How Can You Play PUBG Mobile Efficiently? – 5 Best Tips

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PUBG is undoubtedly breaking all records in video games by registering more than 3.5 million people playing the game. If you one the PUBG lovers, you will surely want to know about some of the best tips by which you can play the game better. Here are the 5 best tips.

Managing Ammo

Managing the Ammo is a critical factor in getting success in this game, and sometimes you may find it a bit tricky. You need to have all sorts of ammoat the beginning of the match until you become confident in using some of the weapons as your favorite ones.

Once you become satisfied with some specific ammo, you can release the unnecessary ones to create space in your bag to carry the other necessary items. Reloading the ammo will also be essential, and you should do it very often whenever you feel the necessity of it. You will then never find your clip low when you will be in a situation where you are facing intense combat.

Sharing is important

You will always enjoy looting with your teammates. It will be beneficial for the game as well. However, there is no profit in keeping many items which will not be used by you. Instead, you can share those items with the other teammates who are in very much need of the same.

You can mark the items on the ground and inform the same to your teammates. You should do it, especially when you are sharing heals, scopes, or ammo with your teammates. Use steam alts whenever you feel necessary.

Use your headphones

By just running around and shooting, you will not be able to play perfectly in PUBG. You need to listen to the enemies as well who are roaming around. If you use a good quality headphone, it will allow you to listen to the enemies walking and approaching nearby in vehicles or on foot.

Using the headphones, you can increase your awareness, and thus you will be able to plan things properly. Good quality headphones also help you to keep the communication smooth with your other teammates.

Apply third-person gameplay

You should adopt a third-person gameplay style. You will not attack your enemies directly in that case. You will wait for your enemies to approach. You can remain undercover at that time. When you see that your enemy is looking vulnerable, then only you should attack.

It is one of the critical factors to get success in this game. You need to learn this mechanism. Once you know it, then you can handle a complete squad by yourself. With third-person mode, you will always get a better view of the overall environment. You can use steam alts at any point in time.

Get a good network connection

It is essential to choose a stable network connection that will give you the experience of smoothly playing this game. You can do a speed test, and you should avoid playing the game when you see that the network connection is unstable. Rather than using a mobile network, it will always be an excellent decision to use the Wi-Fi connection because it will provide you a stable internet speed.

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