Obesity, Weight Loss and Fiber

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Fiber is the most important component of food that you get by adding leptoconnect to your diet plan. There is no way to stop obesity and lose weight over time without a good understanding of the functioning of fiber. Fiber is a natural ingredient that is found in most food we consume. Our ancestors lived for millions of years gathering food in the fields and forests. They mostly ate plant food and herbs, which were low energy and filled with the debris of no nutritional value. It’s the food that humans are evolutionarily adapted to digest. There is an “operating software” inherent in the human genome and triggering metabolic systems. Any deviation from this ‘software’- whether it’s more nutritious food, mechanical cultivation, high-calorie food, or just increasing the amount of food consumption over the quota of a person’s metabolic system, can lead to obesity and metabolic syndrome. On top of it, since most modern people don’t exercise, their chance of obesity is even higher.

The genetic software available to us today is a mechanism that can not be changed. But the slow process of millions of years can make a tiny change in our genetic code. Humans share 98.76% of our genetic code with chimpanzees. Only 1.26 percent of the genetic code is responsible for intellectual domains such as morality, language, and communication, and it was created more than 5 million years ago. For most of history, our ancestors were, like other animals in nature, engaged constantly in search of food. It was the most basic food possible: plants, which are crude and require prolonged chewing, along with maximum utilization of every inch of energy in it. Constant pursuit after the food was accompanied by considerable physical effort. Our ancestors have experienced long days of food shortages, and generally suffered prolonged periods of starvation. This situation was normal for most people until 60-70 years ago. Then the world changed. Now there are plenty of growing food products available, which are high in energy, and processed to the point that even digestion doesn’t take much energy.

An explanation of the phenomenon of ‘mass trapping’ visited upon the Western countries can be clearly seen in developing countries in Africa, China, and India. After many years of famine, we have witnessed dumping food ‘fast’. We’ve created industrialized, high-calorie drinks, and reducing food intake of dietary fiber. Our gastrointestinal systems are unemployed and thus prevent us from living as healthily as we ought. All these factors come to fruition in a disease called metabolic syndrome.

Low-fiber food does not need crushing and does not turn the stomach, duodenum, and intestines in the same format we used to digest our food from time immemorial. In fact, the digestive system and metabolic systems are flooded by an uncontrolled, abnormal amount of food. The food most modern people eat is extremely suitable for their biological structure, but is not suitable for the principles of food digestion and metabolism in the human body, as listed in our program guide. It is not suitable for quantitative absorption and filtering nutrients, which we rarely obtain from energy obtained from food without any exercise.

This is a malicious and deadly cycle of the modern diet: flooding the body with food, food is “good,” so the body eliminates the functioning of many-body systems because there is no need for them. This reduces the energy expenditure of physical activity.

In this situation, we see fewer and fewer people who do not get fat. Weight loss will be the most important problem of the new era.

At this time a serious conflict is forming between the hardy physiological laws of the human body and the demanding life habits of modern consumer culture defined by their economic interests. The lack of information created, paradoxically, by information overload makes the fate of our existence meaningless barbarity. If we do not change the situation unequivocally and immediately, humanity’s experiments in mass trapping will do untold damage to the human race within a short period of 20-30 years.

Are there solutions to the problem of mass trapping? Yes, and they’re simple.

The human body is a remarkably stable biological system against an attacker. The survival capability of human life is rooted in the many graded, varied layers of turnover and regulation.

Extended periods of rest require unlimited food and ceasing use of toxic elements in food, to refresh and renewal of the metabolic system.

A temporary lack of food is optimized for humans at the genetic level. This is probably the reason why we feel great and improve our health when we reduce our food intake, or even temporarily fast, compared with fatigue, weight gain, and frustration after a food flood. The process of effective weight loss is based on certain temporary reductions in food intake, a controlled, deep understanding of the process of trapping, and the constant possibility of a victory over obesity. It is a rational change of eating habits and exercise, not obsessive dieting. or exercise. It can give us a solid foundation for healthy days, a light body, a love of good food, and enjoying the pleasures of life for years.

One efficient tool for achieving these goals will be consuming foods rich in fiber.

Longevity can be the future if you live on the principles of education and training of supervised diets. You’ll receive more pleasure from food, compared with the dangers you face from it now. Weight loss and a happy life without excess weight will be the reality of future years

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