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What I will cover in this guide the main specs you should look out for in a computer monitor, I know it’s not fair to only review LED monitors, but it’s the preferred backlight technology by most companies, and it’s fully on it’s way into the market. Viewsonic announced last year that they are putting led backlight every product line.

As an active gamer and former professional COD & CS player I know the most important specs of a gaming monitor. You will most likely have to sacrifice some other specs, but there are also led monitors for all-round use.

Fast response time is very important when you are looking for a good gaming monitor, usually the fastest response time is in the TN monitors (Twisted Nematic) and they can get as low as 2ms, but you must be comfortable with low brightness, narrow viewing angles and inaccurate color reproduction.

This is also known as the pixel-response rate, and is how fast the screen can change the color of a pixel. In early LCD monitors this was a big problem when gaming, the oddity is referred to as ghosting or streaking. It’s not likely you will see this in a movie, but in gaming it’s a different story.

Input Lag is another feature that is vital for gamers, at least when you are playing games where you are sending vital information to your computer screen, if you are reliant on split second decision in your gameplay, this is the feature to look out for. Notice that vendors rarely quote these figures in their marketing and you might have to do some more research. Looking at consumer reviews might be a trick.

The core of Input lag it’s how fast the monitor responds to information you send to it. Therefore when you input a command you should be reliant on the monitor to respond fast as possible, important when gaming.

High Brightness is a measurement of how much light a monitor can produce. For gaming and movies it’s essential for a monitor to be able to produce high brightness to reflect the environment and set the score for different scenes and effects.

Old Computer, New Screen? Here is what to do

Are you buying a high end led computer monitor without upgrading your graphic card you will most likely not reap the benefits and full potential of your new screen. Most modern graphic cards support DVI output, and that’s what most monitors use for best performance.

If you have all that in place the most important thing to do is to update you graphics driver, this should be enough to utilize many of the monitor’s features.

These three features are the most important when you are gaming, reduce ghosting is absolutely IMO the most important feature, but reflecting good colors and high brightness come in second. I for the most part use my monitor for gaming and movies, while movies require some different aspects of the monitor, like black level, viewing angel and colors I am more of a hybrid kind of guy.

I advise you to take notice of these features if you want a pro gaming led monitor and make sure you do your due diligence when you have your credit card in hand.

One last notice, there are probably many great monitors with other backlight sources, but since we are great fans of led backlights, we take that as are main standing point.


 So, if you are looking forward to buy best vertical monitor for coding do not forget to check the latest features and the technology that is trending recently. Better the technology better is the experience. However, not all features are available in all the model. There are different variants cause of different features. 

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