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Summer without air conditioning can be brutal. Whether your house doesn’t have air conditioning, you can’t afford to turn it on, or you’re going without to save energy, a hot summer doesn’t have to be miserable. Here are ways you can survive a hot summer without air conditioning.

Dress for comfort, not style.

Don’t make yourself miserable by worrying about silly things like whether your arms are too flabby for that sleeveless shirt. Spending the summer without air conditioning means you’ll end up showing some skin sooner or later. Don’t be shy, be comfortable.

Also, stick to light colors that don’t absorb heat, and choose natural, breathable fabrics over synthetics.

Spend time outside.

Let your body get used to being warm. After a long winter or damp spring, your body will certainly feel shocked by the heat in the summer. If you are going to survive without air conditioning, you need to help your body adjust as quickly as possible. Spend time outside by walking to the store or gardening, and soon the temperature will feel normal.

Put yourself in situations where you’ll appreciate the heat later.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the heat, it might be time to take a break. Part of surviving summer without air conditioning is to take advantage of other people’s air conditioning when you need to. Chill yourself in an over-air conditioned place like the library or movie theater, then enjoy the blast of warm air when you step back out into the sun.

Water is your new best friend.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. You need to drink water to sweat, which naturally cools your body. And there’s nothing worse than a dehydration headache when you’re already suffering in the heat.

Don’t just drink water, though, but also play in it. Run through sprinklers, take a day trip to the beach or pool, or just stick your face in the sink every so often. You’d be surprised at what a difference a little water makes.

Create a cross-breeze.

Survive without air conditioning by helping the air flow through your home. Open all your windows and individual room doors. Set fans inside windows to push the fresh air into your place. If you don’t have pets or small children, take the screens out of your windows. A breezy home is a cooler home.

Adjust your sleep schedule.

If your schedule allows it, sleep during the hottest part of the day. Europeans and desert dwellers have known for years that the best way to avoid the heat is to sleep through it. If you can’t take an afternoon nap, try going to bed earlier and getting up before the sun to enjoy the cool part of the morning.

If you need to be cold or covered to sleep, get used to sleeping between sunset and sunrise.

Let yourself sweat.

Don’t just lie around and feel sorry for yourself because it’s hot. Moving around and performing tasks like housecleaning or gardening is good for you in the heat. Your body will sweat to cool itself. Sweating has the added bonus of keeping your skin wet, so when you get a nice breeze, your skin will feel cooler.

Save hot tasks for evening.

If you are living without air conditioning, don’t heat your home instead. Use the microwave for cooking during the day, or eat cold food. Do your baking and boiling at night, when the extra heat in your kitchen won’t turn your apartment into an oven.

Likewise, dry clothes at night or hang them to dry.

Eat light meals during hot days.

Eating a heavy meal causes your body to work extra-hard to digest it. You’ll sit there stuffed, wondering why you feel so hot even though you aren’t doing anything. Eating lightly on the other hand, gives your body the energy it needs to get through the day without weighing it down. Eat your heaviest meals during the coolest parts of the day, and you’ll find you have more energy to do things in the heat.

This is perhaps the best option of all as light meals don’t make you stuff up where the heat starts to overwhelm you more often alongwith an upset stomach and while it won’t give you the blaux portable ac vibes but still it is much better to make the heat tolerable.

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A friend of mine posted the following question on Facebook today:

“Should women get offended when their significant others suggest weight loss?”

Needless to say, this sparked quite the conversation. There were some very insightful comments made by several people who shared their thoughts on why women (or men) should or shouldn’t be offended.

My initial response on this is that it depends on the way the concern is presented. There are three general reasons that may prompt your significant other to suggest weight loss. It is either out of concern for your health; they are not feeling as attracted to you, or a combination of both.

Whichever applies it is still necessary to hear them out even when it hurts. Now, if it is being presented in a hurtful way, then you have every right to be offended and address them on their rudeness. However, there is a difference between being intentionally mean, threatening, or hurtful, versus being genuine about the concern.


Sometimes the problem with the attractiveness factor is we lose our confidence when our weight reaches a certain point. When we don’t feel good, it shows in our actions and attitude. Likewise, when we feel good about how we look then we are happier and more active. Suggesting weight loss may not necessarily be about reaching your prior weight, as much as it could be about reaching a weight that makes you feel confident again.

In the event that your significant other also has weight concerns, this may be a great opportunity for the two of you to get fit together. It will benefit you both by bringing you together and helping you both to feel and look your best. Remember, looks are what attracted our significant other in the first place so appearance should not be completely ignored due to the hustle and bustle of life.


Increased weight cannot always be prevented especially when a woman has recently given birth, or in the case of a man or woman who is taking a certain medication. However, it is important to take steps to maintain a healthy weight so as not to create risks for additional health problems down the line, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Another health concern, for which weight gain is an indicator, is depression. There are times when depression can lead to excess eating or other unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol in excess. When a person experiences unforeseen increases in their weight, it is reasonable for your significant other to notice and address their concerns so they can help you overcome any existing stress factors.

Weight is a sensitive topic for many of us. If your significant other suggests weight loss to you, do yourself a favor and take a quick step back from the emotion of the situation, to truly verify where they are coming from. Hopefully, you will find your significant other is sincere in caring about you and your relationship. This is why I do recommend weight loss supplements like leptoconnect. But in choosing so, you need to look for a brand that is highly recommended and is very reliable. It is better to choose a weight loss supplement that is made from natural ingredients.

If you sincerely feel your significant other does not have your best interest at heart, then the relationship likely has deeper issues that need to be addressed.

Have you ever asked your significant other to lose weight or have you been the one that was asked?

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My ex husband always had a weight problem, and over 30 years ago he had his stomach stapled. At first he lost weight. However, it only took a year or so and he gained all his weight back, because he never changed his eating habits and eventually broke the staples when he stretched his stomach out again. I actually don’t believe in weight loss surgery. Today he is diabetic and will have his pancreas removed next month. He is an emotional eater.

The best and healthiest way to lose weight is to eat only until you are satisfied and not overly full. You might need to count calories at first, just to get an idea as to how much you can eat. Eat only low fat meats along with raw vegetables, fruits and whole grains and very little dairy products. However, I never count the calories in negative calorie foods because you system burns more calories digesting these foods then what is provided in these foods.

Some of these negative calories foods are: Lettuce, celery, spinach, raw carrots and tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, radishes, kale, and string beans.

Here are some tips on to how to get off the emotional eating roller coaster.

  1. If someone in your family tempts you with their junk food, have a serious conversation with them about how you need to lose weight to get healthy and in some cases in order to save your life. Then when they indulge in their junk food, if you cannot leave the room, have your own healthy snacks ready such as raw vegetables in fat free sour cream.
  1. Take walks or work out at the gym, whichever makes you feel better physically and emotionally.
  1. When you are faced with a problem or disappointment, instead of running to food, pray and then get yourself busy doing something that makes you happy. Once you get out of the habit of eating when a problem comes up, you will eventually stop turning to food. This takes a conscious awareness of your thoughts and actions!
  1. Write down all the things you have to be thankful for, and instead of dwelling on your problems and frustrations, dwell on your blessings.
  1. Write down specific problem solving strategies for the problem you are faced with at the time and afterward do not obsess over your problems.
  1. If you are a people-pleaser or enabler, seek professional help to learn to love yourself enough to take care of your health and stop second guessing yourself.
  1. Try to get adequate sleep, because when we don’t sleep, our resistance is lowered.

  8. Try to take weight loss supplement to support your diet and system. This will help you to easily maintain your weight and figure as well. It is also healthy because it is made from all natural ingredients. For more information, you can check leptoconnect reviews online.

One of the biggest problems with emotional eaters is that we do not have adequate self-worth to feel worthy of taking care of ourselves. We often forget about ourselves when we get too engrossed with others peoples problems and then turn to food for comfort. Also, remember that this is a permanent eating routine not a fad diet. Just like an alcoholic, the foodaholic may never be able to indulge in junk food again. Actually once you get used to healthy eating, junk food will no longer appeal to you. Think of food as fuel and nutrition for your body — not entertainment.

Also, remember that once you start eating healthier, your stomach will naturally shrink like mine did and you will find that it takes less food to make you feel satisfied.

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I look forward to the fun and sun of summer. This time of year is all about barbecues, gardening, and outdoor games. The one thing I dread the most is using the air conditioner. The electric bills from June through August will give any homeowner the summertime blues. I cannot think of any reason why I should have to continually throw away money to the utility company every year without giving the excessive heat a good fight. Once the local temperature gets warm, I usually open all the windows and turn on the ceiling fans installed throughout the home. The air conditioning does not get turned on unless the temperature and more importantly the humidity becomes outright unbearable. Even at these extremes I found money savings in using the air conditioning strictly at night so I can good some decent sleep. Well there are some key steps one can take to lower air conditioning costs.

Home Appliances

Appliances are some of the biggest heat sources to your home. Do yourself a favor and decrease usage of oven and stove. Prepare more meals using the outdoor grill. If you don’t have the time for grilling out, then prepare cool dinners such as chef salads or cold sandwiches with raw fruit or vegetables. Not only will these meals keep the kitchen cool, they will also cool down the body temperature. One might even eat healthier in the process.

The dishwasher should also be used less frequently in the summer if possible. Try to omit using the heated dry cycle and opt for a natural dry. Even more beneficial to a cool kitchen is washing dishes by hand. Pick a partner to wash or dry and strike up a conversation during this process.

Walk the home and inspect all appliances for unnecessary heat. This may involve changing up old energy wasting light bulbs and replacing with energy efficient lights. Also consider a thermal blanket for your water heater. These heaters throw out a lot of heat which will spike temperatures in the home. The thermal blanket installation will also benefit you with avoiding heat loss in the winter.


The sun has a way of beating down a home’s ability to stay cool. Try and keep window drapes and blinds closed during peak sunlight hours as this will deflect unwanted additional heat. Also make sure the attic and walls are properly insulated as this will keep cool air from escaping. If you are living in a home that you plan on staying in for many years, it might be a good idea to plant a few shade trees in your yard. This will cut down on solar exposure to your roof and siding. Unfortunately you may not receive the benefit of shade trees for a long time.


Keeping cool can be remedied by changing daily behavioral habits during a hot summer day. Try and spend more time in the coolest part of the home. For many this may be the basement or lower level that is just naturally cool. You may want to designate this as your summertime hangout. If you do not have a lower level, consider spending time in rooms that have more shade or receive cross breezes. This will allow you to turn off the ac and pop open a few windows.

If the dog days of summer have you cranking up your ac, consider spending time at other locations where you can get cooled down for free. I like to venture out to the public library or indoor mall. Just before leaving for these destinations, bump up the thermostat to about 75 or so. If the weather is not too dreadfully hot, turn it off completely until you return.

Air Conditioner – Maintenance

Finally you should have your air conditioning unit maintained and cleaned for optimal performance. Those units that have not been serviced for a long time can be sluggish and inefficient due to dust and dirt covering the coils to the unit. While the technician is performing this service, also consider installation of a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to keep the home cool when you want. The cost of hiring a HVAC technician to perform such service is money well spent as you will regain this money back very quickly.

ACs require servicing every few months because they get rusted up during the winter season as the dust particles and polluted air from the surroundings gets accumulated inside so go for maintenance before it goes out of hand or better still purchase a new blaux portable ac for a change.

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Most of the social networking sites are meant for the people belonging to the certain community to meet online, exchange the ideas and make friends. Everybody has the right to enjoy the liberty of expressing himself. However, this freedom is more or less abused by following vulgarity and pornography, which is rearing up on most of the social networking sites on internet. Many religious minded people are searching for the social working sites, which are free from vulgarity and rampant pornography and like to maintain some minimum level of social decency in the content displayed on their sites. Before using any social networking sites, it is important to know the site first and read review about it. This will give you the pros and cons of the platform so you will be aware of the things that you need to expect.

Here is the list of top four ranking Christian social networking sites, which adhere to particular level of standards expected by the religious minded and socially behaved people:

  1. Tangle.com

This Christian social networking site has the aim to provide the people with a chance to express themselves and convey what they are made of. This website permits the members to share their content with others. The content is first reviewed and screened by a team of customer care representatives. The content may include pictures, videos, music or any other material. The website has a video section, which was earlier known as GodTube and is valued about $30 million and is a religious cult favorite. If you compare it with YouTube, which has been worth around $1.6 billion, Tangle.com has no match with it.

  1. Xians.com

If you compare this Christian social networking site with Myspace, it is equivalent to Myspace in size, but is basically based on the faith in Christianity. It will permit you to make friends, exclaim out yourself and make your position. You can post on the blogs and also chat with other members on the forum and get listed in different groups. There are a lot of music, videos and games based on Christianity and God. You can get a free registration for membership on this site. You can get free mp3 for some artists.

  1. Mychurch.org

If you are really looking for the Christian social Networking sites, you cannot afford to miss this site. The site is totally cantered on church. You can do free networking on the Christian churches with this site. If you belong to a specific church, you can make a website for that church, display and share pictures and even invite members to your site. It also allows to post the preaching for the Sunday service. This can be very helpful to linking this with web 2.0 collectively.

  1. FaithLight.com

On Faithlight.Com you can find very beautiful designs and easily sail through to connect with people and also share the photos, videos and audio collections. The site principally focuses on Christianity and Bible and requests made regarding the prayers. This website has well trained and devoted Christian staff to enroll the new members who can be friends safely after proper scrutiny.

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After your days of pregnancy are over, you may have not only a bundle of joy on your hands, but also a few extra pounds. According to AnneCollins.com, most women gain between 25-35 pounds during pregnancy, a healthy amount to bring the pregnancy to term. After giving birth, most women have gained between 10-15 pounds, and often turn to diet programs and extra trips to the gym to get them back to pre-pregnancy shape.

Stroller fitness, boot camp cardio training, and special diet programs designed for rapid weight loss are just a few of the top picks for new moms. Yet many of these can leave you fatigued, lethargic, and irritable if they aren’t undertaken in a healthy way. If you’re looking for a healthy approach to get results that last, here are five healthy weight loss programs to consider:

  1. Anne Collins Weight Loss Program

This no-nonsense approach to healthy eating, exercising, and weight management is a great choice for new moms because it doesn’t eliminate food groups, and isn’t a fad diet promising to make you lose ten pounds in a week. The program offers a step-by-step guide to healthy eating, exercising portion control, and keeping up with a consistent exercise schedule that can improve both body and mind.

  1. eDiets.com Weight Loss Plan

If you enjoy keeping track of meals, collecting recipes, and doing research online, the eDiets.com weight loss program may be a good choice for you. It’s flexible, and doesn’t require extensive purchases of ‘special food’ to keep up. You can track down healthier versions of all your favorite restaurant-style meals instead, and the profile and diet tools on the site make it easy to keep track of your progress. There’s also a free diet analysis and forum available that offers some interactive benefits.

  1. Bill Phillips’ Eating for Life

If you’re looking for a comprehensive workout schedule and day-by-day eating plan, this program is a great guide to managing your entire healthy lifestyle. It’s based on the New York Times bestseller, ‘Eating for Life,’ and helps you understand how to choose exercises for your body types, what types of foods you need to maintain strength to get through your workouts, and offers dozens of tips to get you through those difficult days. You can keep a journal along with this one to make the most of your experience, or use the online programs to log your progress.

  1. SparkPeople for Weight Loss

When you need a supportive community of dieters to manage goal setting, cope with difficult times, or simply get some motivation, this program offers a number of benefits with its online diet plans and healthy lifestyle tools. You can explore message boards and articles on the site, and set up your own unique diet profile to determine which meals you need, and log all of your daily nutritional counts. It’s a simple and effective way to stay on track, and the diet plans offer a sensible, customized solution to help you meet your weight loss goals.

  1. ShapeFit.com Weight Loss Programs

From recipes to weight loss articles, you’ll find a wealth of resources on the Shapefit.com website. The weight loss program can help you start a healthy eating routine with information on workout nutrition, diet tracking tools, and ways to calculate calories burned from every workout. There are also nutrition videos available right on the site, offering tips on healthy grocery shopping, cooking, and even how to shop at the Farmer’s market with success. Forums are also available, and these can help you network and connect with other new moms undertaking a similar weight loss program.

Aside from following these programs, it is essential that you have a support system for your diet through weight loss supplements. This will help you easily achieve your desired weight. For more information, you can check leptoconnect reviews online.

Eating a lowfat, healthy diet and exercising only when you feel up to it are two of the key considerations when selecting a weight loss program after pregnancy, according to the Mayo Clinic. Take the time to review different programs that can fit into your lifestyle and look forward to getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight in no time!

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Yes, America celebrates its Independence Day as they günstige böller kaufen, but in Paris, France, partially because France has the famous “Tricolore” (or “tri-color” in French, which means three colors) flag of red, white and blue, which resembles the same colors as the United States’ flag (which also has the colors red, white, and blue), the same noisy contraptions there occur on Bastille Day, on July 14.

Bastille Day is the famous French holiday that celebrates the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris on July 14, 1789, when angry Parisians hated being under the old French Republic and are glamourized highly in such stories as “A Tale of Two Cities”, the famous novel by Charles Dickens, which caused enemies of the old Republic (e.g., Marie Antoinette) to be beheaded on the guillotine at the place known as the Place de la Bastille, which is now an open square in Paris in the 11th district (or “arrondissement”, as they say in French).

Amazingly, even though Bastille Day is the national holiday for the French mainland, not every part of France sets off fireworks on Bastille Day or several days before it. Montpellier, which is in the south of France, for instance, doesn’t usually shoot off firecrackers several days before Bastille Day. There may be some public firework displays in most French cities and towns far away from Paris on Bastille Day night, but outside Paris, Bastille Day celebrations are slightly laid back. But not in Paris itself.

The actual fireworks in Paris start on Bastille Day Eve, July 13. This is akin to New Year’s Eve in the United States, where revelers had been involved in the dangerous practice of using celebratory gunfire and fireworks a few hours before midnight and also after the stroke of midnight itself.

Some people are fascinated by fireworks that make noise, which most of them do….except the fusees and the sparklers. But regrettably, people can get scared by them or even injured by them.

A typical Chinese firecracker racks up about 140 decibels upon detonation. An M-80 blowing up racks about 170 decibels upon detonation.

The fireworks will usually start after sundown on July 13.

So avoid the following on Bastille Day Eve: entrances to any of the metro (or “subway”) stations and probably every part of the metro station itself, and almost all of the open streets that are not crowded by people. Also, avoid the Place de la Bastille (or “square of the Bastille”–or “Bastille square”) at all costs. This is where most of the firecrackers by Parisian celebrants of the holiday will be lit and detonated. Because of the acoustics of the metro stations, a firecracker exploding there will echo across the walls of the metros and will probably add 10-15 more decibels to the original explosion. Now that is scary!

The type of firecrackers they use is, regrettably, the ones that are usually illegal in some states of the United States. They are mainly Chinese firecrackers, colored red, and with no labeling at all. Bottle rockets and Roman candles are also popular too, as well as some of the M-series firecrackers as well (e.g., M-80s, M-60s, etc.). Some firecrackers are grouped together with string in groups of 50, 100, or 500, for the ultimate bang. Those firecracker groupings are usually set off around Chinese New Year in China.

Also avoid the poorer Parisian suburbs, especially Montreuil, not only on Bastille Day Eve but also on Bastille Day itself too. There seems to be an illegal fireworks trade in those suburbs due to excessive capitalism and the strong gap between the haves and the have-nots. Illegal fireworks to such people living in the suburbs are cheap because they are usually sold on the black market…..often with dangerous amounts of flash powder and other explosive elements.

And even if you are not afraid of the noise of the firecrackers, best to stay around the gay balls and gay dances around the firehouses in Paris that start around 12:01 a.m. of Bastille Day. Why? The revelers will focus more on the dancing and the music and slightly less on the desire to set off firecrackers…..even if

firecrackers are shot off outside the perimeter of the balls.

And if you have pets, particularly dogs that are not used to those loud noises, keep them at home for the whole holiday. A detonation will startle such dogs so much that they run wildly to the site of the explosion, which can lead to them being hit by cars or something similarly worse….which can sometimes have very injurious or even fatal results.

Amazingly, in central Paris, most celebrants would have used up all of the firecrackers, and things are rather quiet on Bastille Day morning because most of them will go along the Elysian Fields—the famous boulevard in Paris—for the famous Bastille Day parade. The noise would calm around 7:00 a.m. to about

9:00 a.m.

But be careful after the parade, which would end at about noon. More fireworks will be shot off by consumers (so that means more firecrackers) around the late afternoon leading up to the grand finale…..the grand finale which would be the official Bastille Day public fireworks displays around the 22nd hour (which would be equivalent to 10:00 p.m.) of July 14 usually near the Trocadero or near the Eiffel Tower or the Invalides, or all three places, or a combination of the three.

Whatever you do in Paris on Bastille Day, be prepared for a day of noise……..

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Recently my oldest bought a new house. She and her husband sold their old home for a nice profit and were trying to decide what the best use of the money was as they were trying to decide if they should pay down their new mortgage or add money to their retirement accounts as well as their son’s college fund. When they asked my advice I responded with a single question: “What is the interest rate on your new mortgage?” When they told me that it was a 3.4% fixed rate I told them to fund the retirement accounts and the college fund. It was simple math. The interest rate earned on those accounts was greater than the amount spent on the interest of the mortgage. This is why it is very important to carefully choose your local mortgage broker. There are several factors that you need to consider and you need to do comparisons among your options so you can come up with the right company that will help you with your goals.

The bottom line on a financial question is generally going to have something to do with interest rates. As a general rule if the amount spent on interest is less than the amount to be earned, you go with the amount to be earned.

If their mortgage interest rate was, for example, 12% and the potential to earn from saving the money was 6% I would have said to pay the money to the principal of the mortgage and fund the accounts over time instead of a lump sum.

The easiest way to remember this most basic financial rule is that you want to PAY as little interest as possible and COLLECT as much as possible.

If there had been credit card debt involved my answer might have been slightly different. I would have asked about their overall debt load (amount of available credit compared to the amount of overall credit) and the interest rate on the cards. I almost always suggest paying off credit cards over saving the money because of the way the interest rate is calculated, the rate of interest itself and the overall effect to your credit score. In the event you are unaware, most credit card companies charge interest after 30 days which means that even if you pay the card in full every month you still pay interest. Further, most credit card companies have a set day that they inform the credit reporting agencies about your debt load.

What that means in practical terms is if they report to the reporting agencies on the 15th of the month then your balance on that day is what the credit reporting agencies see. They don’t see that you pay it off in full every month. This is not good for your credit score.

When in doubt either talk to a financial advisor or remember to pay off high interest rates as fast as possible. After that you are in a much better position to save for college and retirement.

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What would you say if you were told that certain ailments that people are grappling from everyday have a cure? Naturally, you would either be shocked beyond measure or simply laugh it off as you have lost all hopes as things are spiraling out of control when it comes to health matters.

Another important point is that the current generation deem themselves too modern and would not believe that the world is too old that has gone through technological advances in the past because it was way too advanced in ancient times.

It is difficult to place your trust on modern day medicines as they are as unoriginal as they can get with artificial substances making way for original properties that are without any fakery but simply for the purpose of ridding your body of all kinds of diseases and ailments.


One such remedy is CBD Oil that has proven to be a medical breakthrough despite not falling into the category of medicine at all and this is one of the reasons why people find difficulty in trusting such things as they have become so used to medicines, syrups and capsules prescribed by doctors.

It is because they place implicit trust on their doctors and are under the misconception that they are gods that have been sent to earth for curing people of ailments, which is not entirely the case, especially in current times as the medical profession has been misused for financial benefits.

CBD oil is taken from cannabis and hemp extracts that are grown in hilly areas with tropical climate where the weather is quite pleasant and the atmosphere is free of pollutants.

Although many people are familiar with cannabis, hemp isn’t something that they have come across or even heard of because they it has not earned the infamy and notoriety of its erstwhile counterpart as being accused of ruining many lives.

Leaving futile arguments aside, there is no doubt that drug addiction is a menace to the society but it does have some important medicinal properties that are used to make CBD oil as it is taken from both cannabis and hemp so people terming it as CBD Fable need to do their homework thoroughly before passing comments.

Environmental Benefits

To clear certain doubts, let us take a look at some important environmental advantages that can be availed through hemp plants so that it would give an idea on what to look for when it comes to a remedy.

Hemp has very low THC content compared to Cannabinoid which makes a bit more reliable to the latter and is easy to grow as it has more carbon dioxide content that makes it perfect in tackling global warming.

Hemp plants are biodegradable in nature and the products made from them are used for recycling various things that can be put to use again and industrial hemp has its own tap root that can penetrate deep into the soil and absorb the nutrients essential for plant growth.

It is also useful in making the air pure and clean that is suitable for breathing which is a much needed solution as it is replete with pollutants in current times that makes the healthiest of people fall prey to disease and ailment.

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Can you hear the bowling balls crash into the pins? Imagine the slippery lanes of your local bowling alley? Forget about it. When you walk inside 300 Anaheim you have entered the main attraction. They call it, “Bowling With A Twist.” We found out first hand that it is the future of bowling alleys and the complete bowling experience. A place you will want to share with that special someone.

Step into the crazy, cool darkness of the 300 Anaheim bowling lanes. This place is lit up by forty-one giant screens screaming with the newest music videos. Yes, there are forty one bowling lanes each with their own screen. On Saturday you can catch a college football game or the NFL on Sundays, while you bowl.

Before getting into a bowling game, you need to know the biggest difference in the Asymmetrical Vs the Symmetrical core so that you can have a general idea of what to expect when the actual game comes into play without losing focus on the target.

All bowlers are welcomed by very friendly hosts (looks like everyone is about college age). After you get your shoes and shiny bowling ball you are sent to a bowling lane where you are consequently greeted by your Lane Captain-or personal server, if you will.

Ask your Lane Captain anything and he or she will do everything in their power to make you happy (trust me when I say we put them to the test)-another bowling ball, different shoes, socks, bumpers, a drink perhaps, or some dinner. No stale nachos and hot dogs with flat soda served here. This is fine dining that you can enjoy while bowling or seated at the dinner tables right behind your lane.

Perusing through their menu, also known as 300 Cuisine we had a choice of; Southwest Beef Skewers (Marinated and served to perfection with cilantro-chipotle cream.), Thai Shrimp Skewers, Steak Burgers with fries, 300 Hearth-Stone Pizza, Vietnamese Shrimp or Veggie Summer Rolls or Thai Chicken Wings (this was just a partial lis. You can find the complete menu at their website). Smoothies, ice teas, sodas or Shirley Temples are available to quench your thirst. Your Lane Captain puts the order into the computer and her runner (the one who brings out the order) delivers to your lane, hot off the grill

This bowling alley also has professional-sized billiard tables with bar-stool tables and chairs next to them. It’s nice for a little break from all that bowling action. There’s a lounge with plush seating and another giant screen, just in case you can’t see the forty one screens at the end of each lane. A full-service bar comes with the modern lounge which is at the front of the bowling alley-ID required and taxi service available.

We were told by one of the servers that if you plan a large party for your business, the 300 has a closed-off private bowling alley for you. Just call ahead of time to reserve. All contact information is on their website. Their servers also told us that the mayor of Anaheim likes to take his staff there on occasion. Depending on how large your party is, you can “buy out” the whole 300 bowling alley for the day or night-it’s like a company picnic. On 300’s Facebook page you can read comments from satisfied clients such as JP Morgan Chase. The lanes will be closed to the public if your company reserves the bowling alley for the day.

The Free Dictionary by Farlex (Encyclopedia2) states that bowling is the most popular indoor participatory sport in the US with thousands of bowling leagues (300 Anaheim actually claims there are approximately 64 million bowlers).

According to statistics on their website at http://3hundred13.reachlocal.net/anaheim.html, The 300 Anaheim bowling alley has 47,000 square feet to play in. Prices are very affordable and late night bowling from Sunday to Thursday is only $3.50-after 9:00pm. No unsupervised minors after 10:00pm, however, even though we saw security guards walking around inside and outside this prestigious building.

The Garden Walk is right above the bowling alley with shops and restaurants and that IMAX Theater. My kids and I were lucky enough to see Transformers II there. It was well worth the price, even the long wait in line was fun. There was a live band playing in the courtyard and we were able to take in the firework show from Disneyland. And if you want to go to Disneyland . . . well Mickey is literally across the street.

In any case, I talked to one of 300’s employee who giggled when she told me, “If you start seeing videos from the 80’s on those giant screens (especially the song Closing Time by Semisonic) at the end of your bowling lane, it’s time to say goodnight!”

12 months ago
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