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As a new entrepreneur or small business owner, it is always helpful to network. With Google+ you can create, edit, or add new hangouts as you acquire more networking opportunities. When you network with someone and get a new business acquaintance, you can add them to your hangouts without worrying that the political rant you posted for your friends and family circle will be viewed by them. Now you do not have to edit yourself or stop yourself from speaking your mind because you are concerned that a new acquaintance or colleague will read it and think ill of you, or no longer help your business.

Google+ is designed with “Circles”. Much like the term Social Circles was meant to indicate which people belonged to which groups, the term “Circles” on Google+ mean the same. You can select which people fit into which groups. For a small business, this means that you can divide perhaps any sellers, any buyers, customers, staff, partners, etc. You can mix business with pleasure using Google+ and avoid the hassle of privacy failures and blurring the lines, which often accompanies using social networks such as Facebook or TikTok where users end up giving a lot of their information in order to get like and tiktok views.

When you use Google+ for your small business, you can select groups such as friends, friends with benefits, co-workers, family. By dividing these, you can easily select which people receive updates to which events, which posts, which photos, etc. You can leave messages for all business personnel, or just your shipping department.

When you post a photo album from your vacation, you can avoid your boss seeing less than flattering or professional photos of you by posting them only to your friend’s circle or your family circle. If you want to keep your personal life separate from work, you can designate a photo album or a post to only your family so that work associates are not given more information than they need. You can, of course, take advantage of reaching above and beyond the standard template hangouts created by Google+.

If you have friends or co-workers who have particular interests, you can rename your existing hangouts or you can create new hangouts that apply to your selected groups of interest. You can place certain people in more than one circle. If you create a circle for your tech control, you might also be their friend after hours and place them in the friend circle.

Another popular feature of Google+ is the hangouts feature. This mimics the social idea of hanging out with friends in that you can invite certain hangouts to all join you on webcams and enjoy hanging out video chat. Here you can share video information with a single person in your stream, or an entire circle. You can even create public hangouts for your small business needs. This is especially useful for businesses that need to host conference calls. When you invite a particular workgroup to hangout, you can casually discuss an element at work or something in the future.

Instead of bringing everyone to meetings in the conference room, you can invite people at a particular time to meet you in the hangout area and all video conference. For those who live in different time zones from their work associates, this is especially useful. If you have each of your employees create their Google+ profiles and you add them to particular hangouts based on their department, you can call emergency meetings or casual updates through hangouts with that particular circle. With the new sparks tab, you can keep tabs on all of the newest internet updates for any category you select.

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