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The Bissell Upright Bagless Vacuum 17G5 is equipped with a twelve amp motor and is a multi-cyclonic, bagless upright vacuum. It supplies powerful suction that is sure to clean the entire home from top to bottom. This vacuum removes dirt, dust, dry spills, and more efficiently. It features height adjustment which allows it to transition from bare floors to low or high carpet effortlessly and automatically without having to manually adjust any settings. For the user’s additional convenience, it is an eight and a half foot stretch hose that has been wire-reinforced for added strength and durability. Its assorted attachments make cleaning above-floor a breeze.

Bissell is one of the best brands of vacuum cleaners that you can find in the current times especially with 17G5 as the motor is quite strong and agile to clean away the stickiest dirt or dust particle that is found anywhere in the house and most of all, it is a aspirapolvere senza fili which makes it even more efficient for every family to have it in their house.

The Turbo Brush is perfect for smaller areas like upholstered surfaces and stairs; the crevice tool is designed to fit into narrow and tight areas and is ideal for couch cushions; the extension wand is great for places need a longer touch like ceiling fans, higher window blinds or wall decor; and a dusting brush perfect for dusting shelves, lamps, books, blinds, furniture and trim. A bendable wand attachment makes it much easier to clean under beds, couches, dressers and other areas that are more difficult to access. A deluxe floor tool collects debris, dirt and hair with a pivoting brush bar, and works with the wand attachment. The container has a “full line” so you can see exactly when it is ready to be emptied out. It is as easy to remove as a push of a button and allows your hands to stay dirt free. Additionally, the Bissell upright bagless vacuum 17G5 offers a washable filter which provides the motor protection from debris, dirt and other harmful particles. It also contains a HEPA filter that encapsulates 99,99% of ragweed, pollen and dust mites so only clean air is dispensed back into the room, it is considered a post-motor filter. Other features include easy fingertip power control, a thirteen and quarter inch cleaning path, soft bumper sides to protect walls from being scuffed and furniture, dual-edge cleaning, a handy twenty five foot power cord, attachments are neatly stored in a tool bag, and a carrying handle. This vacuum comes with a five year limited warranty and measures in at 13 inches by 14 1/2 by 45 inches.———————————————————————————————

 What current owners have to say about it.

I have to admit, I am a big fan of Dyson vacuums. I really do not think anything can even come close to a Dyson.

I have wondered myself how I could like a Bissel, but I tried the brand new Bissel before I chose the Dyson and I must say that I loved it.

Bissel’s new ProLite Model is way better than the original I had and I cannot say enough good things about the first one.

It picks up amazingly well on carpets and bare-floor surfaces, the attachments were a breeze to use and were even easier to handle than Dyson’s. A quick snap into place and the attachments are ready to go. If you have ever owned a Dyson, you know firsthand how much works it takes to put on an attachment.

Another great feature of the Bissell vacuum is how much lighter it is than a Dyson. I could not get over how much easier it was to push than a Dyson, it was effortless. I love Dyson, but I swear vacuuming with that thing is going to give me carpal tunnel one of these days.

As far as suction power, I still have to give it to Dyson. I have an enormous dog that sheds hair like there is no tomrrow and Dyson seems more effective at getting the hair sucked up out of my carpet.

However, that being said, it is definitely NOT three times better than a Bissel, which is pretty much how much more a Dyson costs.

So, if your house is not home to a zoo full of hairy animals, the Bissel ProLite vacuum is the perfect choice, you will save yourself some money – and given the current economy, we all know how important that is these days- and you might save your wrists as well.

I am still Dyson’s biggest fan, but even I have to confess, for households with a little less dog hair to contend with, the Bissell wins hands down for pick up, maneuverability, handling and the ever important.

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