Mr Vyboh – Slovakian Businessman And Chairman Of Middlecap

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A holding company is a firm that does not primarily get involved in the operations of a business. It owns a part of a company, but it does not conduct business operations, ventures, and other active tasks. The purpose of a holding company is to own a company’s assets and safeguard its interests. This type of company does not get involved in the buying and selling process of the products and services, but it gains the companies’ control and ownership.

Like a middle cap with efficient people like Mr Vyboh, an investment holding company can help the companies that are struggling with the management and ownership of their assets. Suppose you have a growing business or a startup. In that case, a holding company can help you if you face any troubles with the investments in securities like stocks and shares, preferred stocks, bonds and debentures, case studies in privately-owned companies, and so much more. 

Mission and vision – middle cap

As a company, the middle camp, along with Mr Vyboh, believes in the conventional ways of conducting business activities. The company believes in employe hardworking, down to earth employees. It follows a client-based policy that helps in building long-term and lasting relationships with the clients. The relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. The company is proud to have one of the most righteous approaches in investment analytics. It provides a flexible working environment for all the employees and works with one goal to satisfy the clients’ needs. 

The company is a privately-owned investment holding. It has been operating for more than a decade. The company has its offices in Luxembourg, London, Dubai, Prague, Monaco, Bratislava. A team of 55 professionals is efficient and works in several business units. They work as a team and also excel individually when assigned tasks and responsibilities.

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