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Okay, as the name suggests, this mod adds Zeppelins. And ship. And elevators. And turntables. We’ll start with Zeppelins, or airships. Thankfully, this isn’t a mod that requires you to craft engines, wings, propeller, etc. All you craft is the controller, which is a simple block, and it detects a range of blocks and turns them into the one ship. Dirt, stone, leaves, and other common blocks will not be picked up by default, but you can change all of this is the Properties file. Sadly, there is a 1024 block limit, which you need to take into account from the start. I, unfortunately, didn’t realize this at first, so I built a great ship, then the controller refused to turn it into a working airship. If you are unsure of how big your craft is, when you activate the controller it tells you the current size. Anyway, the Num Pad is the default controller, again changeable, and the usual 8-4-6-2 controls take care of forward, left, right, backwards respectively. Also, + and – control elevation, + for up, – for down. I think it’s worth noting that each time you press the control button, or hold it, the value for that part increases, or decreases, so having speed on 20, and wanting it back to 2, you need to slow down 18 times. I found it easier to use 5, as this stops all commands for that craft. Also, you can only control a craft if you are on or near it.

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Now the ship. The ship, as the name suggests, turns blocks into a ship. This is only different from the AIR ship in the fact that it cannot go up or down. Only left, right, forward, backwards, controlled again by the Num Pad. Same as before, certain blocks are ‘black listed’, so they won’t be accepted by default. A bug with this part of the mod is that when you build the ship in water, and activate it, it replaces the water with air, pretty much a hole in the water. I don’t know if this applies to all types of craft in this mod, but I am certain it happens with ships. Also, whenever I activated a ship in the water, it filled all air blocks up to the water line with water, but besides that it was pretty good. The only downside that isn’t a glitch was that the rivers are too shallow for a good ship to work, as any block on the ship that collides with another block that is part of the world, the entire ship will stop moving. To try out the ship properly, I used the seed ‘themethod’ which spawns on an island in the middle of a MASSIVE ocean biome, so plenty of room to test out turning and speed. All in all, the ship can go pretty fast, turning is reasonable.

The final machine that I found useful was the Elevator. This time, only up and down (+ and -) can be used, in good old Elevator fashion. Yet again, the ‘blacklist’ is in effect. It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out what use an Elevator could possibly be, so I wont elaborate in that area. In the few elevators I made, I had to remember to put a stopper of sorts in place to get the elevator to stop at the right level, and that pretty much worked. Glass is NOT on the blacklist, so having windows, or even a glass elevator tube is impossible, unless the landing ports are stone or dirt.

Finally, the turntable. All this is capable of is turning. That’s it, turning. 4 and 6 on the Num Pad to control direction and speed. I honestly cannot think of a use for this, but that’s just me. Actually, all I used it for was a strange black and white wool spiral to try and make a Hypno-Wheel thing.

This mod also includes a remote control. The remote works by right clicking on an activated control block on any of the machines. From there, you can remotely control the machine. If you are already on a machine, then using the controls with the remote will automatically send the commands to the ship you have connected. The mod gives each machine an ID, and uses this when controlling them. When you connect a remote to a device, you will see Remote linked. Remote for (ID of craft) . You can have multiple remotes overall, and even many different remotes for the one craft.

On all devices, 50 is the most forward, and turning, speed. Turning is left if the speed is positive, right if negative. the range for turning is 50 to -50. Up and down is 20 to -20, with negatives representing deceleration. The backwards speed is about -1, so it’s easier to turn around to reverse if possible. The middle bottom block is an Airship controller, thought it was worth a mention.

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