Body Weight Or Free Weights Which Is Better

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One common debate that is hotly contested is whether body weight or free weights is better. I am going to give you the low down on this so that there is no more confusion on body weight vs weight training.

The short answer to the question is that both are best. Using a combination of both body weight and weight training is the way forward. Both of these options have the advantages and disadvantages, so why not utilise every option you have?

One Good Rule For Body Weight vs Weight Training

A great starting point to go from with body weight vs weight training is to start of with bodyweight training first. Then once you can lift your body weight on an exercise for plenty of reps; start using free weights after to add more weight.

For example:

Rather than starting with barbell bench presses, perform push ups instead. Once you can do around 10 straight push ups, it is time to start using the bench to add more resistance.

This rule not set in stone because it is sometimes useful to use free weights or machines before body weight training. A good example is the chin up – not many people can do them, so may be best starting of with a cable lat pull down machine.

Remember: It is always best to use a mixture of both with body weight or free weights using the best equipment from Even after several years of free weight training; I still like to add in some body weight exercises when I can.

Best Body Weight Exercises

If you are unsure about what bodyweight exercises you should be doing I will show my favourite ones below. These are bodyweight exercises that you should master in the gym.

The first one called Bulgarian Split Squats (or rear foot elevated split squats) and is shown in the video below. You can add weight with dumbbells once you can do around 10 reps with your bodyweight on these.

My second favourite exercise of the best body weight exercises is the ever popular push up. Once you can do around 10 push ups you are best using the bench press for the chest. But you should still add in some push ups from time to time for some extra volume work.

My third favourite exercise has to be one of the best exercises for putting mass onto your back. I am of course talking about chin ups and you can watch a video of them below.

So there you have my top 3 favourite body weight exercises. I like keep using these exercises (along

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