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So – you’re intrigued, are you?

Perhaps you’ve purchased an online astrology report or had a few in-person readings with an astrologer. You may have been blown away by some particularly accurate advice and wondered, “How does she do it?”

Now you want to learn some astrology so you too can develop that x-ray vision into personalities, relationships, and predictions.

Astrology is a language. It is a language for connecting to destiny. It has its own vocabulary and alphabet. At first you translate, then you start to think in the language of astrology. Like the Eskimos who have 22 words for snow, astrologers have 12 basic energy patterns and many variations and colorations beyond that. Once you start thinking in astrological terms, you will perceive the energy patterns within and between people with much more subtlety.

So how do you get started?

Be honest. Who are you?

If you are a ‚Äútoe in the water‚Äù type, I recommend buying an inexpensive Natal report writer so you can study the charts of people you know well. You’ll be able to associate the language of astrology with the easily-remembered personality traits of your friends and family. With one of these report writers ‚Äì regularly ‚Äì you can print out chart descriptions (astrologers call them delineations) for an unlimited number of people. You are restricted, however, from reselling reports produced with these Express versions.

Start by browsing quickly through the sample reports provided with our three recommended Natal reports: Astro*Talk, Heaven Knows What, and The Sky Within. Don’t get bogged down in the details. Just get a sense of which report speaks most clearly to you.

If one or two of the sample reports jumps to the top of your list, purchase a personalized report from that product (or products). We sell personalized reports for Astro*Talk and The Sky Within for . Important note for smart shoppers: the cost of a personalized report can be deducted from the purchase price of the report writer that produced it, so you’re not losing anything here. Read through your personalized report carefully to make sure you feel comfortable with the report’s writing style. To help you more, you can visit This will give you more ideas and insights on how to write the right and accurate astrological reports. 

Now you’re ready to buy your report writer: Astro*Talk, Heaven Knows What, or The Sky Within.

You’ll learn lots of astrology by printing out reports on yourself, your family, and your friends. Sharing reports is a great way to make friends or even get a date! Astrology is a better date maker than walking a puppy in the park. You have a perfect excuse to ask your intended lots of personal questions. Who can resist someone with insider information on what makes them tick, coupled with a sincere desire to get to know them better.

Here’s a summary of those options I mentioned above.

Most people start with Natal reports, but there are several other report writers to consider.

If a significant relationship is crowding out other thoughts and feelings in your life, you may find the process I’ve described above will have more power for you when applied to our recommended Compatibility report writer.

Have an important time in your life coming up? Feeling uncertain about it? Perhaps using one of our recommended Forecast report writers for this toe-wetting process would be just the ticket for you.

Still haven’t found a report type that inspires you? Perhaps you will among these unusual (and unusually interesting) reports.

If you are a “dive right in” type, I recommend purchasing a charting program designed for the beginning astrologer, rather than purchasing a report writer and reading a lot of reports. Learning astrology by reading astrology reports has all the drawbacks of learning a language with a phrase book – you’ll learn the basics to get around town but you’ll never become fluent.

If you want the insights of a native speaker, you‚Äôll have to learn the symbols of astrology. This includes learning the glyphs that form astrology’s alphabet. Glyphs are pictographs for astrological symbols, like the V-shaped horns for Aries ( ). Learning the glyphs and seeing the planets laid out on a chart wheel is a major step forward in learning the language of astrology. This allows you to see the whole gestalt at once. Without this, astrology can remain a bunch of disconnected facts. When you see all the planets and signs laid out on the wheel, the inter-relationships start to reveal themselves.

Win*Star Express is the only charting program designed expressly for the beginning astrologer. Almost all of this program’s features are but one click away. The one-click interpretations are particularly helpful in learning astrology. Let’s say you are looking at Mars in Cancer on the wheel. You have a sense of what it means, but you’re not quite sure. Just click on the Mars glyph and you’ll get an interpretation that looks like this.

You can see how this self-testing and reinforcement would accelerate your learning beyond the more passive method of reading reports.

Win*Star Express has a Time*Scan feature that lets you scan your future more intuitively than any other program I’ve seen (including all the professional programs). It shows you a time line with horizontal bars for the major upcoming astrological events that affect your natal chart. (Astrologers call these transits.) Clicking on any of the bars brings up an interpretation of how this aspect will affect you.

The Zoom feature on the Time*Scan program was executed brilliantly. As one zooms in on a date, more detailed, less consequential transits show up; as one zooms out, it automatically adjusts to show you only the major transits in that time period.

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