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Buying perfume for Mother’s Day isn’t always easy, but if you sniff around a little bit you will be able to find a fragrance that is perfect for your mom. Give it some thought and you will probably recognize whether your mother usually wears floral fragrances, woodsy scents, fresh cool perfumes, or spicy scents. You should also be able to tell whether she likes full, heavy scents or light, barely there perfumes.

Equipped with this information you will be able to pick out a perfume for Mother’s Day that your mom will love and actually wear.

A light floral perfume: Vera Wang

For an alluring floral fragrance try Vera Wang perfume. Vera Wang will wrap your Mother in a garden of clean beautiful bouquet of rose, calla lily, gardenia, and iris among a touch of subtle musks. Vera Wang perfume is not an overpowering floral scent, but a garden fresh fragrance. Vera Wang perfume retails for between $50 and $100. Best prices for this perfume are found online, so order now to have the fragrance in time for Mother’s Day.

Sarah Jessica Parker Fragrances – Perfume choices to match your mother’s style

Sarah Jessica Parker is among the latest celebrities to release a namesake fragrance. The Lovely Trio Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker offers three delicious new scents from which to choose for Mother’s Day, and don’t forget that these new perfumes are based on her wildly popular Lovely original. Now there is a Sarah Jessica Lovely perfume for any style or mood. My favorite is Dawn, for its fresh, clean fragrance. Endless is a happy, fruity-floral scent. Twilight is designed as an evening perfume, hence the name, with musky, sensual overtones. Sarah Jessica Parker’s perfumes are an excellent choice form Mother’s Day not only because of their variety, but also the cost. They are only $38 for an ounce of perfume.

A Mother’s Day perennial favorite: Escada Sentiment

Escada Sentiment has been a feminine favorite ever since its introduction in 2000. Soft and alluring Escada Sentiment is the quintessential women’s perfume. The fragrance is at once a mix of floral and luscious vanilla. Escada Sentiment retails for $50, but can be purchased from for $26.28.

The pure fragrance of woman: Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds

If your mother prefers a strong floral and sandalwood fragrance, Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds perfume is the Mother’s Day choice for you. There is nothing subtle about Elizabeth Taylor and nothing subtle about her perfume. It is a strong, but pleasing sandalwood fragrance including neroli, lily, and tuberose among other scents. It is a rich and glamorous perfume. White Diamonds can be found at your local department store retailing between $40 and $60.

The prices are quite cheap compared to what you get in the market because white diamonds were too expensive to purchase once upon a time where alongwith Eclatant, it has emrged as one of the best brands of modern times.

The key to choosing the right perfume for Mother’s Day is finding the fragrance that works for mom. That’s not necessarily what smells best to you. Remember that everyone is unique and each fragrance smells unique on every individual.

In the long run, your Mother’s Day perfume choice will be easier if you sniff and snoop around a bit to find out what style fragrance your mother usually wears and one of these beautiful perfumes that is along the same lines in terms of strength and scent (musky, floral, fresh).

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