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“I tried to log in to my Facebook account today and a “pink box” appeared that said my account had been terminated because I had violated their policy of having more than 5000 friends!. I only have 4750 friends and I don’t understand what is happening. I cannot access the help center (because I cannot log in) and I am hoping you can help. One of my associates has told me that you have had this happen before and that you have a solution. Please help. I have so many business associates in FB and now I do not have any way of contacting them. This isn’t fair!”

Emails like the one above (or something very similar) come into our office quite frequently and we always reply with the same draft… see below.

“Hello, a fellow Facebook devotee. So… your account has been terminated for violating their “too many friends” policy. You are most likely wondering how this is possible. Although this exact situation has not happened to me personally (Nor to anyone in the Neworld crew, thankfully), it has happened to some of my associates and I can clarify the most likely reason for you, but alas… your account will most likely NOT be reinstated. At least I have yet to see one that has been re-opened after this sort of violation.

What most people do not realize is that Facebook takes the number of friends that you have and adds the number of pages that you “like” in order to reach their dreaded limit of 5000. Moreover, if you are also sending friend requests via the suggestion area, you must keep a sharp eye on how many outstanding requests that you have sent. This is in case ALL of your requests should turn into friends, then you must be careful not to go over the limit also.

Here is a simple example… let’s say you have 4800 friends and you “like” 150 pages. Well according to the math, you are still within a safe range… but if you also send out 55 friend requests and, over time, they all accept you, then as soon as you go over the 4851 marks for friends, and Facebook will automatically disable your account!

Sounds incredibly unfair and deceptive, doesn’t it? Well, consider the fact that we are “invited guests” in Facebook’s sandbox and we must play by their rules. Even when the rules are not clearly defined etc. This is why I have consistently suggested to my clients and associates that they simply use all avenues of social media to move people into their own website or blog by asking them to sign up for some sort of permission-based email (Quote of the Day/General Marketing/Newsletter etc) and this is where Voy Media can help all those looking for a way to market on Facebook or any other social media platform. 

We do not have any control over the social sites and we should not feel a sense of entitlement to use them. Who knows what new rules and regulations are around the next corner in any of the online networking sites? I certainly don’t! That is why I strive to convert people into MY world as quickly as possible and use these sites simply as networking tools.

As for your FB account… I have no answer for you to be reinstated. Like I said before… I have never seen it done for this type of violation. Signing up for another profile is also in direct violation of FB rules and while I will not advise that you break the rules… I do hope that if you get back into the world of Facebook that you send me a note and tell me how you did it! Good luck!”


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