How Not to Be Like Those Other Women

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Have you ever wondered why some of your relationships with great men never took off, even though you felt you had great chemistry together? It seemed as though the relationship was stuck in the “casual dating” stage for the longest time. If you’ve been through this, it might be because he didn’t see you as being that much different from all the “other” women he’s met in his life.

See, most of the better men out there have met several women in the past. If for some reason he sees you as being just like the other women, he may not be that interested in being more than friends.

Not to worry – such perceptions can be fixed if you do a little adjustments here and there. Remember that actions speak louder than words, and it is precisely these actions that can make him want you – or not want you. For online dating success, your personality needs to be different from other girls. It will attract the attention of the boys for online selection for dating. You can check this out at the official site to have the selection of the right girl. It will enhance the feeling of love and romance in the life. 

“Conventional” wisdom might have told you that the more touchy-feely you were, the more the guy would like you. Well, this does work sometimes – but always for the wrong kinds of men. Men who crave the physical attention are most likely immature and rush into a relationships – which never end well.

Remember that the better men out there have experienced being with “needy” women, and they know that being in a relationship with one is going to be a pain in the neck in the long run. So they avoid such women like the plague.

So if you find yourself getting in touch with him only to ask why he hasn’t called, you may want to think twice. Just be your unapologetic honest self, and you’ll start being more attractive to the men you’d want to have in your life.

“Other” women talk to their men about their day, their problems, and what they had for lunch. And no matter how much Hollywood they try to inject in their stories, they still never fail to bore their men out of their skulls.

The mark between an ordinary man and a good man is that a good man constantly thinks about things much bigger than himself. Think business, philosophy, charity… those sorts of things. Believe me when I say that he’ll find you infinitely more interesting if he sees your affinity for the heavier things.

If he can guess what you’re going to say or do next, then he really won’t have a reason to look forward to the next time he sees you. A good way to avoid being predictable is by teasing him. Even the better men love playful women. For instance, instead of saying “I like you and I’d like to see you more often,” try saying something like, “I’m not so sure about you. Maybe we should meet up again sometime and see how it goes.” Witty remarks like that are enough to have them coming back for more.

Keep these three tips in mind, and he’ll never see you as just like the “other” women.

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