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Video games have become a serious business. Originally a niche market that was considered to service the outcast of society, the industry is now today one of the most successful financial avenues imaginable. Instead of taking a mere weekend to construct by one person working in their garage, teams of sophisticated experts in numerous different fields require years and millions of dollars to bring titles to market. Gone are the simplistic gameplay and pixelated graphics. Everything today is about photorealistic graphics, advanced artificial intelligence and deep revolving plot lines and characters. Although these progressions make the gaming experience much more realistic, the jury is still out whether these advancements make for a better game overall.

Retrospective remakes and reissues are one of the biggest crazes for the industry. While some proponents defend the existance of these classics with the demand of players wanting to relive the days of their youth, I believe that it is their solid, yet simplistic, gameplay that keeps gamers coming back for more. Nevertheless, if one looks hard enough through the stacks and stacks of video games released every year, there are always a few that pass on the super stellar graphics and the celebrity voice-overs to concentrate on what everybody really wants…an enjoyable game that anyone can play without needing lightning reflexes or an intimate knowledge of controller management.

Unfortunately, it is exactly titles like this that get swept under the rug by most of the gaming media. They have no spark which ignites the imagination or push by a big-time producer to bring the product to the forefront. Moreover, these select titles are usually released at a reduced price which immediately camouflages them in with other sub-par productions, and can easily discourage a consumer from taking them out for a test drive. Their only real hope for reaching a large number of gamers is by word of mouth, since most of these titles will never be advertised in either print or on television.

Unlike most media sites, we here at XGP try to give each title its fair time in the spotlight and are constantly on the lookout for titles that may have slipped under the radar. Recently we smacked aside the big boys to give some attention to a game that probably none of you readers have ever heard of, or even seen for sale in your local gaming establishment. Let me introduce you all to a 2002 release from Conspiracy Entertainment called Seek and Destroy. For enhancing the experience, Best games Download should be made available to the people. The destroying and success stories will lies with the plan and approach of the people. The use of the right software should be made available to win more. The level of enjoyment is great at the personal computer to have benefits. 

Seek and Destroy is one of the many games that takes place within the Choro-Q universe. Although this reference may be totally unknown to most American gamers, the Choro-Q brand-name is one that has had much success across the seas and has been in existence for many years. In fact, we recently did a review on Road Trip, which was my first personal exposure to this universe. The Choro-Q universe is one where vehicles take on the abilities of human beings and these machines can talk, think and react to their surroundings, just like any of us currently walking the earth.

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