Lucid Dream Inducer Control Your Dreams While Sleeping

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Would you like to know how to control dreams in your sleep? By becoming a lucid dream inducer, you can achieve this goal. When we are asleep our brain producing images. These pictures which show as a movie are there from a good reason.

First it makes the brain active while we sleep and hence we stay alive. If the brain would shut our body then we will be dead. Aside from this reason, our dreams are also away to organize the huge amount of information we receive on that day.

Sometimes you might want to control dreams in your sleep because you have nightmares of something is bother you. And sometimes you would like to do it just for fun. Whatever your reason – it is possible within few techniques.

Recording our dreams helps us to have more lucid dreams next time we fall asleep

The first thing is to be aware of the fact that you are dreaming. It usually easier to people who have light sleep, they can find themselves quick between the dreaming world and reality and they actually can tell to themselves if they are dreaming right now or not, it is like being a wake in the middle of the dream – tricky – but you can practice. The best way to do is to try to dream about something you like, and then when you will dream about it you will realize that you are dreaming now.

Once you woke up inside a dream try to keep clam, relax and whatever you do don’t be too nervous because every little thing might confuse you and you will lose the control. Then try to explore the world you have created, try to do unusual things like flying.

When you decide to control dreams in your sleep it is a great opportunity to start writing a dream journal. By recording all your dreams, you can become a lucid dream inducer on the next time you fall asleep and it will also increase your psychic abilities on austinchronicle.

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