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My uncle, when he served in the military, made several friends overseas and eventually married a young woman who happened to be a practicing Buddhist. It used to be she’d have to call home to talk to her brothers and sisters, but now thanks to modern technology my aunt can socialize with not only her family but other Buddhists as well through many social networks. Here are some of the best Buddhist social networking sites, thanks to my aunt.

The Buddhist Network is great place to start and where my aunt talks to all of her family. Access to other members is restricted to members only, but you are able to read blogs and forum topics without joining. Advertisements are inconspicuous for the most part.

Dharma Net is also a great place to start when learning about other Buddhists. Lots of articles, media outlets, and even a section for teens and youth provide resources and contacts for all Buddhists across the globe. This website is top notch, though a bit cluttered.

United Buddhist Networks also has a worldwide reach and even has a place to download ebooks about Buddhism. Unfortunately, this website is very restrictive in that you can’t do anything outside of viewing the front page unless you sign up with an email account as per Ning’s Terms of Service.

Khmer Buddhist is another Ning website that takes to the world of Buddhism. Keep in mind that many Buddhists all over the world aren’t necessarily Zen Buddhists which is just one branch of Buddhist theology. The Khmer Buddhist network is a great way to get in touch with Buddhists in Asia, where Buddhism was founded.

Buddhist Community is a deceptively simple website that concentrates on connecting with others. There are over 1,300 members and the site is much like Facebook where the emphasis is on the people rather than the looks of the website.

Buddhist Passions is an online meet and greet designed for the sole purpose of dating and finding love. The advertising for other dating websites does seem to get in the way, but the website has to make money somehow. Get involved in chats, forums, and post blogs as everything is free.

OnBuddhist is another deceptively simple website through which Buddhists can connect with each other. Not only does OnBuddhist provide support for individuals but also for groups wishing to know more about Buddhism and connect with other Buddhists. Think of OnBuddhism as your OnStar version of Buddhist social networking.

The Buddhist Channel has just about anything you would want to read or see about Buddhism. From history to commentary and news and even e-cards, the Buddhist Channel is how my aunt keeps in touch with her world and her religious beliefs as the world sees them.

SGI Buddhism is a non-profit website that stresses connections to other members of Soka Gakkai International, an organization that is a brand of Buddhism founded in Japan.

The Buddhist Peace Fellowship is a network of engaged Buddhists with chapters all over the world. Find an organization near you and connect with fellow activists with similar beliefs. In order to get the benefits of socially active, the followers should be purchased from a reputed site like It will enhance the experience of the people who wish to operate the social networking site.

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