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One of the toughest jobs has to be that of web designer. Technology is constantly changing and it can be a real challenge to keep up with all of the new apps, programs, and languages that seem to appear just about daily. People and businesses around the world connect through the World Wide Web on a continuous basis. This makes the design of business websites that much more important. There are millions of businesses looking to build and maintain websites capable of bringing in major traffic and increased commerce.

Web hosting

Finding a web host can be a tiresome task, considering all of the different types there are on the Internet. There is free web hosting, paid web hosting, and hosting for different applications. With free web hosting you have limited storage space and generally have a banner placed by the hosting company, either on the top or bottom of your web page, to promote their services. Considering they are providing you with free web hosting it is usually not a big deal. With paid hosting there should be no banner ad unless you have received some type of discount for allowing one. They usually provide more storage than free hosting and offer technical support if you have a problem. You will also want to know what type of operating system (Unix, Windows, Linux,) they are using, which coding languages they support, and whether or not they allow FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload files.


The next thing that you need decide is which type of coding (cgi, php, perl, python) you will be using for the site. Again, the code you use will depend a good deal on which languages are supported by your web host. There are many different languages out there that are capable of doing many different things. While Flash programming is very popular and can be impressive to website visitors, it is not very robot friendly and could cause problems with the website being indexed by the search engines. I suggest looking into HTML5 and CSS3 as possibilities. Through HTML5 you can create a dynamic web page and visitors do not need to use a Flash plug-in for audio or video content, making for an intelligent and proficient web page. Remember load times are important; no one likes to wait very long for a web page to load, no matter what the content.

Color Schemes and Content

Be careful with color and stick with 2 or 3 colors and different shades, of each color, to create a quiet simple background that enhances the page appearance. There are all shades of reds, greens, yellows and blues for you to choose as your primary color. Shades of the same colors can brighten, highlight, or shadow the content in your design. Do not over load your page with a lot of meaningless information. Make it easy for visitors to find the information they want and need. If it isn’t easy to find on your site, they will go elsewhere. Be sure to double-check the links in navigation buttons and the like. It isn’t hard to miss one or maybe confuse a couple of them and that can make your site look very unprofessional.

Mobile Web

We are all aware of the surge of mobile web capable products such as netbook computers, smart phones, iPads and more. It is important to consider these products and their probable connection into your web design. Increasingly people are using smartphones and the like to access the Internet. Your design should embrace the multiple viewpoints and provide easy access to products and information without long load times, missing content or errors. I am not saying to build a mobile only site, just to take these new gadgets into consideration when you build your website.


If your goal is to be a freelance web designer, or you dream of maintaining your own web presents, then you will need to watch out for the pitfalls of distraction and procrastination. In an office setting you have peers to help you stay focused on the task at hand. When you work at home it is up to you to keep on track and take care of what needs to be done, through all of life’s many interruptions. It can be very difficult to stop in the middle of something and come back to it with the same mindset you had originally. Some days, it can be hard just to turn on the computer much less start building a website.

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There are many resources on the web, both free and paid. It only takes a little motivation on your part to find what you need to make your site great.

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