Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss

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Herbal remedies for weight loss have now become popular because this is also one of the easiest ways of losing weight. Many people are going towards them to fulfill their desire of looking slim and smart. Here we will discuss about some herbs which can help you in losing your weight so here is the list below.

Tea of fennel seed

Fennel seed tea is very effective in controlling your appetite. It is better to drink it 15 minutes earlier than taking your full-fledged meal. It will lower down your appetite and thus you will eat less and the overall reaction will be your downsize.

Green tea

Green tea is also useful in making weight loss. It has no side-effects and thus you can use it in lowering down your weight. It is a good fat burner

Fish oil

Using fish oil daily will really help you in burning fat because of the omega-3 fatty acids. Due to it, your body starts burning fats rather than storing it.


You can use the leaves of this plant as an alternative to sugar. Avoid taking direct sugar and replace it with sweat leaves.

Yerba Mate

It is supposed to be effective in losing weight because it can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. It has some side-effects so use it in limited manner to get some desired results.


This seed has no side-effects if you are going to use it as a remedy for weight loss. It has a tendency of expanding in water that is why after eating it you will feel heaviness. It can also make hard for simple carbs to be absorbed into the body.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another herb which is best for losing weight. Taking a juice of Aloe Vera can improve your digestion and it is also a best body cleanser.


Hibiscus has different obesity fighting chemicals which can help you in reducing your weight. Different dietary supplements use extracted chemicals from hibiscus flower to help in losing some weight.


Through chitin, this dietary supplement is made to help you in losing your weight. It doesn’t allow fat to get absorb into the body that is why people use this supplement with their dieting plans to reduce their weight. It is required to cut down your calories intake if you want to see better results of Chitosan.


Litchi is a very tasty fruit which may help you in losing weight. It is filled with water and thus it will reduce your abdominal fat. It is free from any side-effect and that is why it is an ideal fruit to use for weight loss.

Keep in mind that using herbs for weight loss is not a total risk but at the same time some herbs can cause complications like high blood pressure, cancer, anxiety, nausea and others so it is recommended to first consult with your doctor and then try using herbs for weight loss. Also try to avoid regular intake and limit the quantity.


People generally run behind artificial and non-organic food. Those supplements which aid in increasing the speed of weight loss are mostly considered and focused on. People tend to forget the benefit of herbal solution, but they are the only ingredients which do not cause any side effect to the body. 

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