How To Cure Anxiety Without Medications

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“How To Cure Anxiety Without Medications – Break The Anxiety Cycle For Good!”

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How To Cure Anxiety Without Medications – Don’t Let A Quick Fix Make You Feel Even Worse!

For a lot of anxiety sufferers it seems that the holy grail seems to come in pill form. In a society of quick fixes and magic buttons, very few people ever want to do the work required to fix a problem without that solution being very simple and easy.

So what’s the real problem with taking a medication? The problem is that not only are you not solving anything, but your are in fact making things much worse on yourself. When I see people talk about their prescription for the usual suspects of anti-anxiety (Diazepam, Alprazolam, Lorazepam, clonazepam…etc) they seem so filled with hope for the future.

As in: “I hope I’ll start to feel better once I get on these meds”.

I have really bad news for you if this is your idea of a solution. No good will come from taking these medicines. None!

If you think having anxiety and panic attacks is bad, just wait until you start going through withdrawals from stopping these dangerous drugs. Doctors never tell you this, but your chances of becoming addicted to these benzodiazepines are sky high!

Tolerance to benzo’s happens really fast, and the withdrawal period lasts a long time…so there is no winner!

I try to stay away from offering my advice as if I know everything on earth, but sometimes I think people need to know. People with anxiety (and I used to be like this also) sometimes want a magic button, or a quick acting pill to take it all away.

That is not a quick fix, and it’s most definitely not a long-term fix.

If I serve no other purpose on this planet than to keep people from going through terrible benzo withdrawals like I had to go through, then I have accomplished my goal on earth. If you don’t solve the root problem of your anxiety and rely on pills, you are in for a withdrawal process that cannot be put into words.

Drug companies do not have your best interest in mind. They want your money, and when you are hooked and miserable from these drugs, they are not going to be there for you!

Don’t fall into the trap of quick fixes…they do not exist for some things in life!

Want to do small amount of work with 10 times the benefit? This is the reason my withdrawals, anxiety, depression and agoraphobia are a thing of the past!

Simple. I had to put in some effort and every day I still do. The reward? I never, ever have panic attacks and I never have to change my plans or my life to accommodate an anxiety disorder.

Also, I never have to worry about what would happen if I lost my pills…the most important thing of all.

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