those are the ones that I like to adapt for crockpot cooking. The important thing that you have to remember is things cooked in a crockpot normally don’t require that a lot of water since the meats will create some juices as it cooks.

To make chili in the crockpot brown ground beef and drain. The put in the crockpot with tomato sauce, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, and I use the two-alarm chili kit. It has all the spices and is premeasured for a full crockpot of chili so you need to do is add it. I don’t usually use the mesa flour though and only a little of the red pepper. All you need to do when you get home is cook rice or spaghetti if you like to put your chili on something. Or eat it just as a soup. I love to top mine with cheese and let it melt.

For an easy Italian chicken recipe, I put chicken pieces in the crockpot and top with pasta sauce and let cook for 8 hours. Very delicious! For pulled pork just cook your tenderloin with some bay leaves and crushed red pepper for 8 hours and then pull the tenderloin apart with a fork and add your bar-b-que sauce.

I also created a beef stew recipe that I think is very good and super easy! Just put a pound of beef stew meat cut up into bite-sized pieces, 2 cups of mixed vegetables, 3 potatoes diced and 2 cans of vegetable broth and a package of beef stew seasoning mix. Let cook for 8 hours and eat! I’ve also used my crockpot to cook corn and baked potatoes in the summer. Don’t use foil to wrap your corn in! When I tried it when unwrapped the corn had a brown look to it and it tasted funny so we ended up throwing it out. I’ve been reading where some folks cook the corn the husks. I haven’t tried it yet but intend to. I’ve also make dry lima beans in the crockpot.

Those normally take a long time to cook. Let beans soak overnight and then cook in the crockpot all day. Add a ham bone or ham hock for flavoring and some vegetable broth instead of water. If anyone has any crockpot recipes they’d like to share I’d love to hear them and if anyone has cooked their corn in the husks using their crockpots I’d love to hear that too!

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Weight Watchers, for many families around the World, has become a common household name. As a program designed to change body, mind, and spirit, Weight Watchers has provided men and women, of all ages, with the guidance and support so desperately needed to lose weight and improve health and you can read more about it through leptoconnect reviews as well. In recent times, as scientific data support, Weight Watchers has changed the fundamental Points program with most recent changes, in the U.S. program, in December of 2006. As a person who is managing weight control or weight loss, understanding the changes in the Weight Watchers program may provide for a more educated decision-making process when choosing a comprehensive program.

As recently as the turn of the century, the Weight Watchers Points program allowed for flexibility in point calculations. In 2000, the Points program provided for a daily range of Points, determined by the current weight of the Weight Watchers member. Under the program, a woman weighing 170 pounds may have been allowed a range of 22 to 27 points per day with a permitted allotment of four points in the exercise which could be exchanged for food points. Under this program, many Weight Watchers members were successful with weight loss allowing for a full flex program each day and converting that flexibility into a lifestyle change. Unfortunately, there may have been more who failed due to emotional eating binges on specific days of the week when stress levels were peaked. Faced with emotional eating, binge eaters often found the daily points range was not maintained and, therefore, these binge eaters were not able to maintain the Weight Watchers Points requirement.

A few years later, the Weight Watchers Points program changed. While the daily points value was still based on current weight, the points range was now limited to a stagnant number. For 170 pound woman, the points range was now established at 22 points per day with no range for flexibility. However, to the advantage of the binge eating and emotional eaters, the new Weight Watchers Points program required the limit of daily points but also opened the opportunity for earning unlimited activity points each day and even went so far as to allow the binge eaters with some flexibility through an additional 35 points per week which could be used any day, any time. Under this program, those Weight Watcher members who could manage a points range, with a healthy eating lifestyle of 22 to 27 per day, would simply divide their 35 points and use them over a week, while those who were binge eaters found they could manage the 22 points per day and then consume the additional 35 over two or three days of the week. This method of calculation was successful but, still, there were Weight Watchers Points members who continued to find weight loss to be difficult.

In December of 2006, the Weight Watchers Points program underwent an additional revision and approach to weight loss. Under this new program, it appears Weight Watchers has now combined the new approach to daily and flex points with a new method for calculating Points Allowance. No longer are personal daily Points allowances determined by current weight alone. Instead, the new, revised, Weight Watchers Points program now takes into consideration current weight, gender, age and level of inactivity, or activity, in calculating personal daily Points Allowances. Under this new program, a full range of weight loss clients is now accommodated from those who are active to those who are not. From those who are binge eating to those who are not.

Over the next several years, this new approach to the Weight Watchers Points program will provide for an interesting change to the way in which members continue to lose and manage weight loss. For more information regarding weight-loss under the Weight Watchers program, visit www.weightwatchers.com.

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Wallet trackers are the electronical devices through which you will be able to find your all essential things if your wallet gets lost somewhere. Generally, money, passport, debit card. credit card as well as visiting cards are kept in the wallet. If you find that your wallet is misplaced or you have forgotten it somewhere then it is beneficial for you to find out with the help of a wallet tracker. Your wallet contains all the useful and important stuff and it will become critical for an individual if they have lost their wallet. Nonetheless, if you opt a wallet tracker then you can still find your wallet easily whether it is stolen or misplaced. It is highly beneficial for you because you will be able to find it easily as well as you will get all your stuff back. For getting more beneficial information regarding wallet tracker, you can also visit this website where you will get the complete information which is listed as https://whatever-tech.com/best-wallet-tracker-reviews/. There are a lot of online websites through which you will be able to get a best wallet tracker and you can also gift it to your friends and family members. It is beneficial for you as well as on websites there are hundred of suggestions available for you to find the appropriate one. 

If you are considering the online platform for buying the wallet tracker then it is highly important for you to consider all the reviews and feedbacks so that you will opt the right and best wallet tracker. Now, in the lower section after scrolling down you will be going to read about the 5 wallet trackers to find anything lost in 2020 so that it will become beneficial for you to get back all your stuff in an appropriate manner. 

5 wallet trackers to find anything lost

  • Esky Wireless RF Item Locator Key Finder:

with this wireless key finder locator, you will be able to track your wallet easily and very conveniently because it comes with wireless formation which runs on batteries. With the help of wi-fi you will be able to detect the location of your wallet where you kept it or misplaced it. as a reason, sometimes an individual forgets that where they have kept their wallet and, in these cases, it is beneficial to detect your wallet with the help of a locator key finder. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity which makes it convenient for you to use this type of locator key finder. 

  • Orbit card- Bluetooth wallet finder – smart GPS item tracker and locator:

the next wallet tracker is the orbit card which you can kept inside your wallet and find your wallet when get misplaced or if you have forgotten it somewhere. This type of wallet finder comes with smart GPS connectivity and item tracker and based on rechargeable battery and locator which makes it easy to find and detect your wallet. 

  • Chipolo card 2020 with loud water-resistant Bluetooth wallet tracker:

considering this type of wallet tracker is also beneficial for you because it is water-resistant as well as comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that it will become beneficial for you to use this type of wallet tracker in 2020. 

  • Safedome classic Bluetooth lost item tracker card, water-resistant item finder with GPS:

this type of wallet tracker card is also beneficial for you to find and detect your wallet anytime easily. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity through which it will become easy for you to track the card. not only this, it is water-resistant which means that it will not allow water to damage the card and here GPS is located inside the card through which you will be able to find the location of your wallet where you have kept it. 

  • Cube shadow item finder ultra thin tracker rechargeable battery wallet remote control Bluetooth:

this type of wallet tracker is thin in size which means that it will easily fix into the wallet and doesn’t contain too much space. 


In the above section, I have listed all the 5 wallet tracker to find anything lost and it will become beneficial for you to detect you water if misplaced. 


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The refrigerant absorbs heat from indoor air, and it transitions from low pressures gas to high-pressure liquid. Air conditioning is made possible by the refrigerant. People in different areas possibly popularly use these.

 With time refrigerant might show faulty errors that can cause multiple trouble in working, and leak detector is required for checking the error. It is great for people to pick the right refrigerant leak detector for use; otherwise, you have to get it more often. Let us look into listing to find an optimal refrigerant leak detector. 

Top picks of refrigerant leak detector!!!

There are plenty of refrigerant leak detector brands in the marketplace, but it becomes really tough for one to find that perfect leak detector for refrigerant that is optimal for long term use. In order to make the right call, it is beneficial to check out https://cozyhousetoday.com/best-refrigerant-leak-detector-reviews/ as soon as posisble. Let us look into the leak detector’s top picks for refrigerants that can be used for the long term.

  • Inficon tek mate 705-202-g1 refrigerant leak detector:

it is an optimal product that allows you to use it to detect an array of refrigerants. It is provided with almost 16 hours of working life, and d cell batteries are provided as well. You easily detect leaks due to 15 inches of the metal probe and allow you to reach difficult places. 

  • Lotfancy refrigerant freon leak detector:

it is adjustable for the most optimum state for detecting the leak for real-time sensitivity. The leak detector provides modern technology displaying a flashing light, battery percentage, three-color screen, and siren tune for leak alarm indication. Also, provided with equipped with a sensitivity of 6g/year, allowing to detect refrigerants such as r11, r12, r22, r124, r230, etc. It can come in handy for you surely to provide better technology to do the detection and to repair or replace the faulty part. 

  • Elitech wjl 6000 freon leak detector:

this lie detector particularly take 3 seconds to warm up and six seconds to finally start with checking leakage. Also, provided with adjustable sensitivity settings provide an accurate reading for the refrigerant. The 7.9-inch flexible probe is provided that makes detection easier to reach difficult corners and spaces.  It is convenient for checking refrigerant from different spots and knowing the concentration.

  • Fieldpiece heated diode refrigerant leak detector- srl8:

the leak detector is provided with a rechargeable lithium battery with a standard fifteen hours charge and the battery life longer than usual. For extra protection filter on the unit is provided by blocking the water from getting into a heated diode. For better checking of to leakage three sensitivity settings and ability to detect a leak at 0.10 ounces per year at its highest setting adds an edge above the rest. Multiple features of the product add to reasons why one should consider getting this product. 

  • Elitech cld 100:

the product is provided with an efficient design that can provide a response in as fast as three seconds. Also, it features a traditional corona sensor with an upgrade of an analog circuit. A new and better-upgraded version of the wjl 6000 is provided that makes the leak detector really impressive to pick for use.

Hence, these are some of the appropriate picks of the refrigerant leak detector to do the device’s testing on your own and save on your cost of calling out professional assistance. It is essential not to miss out on the premium quality products that can make the product efficient for use. 

Methods to check leak detector!

Getting a leak detector of premium quality with advanced technology is all in vain until you know how to make its appropriate use. We are here providing a guide for methods to check a leak detector. 

Ultraviolet dyes:

by making use of the UV dye for looking into leaks and adding it to the system. It is necessary for you to make use of the UV cautiously as UV presence may affect system performance. 

Simple soap and water: 

when you use soapy water to suspected leak alerts will make the formation of the bubbles at the leaks. It is a really simple and straightforward way to check the leak, and no particular tools are required to do the job. 

The final verdict

From the details stated above, it is clear that the leak detector should be chosen wisely, precisely taking a look at multiple features of the tools. It is great not to forget about the working hours of the tool and probe length that makes the working easier for difficult places as well. You can surely consider the products listing mentioned above, as all of them are top-rated tools for different shopping sites. If you are an expert in detection, then you can do it on yourself, and if not, then consider asking out for professional assistance. 

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Finally moving out on your own? Shopping for a place to live can be just as important as getting the right shoes. You will be living in it every day – or at least most of the time – for the duration of a lease or rental agreement. Sometimes the fine print can put you in a bind, especially when you don’t know what to look for.

Move In Specials

Many complexes offer move in specials. These are special rates aimed at making the move more affordable. Sometimes they will provide a reduced security deposit or a free month of rent. Although these can be enticing, it is important to shop around for the best overall rate. Even a move in special can be more costly than the average requirements. For example, many apartment managers require security deposits along with a down payment on rent and possibly even an upfront fee to check your credit. Others may not require as much. It is important to find out what each place requires before signing any documents. With the purchase of the flat at Penrose, the information about the Penrose price should be suitable. A comparison can be done to get the correct information about the apartments available at the location. There will be fulfilling of the demands and need within a budget.

Utilities Included

Before deciding on a rental agreement that includes utilities, determine how much water, electric and gas you will actually be using. If you are moving in with roommates, it might be best to find an apartment with utilities included because it will help you split the cost evenly according to the price of rent. However, if you are living on your own or with only one or two others, you may be better off paying your own utilities. Many rentals jack up the price of rent to cover utilities expenses far over the amount you are likely to use. An easy way to make the decision is to ask your parents for help calculating how much utilities you were using in their home. (Chances are they can tell you without much effort). Its likely the cost of paying your own is a fraction of the cost of a rental with them included.

Size Matters – But Not That Much

Sometimes rentals seem more enticing when they are priced according to size. It is important to ask a lot of questions. Many places charge according to the number of bedrooms, even if the actual size of the unit is not substantially larger. On the other hand, the price difference between the number of bedrooms is usually pretty standard. If you opt to pay a bit more for a place with a spare room, you might be able to save a lot more in the long run if you gain a roommier later.

Parking/Mail Box/Rate Increases (AKA Hidden Fees)

Some rentals might charge for a parking stall or permit, a mail box or even an apartment key. This can be a costly and unexpected last minute expense that gets a lot of renters in a bind. When visiting with the leasing office, ask if there are any other required expenses other than rent. This could save you the hassle of getting involved with many charges that can otherwise be avoided.

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There are varieties of outfits available for people who love to wear different kinds of clothes. Everyone has its own cloth choice and designer wear styles. In this era of fashion, the most trending casuals are printed t-shirts. Printed t-shirts are adapted well by this generation’s all modern boys and girls. These are the most relaxing and reliable outfit to wear and requires no special care when it comes to washing.

If you are a resident of Singapore and looking for some advanced cool t-shirts to wear that won’t make you uncomfortable and fully comfy, this is the right place you have visited. This article deals completely with t shirt printing singapore and will describe each detail that is necessary for you to know while buying. Here the procedure of t-shirt printing with different methodologies is discussed. There are pros. And the cons. Of each method. Also, we will suggest you how to judge the best quality printed t-shirts for yourself to buy!! Let us learn more.

How to get my T-shirt Printed in Singapore?

The t shirt printing singapore is now a quite common practice followed by many industries presently. The people of Singapore love comfy t-shirts that are neither too fashionable nor too dull. Some of the reputed companies have their websites online that describe in detail their printing strategies, offer jobs, and tell about the services they offer. Some of them include:

  • Live printing
  • T-shirt customization for the gift ideas
  • Printing the logo

What are the different types of T-shirt printing methods?

There are present distinct printing strategies for a different kind of cloth material and also, based according to the people’s choice of printing. These printing methods are mainly of six types namely-

  • Screen printing
  • Dye sublimation
  • DTG technique
  • Heat press printing
  • Vinyl cutting
  • Hand and spray painting or airbrushing

Printed t-shirts online in Singapore

These printed t-shirts are mainly bought from online stores. The online stores contain both local as well as branded printed t-shirts. However, the quality cannot be judged online, and sometimes people’s unsatisfactory level has been seen through their reviews and ratings. The branded ones are less likely to contain any issue as compared to the local ones. Apart from this, these t-shirts are available in moderate price rangers, neither too high nor too low, making for all customers to be affordable.

At last, I would like to conclude with the fact that t shirt printing singapore is a newly rising business here. The concept of t-shirt printing used by the industries is quite easy and simple to perform. It is advised to choose a company that offers the best quality printed t-shirts by looking at the reviews as the danger of color fading, and low-quality material can be an issue. There are many reputed brands in Singapore offering high-quality t-shirts manufactured for their customers. These are not priced at the high range and are affordable and worth it to buy from both online and offline stores.

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Are you a fan of fishing practices? If yes, then you must be passionate about having a boat or maybe having one of your own. To enhance the boating experience, it is better to consider for better motor such as trolling motor. When you are considering to buy the trolling motor, then make sure you consider for boat weight essentially.  

We are here starting from the basics of the trolling motors and understanding regarding mounts. If you find yourself passionate about boats and fishing, then continue the article’s details mentioned below.

Different types of the mount in trolling motors!!

There are mainly three different types of mounts in trolling motors that is bow, transom and engine mount. When talking about the different types of mounts, then make sure you are considering both advantages as well as disadvantages.  So let us deep into each one of them for a better understanding of them. So let us deep into each one of them for a better understanding of them.

Transom mounts:

you would be familiar that for smaller boat transom mounts are considered optimal as compared to others. The installation of this one is easier than bow mount motors. Bow mounts require a plate to be drilled on the bow of the boat, whereas transom mounts are easily attached to the boat’s stern with a simpler clamp. If you are a beginner, then transom mounts are much easier to operate from the back of the boat; also, it doesn’t clutter up with a deck with foot pedals or cords that is common to happen in bow mount. The easier installation and pocket-friendly budget make it appropriate for beginners.

Bow mounts:

if you are familiar with boats for a long time, then you would know that bow mounts are one of the most popular types of trolling motors for expert fishermen with medium to large mediums.  If you are looking for better control on your boat, then consider for bow mounts that have this particular advantage. Bow mount pulls the boat through the water as opposed to pushing it, so in adverse situations, it can be proven to be really helpful. Those focusing on the maneuverability must pick this one as it is a premium choice. However, these bow mounts are expensive as compared with the transom mount. The precise boat control, attractive feature, and further options to operate makes it optimal surely. 

Engine mount motors:

the motor name implies as the cavitation plate of an outboard motor. These engine mount motors are convenient for the higher requirement of thrust as the boat is steered through the outboard motor. The trolling motor is mounted directly to it. With the help of a wired remote, you can keep a check on thrust settings and motor direction easily surely.  For a multi-purpose boat engine, mount seems the optimal option surely, especially when there is no room for the traditional motor. A motor would be submerged when the submerged engine goes off. It is a convenient and space-saving mounting location that adds to listing why one should go for this particular mount. 

The summary

In summary, we could easily understand that different mount of trolling motors are convenient but also have setbacks. Additionally, the size of the boat and weight plays a significant role in deciding which one is more convenient mount for the boat. Only one can make a choice for understanding what kind of features they expect from their ideal mount and learning how it is better to choose. For a complete beginner, transom mount would be convenient and others for medium to large boats. to know more about the mounts visit https://trollingmotorsguide.com/bow-mount-vs-transom-mount.

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