Natural Anxiety Relief There Are Several Ways

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It is absolutely imperative that we start looking for ways to overcome our anxieties naturally and in fact studies have shown that how we treat our bodies has a direct impact on our mental state.

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Our feelings are affected by the quantum of oxygen we inhale, and the quality of our blood tissues. Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to different parts of our bodies. If this tissue is in good condition, for example we are not anemic, then adequate quantity of oxygen and nutrients would be transported by it. In fact, our feelings depend upon the efficiency of the entire blood circulatory system, which includes blood. Adequate oxygen coupled with efficient blood circulatory system, ensures that we are not anxious, even unwittingly, about any health condition. Our brains too require right nutrients to remain calm in moment of crisis. These nutrients include vitamins, and some minerals and compounds that are found in some herbs. Such requirements of our bodies, if met, at the right time help us to remain calm and composed, and deal effectively with any anxious moments.

After making sure you’re healthy, exercising that balanced body can be a great way to control anxiety. Muscle stretching and weekly aerobic exercise can aerate the blood and release more endorphins, a chemical that signals “happiness” or “calmness.” Well-aerated blood helps the body remove lactic acid, a bad chemical, and bring down another barrier to reducing anxiety.

With the right diet and nutrition, anxieties can be further reduced in a person. If we take in certain types of herbs, amino acids and vitamins, they can help a lot in lowering anxiety and maintaining calmness in the brain. People prone to attacks of anxiety would do well in avoiding sugar, caffeine, alcohol as well as the habit of late night snacking.

Sleep allows the body to rest and get ready for the next day of stress and anxiety. Regular sleep habits can establish a typical resting period, allowing your body to rest the most at an expected time. Time of day is just as important as duration of sleep, so try to keep those regular. Relaxation techniques like reading or yoga can assist in relaxation before bedtime.

If anxiety overcomes a person, hyperventilation often occurs. This quick breathing actually reduces oxygen intake and causes more stress in the form of dizziness, feelings of unreality, light-headedness, and numbness in extremities. To avoid these symptoms, try to breath evenly and calm yourself to avoid hyperventilation.

To avoid hyperventilation, the easiest way is slow nasal breathing through the diaphragm (a “wall” of muscle below the lungs). Deep, rhythmic breathing can also be a highly effective natural anxiety relief treatment. This kind of breathing increases the oxygen intake into the bloodstream. People who hyperventilate typically have to self-consciously slow their own breathing, sometimes through an apparatus like a paper bag.

Since our bodies play a crucial role in managing anxiety, we do have to look after them. In simple words, we cannot expect natural remedies to reduce our anxiety if our bodies are deprived of what they need.

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