Five Secrets of Weight Loss from The Biggest Loser

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Watch the show! Get caught up in the drama and personal transformation of these men and women as they attempt to improve the quality of their lives by what is always a drastic change in their daily activities. The Biggest Loser episodes provide solid instruction in healthy lifestyle adjustments mixed in with the emotional drama that is part of the reality show genre. Anyone can apply some of the “secrets” from the TV show to their own life to get many of the benefits of The Biggest Loser program.

The Five Secrets

1) Commitment to Take Action – Anyone who is very overweight knows they are very overweight. Even if you are only 10 pounds heavier than your ideal weight, you are probably aware of this. The problem is not awareness, it is motivation. I have personally heard dozens (hundreds?) of people state “I wish I was more motivated” to take action. The Biggest Loser does this with the pressure of television exposure. Who would lack commitment to comply if they were going to be on nationwide TV each week? Also, this season the contestants were weighed in on a scale placed in a very public place in their hometown in front of a large crowd of their friends and family. Ouch!

2) A Change in Habits – The “Ranch” the participants go to is a much different place from their homes and allows for a complete change in routine. Most of us have long established habits that are not easily changed. The Biggest Loser program controls the routine thus allowing for a complete dietary overhaul as well as hours of supervised exercise each day.

3) Education – What is the formula for weight loss? Diet and exercise, right? This is correct…..but wait a minute. Does the combination of diet and exercise have the same meaning to most of us? Does diet mean low calorie, low fat, low carb? Is proper exercise primarily about weight training, cardio work, plyometrics or something else? What works? How much of each? What about portion size of meals? Proper exercise performance? Health of the participants? The Biggest Loser trainers, dieticians and medical staff ensure the participants have the education for the task. Some secrets are shared with people from the manufacturer of the products.  The correct information is shared with the customers at site. With the sharing of the secrets, different benefits are delivered to the person within the budget. The education about the tasks should be provided like exercise with the weight loss products. 

4) Ongoing Effort – The contestants are a very diverse group. There are differences in gender, race, age and background The similarity, and what seems to draw these people to one another, is the effort required from each of them. The program gives them opportunity, but without massive effort to train and to work far beyond their comfort zone, they will not succeed.

5) Accountability – At the end of every show, there is the weigh-in. The scale doesn’t lie. Either you dropped the weight or you risk being sent home. The knowledge that a day of reckoning is coming helps to keep us going when times get tough. The student is more inclined to study if there is a quiz the next day. The marathoner may not feel like running in the rain early on a Saturday morning but if the race is the following weekend, he is much more likely to get out of bed and on the road.

Try incorporating these five secrets from The Biggest Loser program into your weight loss plan. If you have been unsuccessful in the past, there may be one of the items listed above that will make all the difference!

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