How Drew Barrymore Keeps Herself Fit

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Drew Barrymore is known as the sweet and vibrant member of the infamous Charlie’s Angels. At the beginning of her career, Drew was on the “healthier” side – a little chubby in the cheekbones – but no doubt one of the newest and loveliest faces in the movie industry. Today, she’s 38 years old and happily married to Will Kopelman, an Art Dealer. Just last year, in September, Drew Barrymore became a first-time Mom when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she named Olive.

So what happened after? Did she gain so much weight? And what is she doing about it? Is Carbofix reviews has a helping hand in it?

Drew Barrymore on Losing Weight

She’s not so much into it really, like most stars. She told a lot of magazine writers and TV talk show hosts that she’s not in a hurry to loose all the weight she gained during her pregnancy. Of course she wants to be healthy and fit but she’s not all “gaga” about doing it too soon. She said she wants to enjoy her moments with her daughter Olive and losing weight is not really a priority at the moment.

Drew Barrymore’s Diet Today

When Drew said losing weight is not a priority right now, what she meant was that she’s not going to lose her peace of mind simply because of her weight issues. But she is doing something about it, only not in the normal way most celebrities do right after they give birth.

So what is she eating (or drinking) to keep healthy and fit? She calls it the Glowing Green Smoothie by her friend Kimberley Snyder. Drew is also following Kimberley’s diet program, consisting mainly of whole foods and lots and lots of plant foods like green vegetables. She even considers herself a green drink fanatic simply because she feels really good with it in her system.

Aside from the Glowing Green Smoothie she drinks regularly, Drew also follows a vegetarian diet. Aside from the generous amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables she either eats or makes into juices, she also eats meat but only white like chicken minus the skin and steamed white fish. For energy she eats whole meal cereals like brown rice and nuts. She also eats sausages and lacteal products, but very sparingly.

Her Exercise

Drew accepts that she’s not much of an exercise-type of person, but she recognizes that exercise is necessary and should be part of a daily routine. To keep her body fit, Drew walks and does a little Yoga. She also plays mini golf once in a while.


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