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Honda Accord GT Sport 2007 the current honda accord has partnered us through several compelling episodes but its last dance is certainly the hottest, most prolific and highly sequenced of the lotÖ weíve been promised a brand new honda accord by winter 2008 but to ensure we donít get despondent and stray in the meantime, the japanese car giant has unleashed a highly specíd, pearl white sports gt to tickle our fancy. we had the privilege of driving one recently at donnington and were pretty bowled over.

so what prompted this new, racier version? mainly customer and dealer feedback actually; apparently there was a real demand for a car with all the regular comforts, economy and road manners we are used to but also something a bit more titillating to drive with optimum performance and oodles of equipment as standard. so then starting with the engine letís see if itís achieved these aims.

now honda has armed it with a 2.2 i-ctdi engine which has plenty of pace and is well cultivated. even in low gears you can feel its doggedness but because itís so smooth it can easily lure you in to its rhythm meaning you relax and feel at ease with its response and capabilities. it loves the challenge of amalgamating uniform motorway speeds with the random nature of country roads and will even deliver 50.1mpg providing youíre not revving it like a race car or driving it with flats. of course thereís an awareness itís a big car and hence youíve got to treat it with a bit of respect and not stamp on the brakes or decide to fling it in to tight corners at a split secondís notice. never the less it has very tidy manners and the steering converses well with the axels. You can read these reviews from redlinetribe for more information. 

we also loved the accord gt sportís authoritative road position. given the well balanced set-up of the chassis and the grip of the tyres, thereís no way youíll enter a corner precariously or loose contact with the ground at high speeds. you also get a notion that its construction is pretty well glued from the time you get in and clunk the door shut. in fact sitting in the cabin is altogether a more pleasant experience and this is certainly a welcome surprise based on the lack of lustre you got in former models. theyíve even taken inspiration from their motorsport division giving the gt sport red illuminated dials and a convincing blend of would-be carbon-fibre for the dash and centre console. however the design and lay out is still plush enough to appeal to the fleet market.

as a well established model with plenty of customer satisfaction surveys to back it up, honda knows that itís doing well with its ergonomics and utilisation of luggage and seating. the driving position is also generically popular due to its many adjustments and you hardly notice the noise of the tyres or wind. loaded with high-tech yet fathomable technology youíve got everything to gratify your sit back and relax nature from voice-controlled sat nav thtough to cruise control, bluetooth connectivity and a 6 cd changer.

so far, so good but there must be a few turn offs? maybe the price but then if you want a car with plenty of gadgets and quality materials then youíre going to pay a bit more for it. as far as looks go, the new vw passat is still that bit more stylish and sexy although with its fresh paintwork and tinted glass the accord is surely moving in the right circles and is bound to get noticed.

compared with the new 2.5t mondeo with its sportier face-lift the sport gt is marginally more expensive but it also offers a more exclusive standard equipment package. the mondeo then again has a delightfully potent engine but it isnít quite as economical as the honda. placing the accord sport gt side by side the vauxhall vectra and you may think the european model gives you more value but once you compile all the stuff you want on vauxhallís options list, it soon adds up. the vectra drives well however and is very refined together with being environmentally conscious but the accord sport gt is a unique spin off for honda and therefore holds more aesthetic appeal.

the top spec toyota avensis model is another temptation with its very generous equipment and reasonable running costs. it also has a well weighted chassis and direct steering which together with its solid, safety conscious frame puts forward plenty of reasons to sway you. on the flip side the avensis is not as inspiring to look at and itís not quite as punchy or quiet as the accord. the mazda6 is another option you may consider, especially the flagship mps which looks a lot meatier than the accord sport gt and also has plenty of pulling power. it will cost you over £2,000 extra for the privilege though and tends to be a bit more thirsty too.

so there you have it; the gt sport easily stands up to the digs from its rivals and its ratings are not only expected to be high as itís the last in the series, itís because it altogether puts on a pretty good show. deliveries start in september and for £20,767 you get the full comprehensive package.

conclusion: the accord sport gt is not only a sensible choice but also one that you can get excited about due to it being stocked with gadgets, engaging to drive and of course much trendier than the standard version. if youíre someone who covers lots of miles you might as well have a few luxuries to look forward to and providing you donít go too heavy on the gas the return of miles is pretty fair.

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