Cosmetic 3 Day Face Lift Procedure Information

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A medical spa is not exactly a pleasant haunt for trying out but if the problem is concerned with the skin and good looks, it doesn’t matter whether you are ready for it or not, all people just see is that they can afford it and go for it without a second thought so today we shall talk about certain procedures related to face lift and how the process is done so that intelligible readers can take some brownie points on what to expect if they have to go for it.

As people grow older, the visible signs of aging, along with the daily stresses of life slowly begin to take their toll. The results are typically shown through the development of wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots and an overall tired-looking appearance. These common flaws are especially emphasized on the facial area. In order to remedy some of these imperfections and enhance their appearance, some individuals opt to undergo different types of cosmetic surgery, such as facelifts. However, many are concerned with the important factors associated with traditional facelift surgeries, such as high cost, pain tolerance, and recovery time.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to having a full cosmetic surgery facelift that can provide patients with comparable results for a fraction of the cost and time. One of the procedures that is gaining in popularity among those who are seeking to recapture a youthful appearance is a 3 day facelift. The 3 day facelift process can either be administered through an individual’s diet or by way of a minor surgical procedure.

3 Day Facelift Diet

Although it’s common knowledge that changing one’s nutritional habits can impact their outward appearance in a positive way, the 3 day face lift diet takes this concept one step further with exact instructions to achieve the desired results, which is wrinkle-free, healthy and younger-looking skin. In order for the 3 day plan of action to truly work, individuals need to consume fish (salmon) twice a day, along with other specific types of foods, beverages, vegetables and snacks. The following is a breakdown of the typical meal plan that is involved with the 3 day facelift diet:

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, individuals can usually eat up to 3 egg omelets, grilled salmon, half a cup of oatmeal, fruits (cantaloupe, berries) and spring water. The consumption of caffeine is prohibited.

  • Lunch

During lunch time, 3 day facelift dieters can once again enjoy grilled salmon, up to 2 cups of green salad with dressing (made from olive oil and fresh lemon), kiwi fruit or cantaloupe and spring water as a beverage.

  • Snacks

For snack items, individuals can munch on apples, yogurt or a handful of nuts.

  • Dinner

The dinner menu is somewhat similar to breakfast and lunch with a few additions: grilled salmon, salad, non-root veggies (broccoli, spinach or asparagus), cantaloupe, berries and spring water.

3 Day Facelift Surgery

For those who can’t begin to imagine changing their eating habits, even if it’s just for a few days, the 3 day facelift surgery might be a better solution. Many prefer this procedure over full facelifts because it’s more cost-effective and involves a significantly shorter period of time for recovery.

The procedure for this type of cosmetic surgery facelift takes about 2 hours to complete and a couple of days to heal. Patients can literally undergo a 3 day facelift surgery on a Friday and head back to work on Monday. While the results of a 3 day face lift are not as dramatic as those generated with full facelifts, patients can still expect to look up to 10 years younger. This is especially true since similar surgical improvements are made, such as the removal of excess skin or fat and the tightening of facial muscles.

Feeling really good about yourself often starts with accepting who you are, on both the inside and outside. These often go hand-in-hand; when people look good, they usually feel good. As we begin to age, it often takes the treatment of different cosmetic surgeries, such as facelifts for us to enjoy the satisfaction of looking into the mirror and liking what we see. Thankfully, there are options for everyone to achieve the desired results, including those that do not focus entirely on “going under the knife!”

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