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Today, if we make the effort, we are promised a brighter future than what was available for earlier generations. Advances in medical technologies extend life projections, not only in numbers, but also in the level of energy and vitality that we can share with our loved ones throughout our lives.

The importance of Dentistry is more than preventing cavities. The roots of teeth are the scaffolds of facial bone. Tooth loss should be avoided whenever possible, because each tooth root is surrounded by the cells which control the facial bone metabolism. Once these cells are lost, the bone loses its ability for repair and system compromise becomes inevitable. Multiple tooth loss or bone infection from gum disease should be avoided, if our goal is to maintain health. The most sinister aspect of dental disease is its silence. Tissue is unnecessarily destroyed until nature cries out in the form of pain.

Today I am committed to helping my patients enjoy life. Dentistry has evolved. George Washington suffered miserable pain and infection. Despite the efforts of the greatest minds in his day, they could do no better than ugly, non-functional “plates.” The collapse of his facial bone was so dramatic, that the pictures we see on the dollar bill required clever makeup. His mouth was stuffed with cotton because the collapse of his facial structure made him appear old and weak. Additionally, infection draining through his cheek required makeup.

For the best treatment, you should check the reviews of laweekly dental supplements. The use of the right supplement will eliminate the dental and oral problems from the teeth. The mouth of the people will become attractive with clean teeth without any cavity.

Today dentistry offers restoration, reconstruction and sometimes resurrection of compromised dentitions. Strategies of treatment should target a specific health goal individualized for each person. Obstacles, such as finance, time constraints and life urgencies can influence the time pursuit of established goals, but obstacles need not alter the desired, long-range health benefits.

We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors to actively pursue the celebrations of life. This desire to be vital participants in the lives of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren provides the energy to maintain a positive outlook and the ability to share ourselves for the benefit of others.

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