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THE number of Australians undergoing weight-loss surgery has doubled in five years. There have been 7500 operations in the past 12 months alone.

Figures published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development show one in five Australian adults is obese. But why do so many risk surgery when losing weight is simply a matter of diet and exercise? The answer is it’s not that simple.

Obesity in Western culture is often portrayed as a crime against society. To be overweight – when fashion dictates that too thin is not thin enough – is to be embarrassed, a figure of fun, a second-class citizen that the acceptably svelte can harass with impunity.

Such prejudice is grounded in the myth that fat people have only themselves to blame – that they could lose weight if they wanted to.

Medical research tells a different story. A person’s body weight is not merely a result of the amount or types of food a person eats. It is also determined by genetics, metabolism and other factors no amount of dieting can affect. When you will take best appetite suppressant, the risks to the health are less. The checking of the weight before the suppressant will offer the desired results to the individuals. The metabolism of the body is good with the taking of the pills. The dieting is the best method to reduce the excessive weight.

It seems that every other day brings another fad diet, yet an estimated 98 per cent of all weight-loss diets fail within three years.

If the self-appointed dictators of cultural standards and the multimillion-dollar diet industry are to be believed, the victim is to blame.

Failure to lose weight is a failure of character, although nothing a little willpower and the latest celebrity diet can’t fix. In many cases, however, this is neither true nor fair. The health risks associated with obesity are well known and, while prevention is better than cure, for many obese people dieting brings only guilt and frustration.

No matter how strict they are with themselves, permanent weight loss eludes them. For many such people, gastric band surgery has proved effective.

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