Herbalizer vs Volcano Vaporizers

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Both the herbalizer and the volcano vaporizers fall under the desktop classification of vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers are usually known for their bulkiness, conspicuous nature and the fact that they do not suite the lifestyles of many vapers. But nevertheless, desktop vaporizer offers the best experience you can ever have while vaping. They offer you room for temperature adjustment down to the last millimeter, you can also adjust the strength of your clouds…hmm!!! Interesting I must say. The portable vaporizers cannot in any way other than size and discreetness compare itself to the desktop vaporizers. The only challenge with the desktop vaporizer is that they are very expensive and mostly not for low budgets.

One of the greatest challenges that I do encounter while reviewing vaporizers, is having to make comparisons between two very amazing and quality vapes. When I made my first review comparison between the pax 3 and the davinci IQ, I was caught up between the devil and the deep blue sea. Well I certainly couldn’t stay neutral for long. In same manner I would be making comparisons between the herbalizer and the volcano vaporizer……I guess I should take a deep breath.

Both the herbalizer and the volcano are on top of their game when it comes to vapor quality and vapor density. But there are some difference and also some uniqueness between these vapes. Firstly Let’s take a look at the manufactures.

The Volcano vaporizer was manufactured by storz and bickel, same fathers to the mighty and the crafty vaporizer. The storz and bickel are known to always manufacture vapes with very high quality and the volcano is not an exception. The volcano has remained on the top as the best desktop vaporizer for over a decade not until the herbalizer dropped from the desk of the NASA ex-boys. Now these two are ranked as the best vaporizers in the world.

Both the herbalizer and the volcano vaporizer produces virtually same vapor quality with absolutely no degree of harshness in the vapor. The clouds produced by them are equally phenomenal in size and quality, far more than what is obtainable with portable vaporizers. When it comes to efficiency, both vaporizers would get a plus but the herbalizer proves to be more efficient considering the fact that it allows for smaller quantity of materials to be packed in its chamber unlike the volcano. When it comes to vaping varieties of materials, both the herbalizer and the volcano are known as the very few desktops that are able to do this judiciously.

One thing I love about the Herbalizer vaporizer is the fact that it heats up my material within seconds. Imagine that you are good to go in 15 seconds of heating time. That’s incredible. The volcano on the other hand heats up in a couple of minutes. The herbalizer also possesses the capability to vape materials with balloons and whips. It is actually one of the few vapes that allows you do this. They both provide balloon vaping styles anyways but the herbalizer added the whip to its vaping methods, which puts it ahead of the volcano in terms of vaping method obtainable. The herbalizer offers amazing temperature control which can only be done using digital volcano, as the classical volcano does not have such functionality.

The herb chamber size of the volcano and the herbalizer constitutes a major difference between these two vapes. The volcano has a fairly larger and wider size chamber capable of accommodating 0.5grams of materials which means you can vape with your friends and be satisfied. This does not mean that the volcano cannot use small amounts of materials. The herbalizer on the other hand has a bit smaller chamber and can hold at least half the material capacity of the volcano in its chamber.

I must say that the differences and advantages of one over the other are really not significant. Therefore what avails is that both vaporizer are the best and depending on what you look out for in a vaporizer, both vaporizers can provide you with unimaginable vaping sessions.

It seems that I am not taking sides in this comparison, it’s actually safer but if I were to choose which I would go for, I would go with the volcano and this is simply because it has proven to be flawless for many years now. The herbalizer is barely two years in the market now. You can Get More Info in detail from the linked websites and also the reviews written by the users. It is advised to buy a product with good rating even at higher price so you don’t suffer your health. 

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